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There are many classes and abilities in Dungeons & Dragons, and it can be fun to pick out the character you want to build from the choices presented. However, it can also be a little overwhelming when you look up a character description, number of abilities, and so on. I wanted to provide a short guide for how to build a Barbarian in Fifth Edition.

Dungeons and Dragons, the world’s most popular role-playing game, is scheduled to get a major overhaul later this year when it will be updated to Fifth Edition. The Fifth Edition contains many important gameplay and game balance changes. Among other things, it will introduce a revised system for combat and a new system for spellcasting. For those of you who play the game, or who are curious about how the game works, this guide is a must read.

It’s time to play! In our game of Dungeons and Dragons (5th Edition), we have created characters for our group. Each of our characters is highly unique, and each one can be played in a variety of ways. However, there is a way to further customize your character by choosing not only what their class is, but what their race is as well. As a Barbarian, your character is bound to be gruff, rough, and ready for combat. It is in this aspect of your character that you can further customize your character. For example, you can turn your character into a Dwarf or a Halfling, adding even more options for your character’s race. is the source of this image.

For almost 40 years, Dungeons & Dragons has kept fantasy role-playing alive. Damp;D, now in its fifth version, has experienced considerable modifications throughout the years. More players than ever are diving into this extremely popular role-playing game, thanks to the game’s tremendous comeback in recent years.

With that in mind, I’ve put up a comprehensive build for one of the game’s top tier classes.


Dungeons & Dragons is a difficult game to master. The game enables users to take on fanciful characters and travel to exotic locations. For some, the game is a kind of improvisation. It enables users to act out their wildest dreams with the help of their closest pals. Others believe that Damp;D is all about killing monsters and plundering dungeons. With sword and shield in hand, these gamers strive to write their own epic tales of conquest and triumph. Look no further if you want to discover how to get the most out of your character in battle. Here’s a top-tier build for one of the game’s most powerful heroes.

Check out our tutorials below if you want to learn how to create some of Damp;D’s other classes.








The barbarian is a powerful class. The barbarian, if correctly constructed, may be a fantastic tank. At the same time, the class has a higher damage output and mobility than most characters. The true power of this class is its ability to take damage while still protecting its teammates.

The barbarian may be constructed in a variety of ways. The “Berserker” archetype, for example, is an excellent option for gamers seeking to increase their damage output. The archetype’s “Frenzy” feature allows players to make an additional attack as a bonus action when enraged. Furthermore, the barbarian’s “Fast Movement” ability equips the class for charging into the enemy’s back line and putting pressure on their weakest troops.

While this barbarian build can do a lot of damage, there are other classes that can do a bit more. The barbarian, on the other hand, has additional advantages.

Out of all of Damp;D’s numerous classes, the barbarian possesses the highest hit die. In addition, during a fury, the barbarian may reduce physical damage by half. As a result, the barbarian is a class designed to take a lot of damage. The barbarian archetype “Guardian of the Past” provides a unique collection of abilities that enhance the barbarian’s ability to use their heartiness for the advantage of their squad. As a result, this build will primarily concentrate on the “Ancestral Guardian” archetype.

Optional Characters The Best Option Description
Race: Goliath This race gives you a boost in both strength and constitution. The race’s “Stone’s Endurance” ability provides a little amount of endurance as well.
The Primal Way: Ancestral Guardian The “Ancestral Protectors” ability on this route is a fantastic utility for any tank, since it significantly reduces enemy attacks on your teammates.
Feat #1: Tough By level 20, your character will have an additional 40 maximum health.
Feat #2: Sentinel This accomplishment is beneficial to any tank since it allows you to lock down your opponents and prevent them from attacking your friends.
Feat #3: Master of the pole arm Every round, this accomplishment will provide you an extra attack.
First, improve your ability score. +2 to your constitution Your role is to serve as the team’s tank. As a result, you’ll need a large number of hitpoints.
Improvement of Ability Score #2: +2 to your constitution Your role is to serve as the team’s tank. As a result, you’ll need a large number of hitpoints.

Tanking is the name of the game when it comes to this construct. The barbarian’s role is to defend their friends while also bearing the brunt of the approaching force’s assaults. As a result, the barbarian must be able to attract aggro from opponents, stay alive in combat, and protect their friends.

If the goliath race doesn’t appeal to you, the dwarf and half-orc races work nicely with this construct as well. Because to the skill “Savage Attacks,” the half-orc race is preferable for slightly greater damage output. The hill dwarf race, on the other hand, has a special ability called “Dwarven Toughness” that may increase your maximum health by up to 20 points. It’s essential to keep in mind, however, because dwarfs have limited mobility. As a result, if you select the dwarf race, you will have a harder time reaching out to friends in need.

The ancestral guardian primal route is an excellent option for tanking barbarians, since it is nearly completely designed to minimize damage to your friends. On the battlefield, this may make a huge impact. If you select the Bear totem, the totem warrior primal route may also be useful for tanking barbarians.

When you’re furious, you’ll acquire resistance to all kinds of damage except psychic damage, which will help you last longer in combat. The totem warrior primal route, on the other hand, provides nothing else that would be useful to a tanking barbarian. As a result, the ancestral guardian route will be your greatest option.

The feats mentioned above are centered on improving the barbarian’s damage output, sustain, and ability to mitigate damage to allies when it comes to selected feats. For a tanking barbarian, all of these characteristics are critical.

Optional Characters The Best Option Description
Weapon: Halberd With this hefty, reach polearm, you’ll be able to make the most of your sentinel and Pole arm Master feats. You’ll be able to halt your opponents in their tracks before they reach your friends this way.
Armor: Half of a plate Heavy armor is not a barbarian’s strong suit, therefore this is the best armor you can use without a high dexterity modifier.
Proficiencies in the following areas: Intimidation and Athletics Because the athletics skill check is so popular, it’s good to have a bonus on hand for it. Intimidation, as a persuasive talent, may greatly help flesh out your barbarian outside of battle.

You will not have as high of an armor class without a shield. That being said, using a pole arm will greatly increase your ability to stand your ground and protect your allies. Your damage output will be significant. However, the real advantage here is that your threat range is higher with a pole arm. Thanks to our selection of feats, you will drop an enemy’s movement to zero whenever you strike them with a reaction attack while they are entering or leaving your increased threat range. This is a great way to act as an offensive line of sorts for your team.

Ability Allocation of Ability Points Description
Strength: 16 (14+2) Strengthening your character will boost your damage output as well as your attack bonus. As a result, this build prioritizes speed over strength. Note that a +2 racial advantage has been applied to this skill.
Dexterity: 13 Dexterity is a useful ability bonus to have since dexterity is required for many skill tests. Dexterity, on the other hand, is a very essential saving throw that will significantly increase your armor class. This ability, however, will have to take a second seat in this design.
Constitution: 20 (15+5) A tanking barbarian’s constitution is crucial. This ability will increase your maximum health and improve one of your most crucial saving throws. This ability has been given a +1 racial bonus as well as two distinct +2 ASIs.
Intelligence: 8 Dump metrics apply to all of your mental talents.
Wisdom: 12 Dump metrics apply to all of your mental talents.
Charisma: 10 Dump metrics apply to all of your mental talents.

Warning: If you don’t want to roll your stats, you may use the normal 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 ability allocation in the graph above. However, rather of allocating your ability points manually, your dungeon master will most likely have you role for your stats.

If you’re rolling stats, be sure to favor constitution and strength above anything else. All of your mental ability scores are primary attributes, whereas strength is secondary to the construct. Focus on strength before constitution if you want to balance your build more in favor of damage than tanking.

Check out Dungeons and Dragons Guides Portal – Anything and Everything Damp;D for all your Damp;D requirements.

It’s a good thing that the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons is coming out soon. I just didn’t want my other blog posts to be left behind.. Read more about totem barbarian 5e and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make an overpowered Barbarian?

Barbarians are not overpowered.

What is the best feat for a Barbarian 5e?

The best feat for a Barbarian 5e is the Feral Senses feature. This allows Barbarians to gain an advantage in combat by being able to see their opponents more clearly and react faster than others.

Do barbarians get a fighting style?

Barbarians do not have a fighting style, but they can learn to use any weapon.

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The only way to defeat a Dragon is to become a Dragon. So says the most famous Dragon in Japanese folklore…Yakuza: Like A Dragon. Perhaps you are a Dragon, and know what is it to be a Dragon. Perhaps you are a Dragon, and have never encountered any Dragons.

This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy.

The Yakuza series is known for its dark and violent themes and characters. However, there are many different ways to view the series, and the Yakuza games are unique and worth exploring in their own individual ways. One of the best things about Yakuza is its ability to tell very unique stories in the form of the main protagonist Kazuma Kiryu’s voice chat with his underlings.

You’ll come across the different Party Chat Dialogue features as you go through the universe of Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

The Party Chat Dialogue is essentially when you and your various party members may pause and talk about a variety of topics.

When you listen to each member of your party, you will be rewarded with a stronger connection between you and your companions, which will undoubtedly aid you as you continue your travels!

As your connections between party members become stronger, you’ll be able to use a variety of Tag Team attacks and abilities.

If you forget to participate in these Party Chats, you may contact Iroha at Survive.

In any case, the Party Chat – Weight Of The Dragon will be shown on this page.


  • MEMBERS OF THE PARTY: Nanba / Ichiban
  • S Sakura River St, Isezaki Iljincho, Isezaki Iljincho, Isezaki Iljincho, Isezaki Iljincho, Isez (Where you first meet Nanba)
  • 1626570996_918_Yakuza-Like-A-Dragon-Weight-Of-The-Dragon-Party


After being charged with finding a job at Hello Work in Chapter 3 – The Town At Rock Bottom, this one happens. I was ready to depart the squatters’ encampment.


  • NANBA: Oh, and by the way,
  • Isn’t it true that you have a wacky tattoo on your back?
  • Is that a Dragon, or something else?
  • ICHIBAN: No, there isn’t a dragon here.
  • It’s a dragonfish, to be precise.

NANBA: Is it a dragonfly?

  • ICHIBAN: That’s true, but…
  • To tell you the truth, I wished for a genuine Dragon.

NANBA: Why didn’t you receive one, then?

  • ICHIBAN: A dragon represents the top of the food chain in the yakuza world.
  • I can’t simply rock a dragon like a fresh-faced knucklehead like myself.
  • NANBA: Wow, are you serious?
  • Well, I suppose a dragonfish is also quite amazing.
  • ICHIBAN: Is it correct? It appeals to me.
  • I’d want to earn my spot one day.
  • Then my dragonfish will be even more brilliant than a dragon.
  • NANBA: Heh, huge dreams, huh?
  • In such case, maybe you could begin by looking for work.

ICHIBAN: Please accept my apologies, tiny dragonfish.





I am a “serious” gamer. I spend most of my gaming time on my PC, and the rest on my PlayStation 3 (PS3). I am a “hardcore” gamer, who plays most of his games on my PS3.  I play all sorts of games from racing games to RPG games to fighting games.  I am a big fan of the “Dragon’s Dogma” series, which are games with “Dragon” theme and “Gothic” atmosphere.  I also like some “skateboarding” games, and the “Bayonetta” series.. Read more about yakuza like a dragon and let us know what you think.

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In Forager, you can choose to play in a variety of different game modes. Each one has a different goal to accomplish. Some are for fun, others to collect items, and others to do quests. All of these game modes are unlocked as you play, and are listed in the in-game menu. However, how to unlock each mode is not always obvious. To help you, here are some tips on how to unlock them:

For the past few months I have been playing the game ‘Forager’. It’s an action RPG with supernatural elements and I have been experiencing a lot of fun with it. While there are several guides for the game, I decided to make the tutorial for ‘Forager’ an open source collaborative effort. It is based on the game ‘Titan Quest’, a great action RPG from the ’90s. I would like to encourage anyone to contribute to this guide. This would be a great way to contribute to the game and be a part of shaping it.

Hey guys thanks for joining me on this weeks episode of the g15tools podcast. today we are going to talk about the new chest unlocks and quest guide in the forager.

HopFrog, S.A.’s Forager is sweeping Steam. This Legend of Zelda-inspired game manages to be both Stardew Valley and Terraria at the same time. With that in mind, we’ve put up a short guide to assist gamers in navigating this fascinating title.

Guide to the Quest

NPCs in Forager will often give you tasks to perform in exchange for items. There are many missions, each with its own set of requirements. But don’t be concerned. We’ve got your back. A breakdown of each mission may be seen below.

Within Forager, there are five distinct biome locations. Each biome has its own set of missions to complete. As a result, we’ll look at the quest givers, mission criteria, and quest prizes for each biome.

Biome of Grass

Giver of quests Requirements for the quest Advice on a Quest Rewards for completing quests
Druid x2 Bottled Torchbug Craft your bottles in the forge to get fought torchbugs. Then, from your hot bar, pick a bottle and then a torchbug. x2 Druid Scroll
Druid 30 Tree Saplings To construct a windmill, you’ll need the farming skill. Then you’ll need to cut down some trees to get citrus. The citrus can then be used to make tree seedlings at the windmill. Three citrus trees are required for each young seedling. 2 Chest of Drawers
Druid Dino Egg You must first get a shovel. Then, inside the fire biome, look for digging places and begin digging. Big Chest

Biome of the Desert

Giver of quests Requirements for the quest Advice on a Quest Rewards for completing quests
Banana Ana Flowers (40) Flowers shouldn’t be too hard to get by. The main difficulty here is obtaining the required number of blooms. x2 Ana’s Delight
Banana Ana 2 Royal Apparel To create this, you’ll need the ability to work with your hands. Combine leather x1, ruby x1, emerald x1, topaz x1, amethyst x1, and thread x1 in a furnace to make the item. Pink Bow
Old Man Golden Yeast Eggs are laid by chickens. There is, nevertheless, a slim possibility that they may lay golden eggs. As a result, you’ll have to farm chicken eggs until one drops. Sacred Relic

Biome of the Graveyard

Giver of quests Requirements for the quest Advice on a Quest Rewards for completing quests
Goblin 100 Bones This quest will be simpler if you first get the necro rod equipment. Skeletons dump bones, and the necro rod may be used to produce skeletons. As a result, you can easily farm bones with this equipment. Big Chest

Biome of the Winter

Giver of quests Requirements for the quest Advice on a Quest Rewards for completing quests
Wizard of Ice 10 Bones Skeletons can only be found in the Graveyard Biome, so go back there to collect bones. When you’re done, though, you’ll have to fight four separate versions of the Ice Wizard. Big Chest
Ghost 2 Devil’s Horn This NPC is completely undetectable unless you attempt to walk by him. Demon horns may be obtained from demons in the fire biome. Chest of Drawers
Ghost Kapala To get this, you must first obtain a shovel and then dig at digging locations inside the cemetery biome. Big Chest
Fox 500 Poop You may make animal seed using the windmill. Cows may then be fed the animal seed in order to generate dung. Big Chest

489px-Forager_GhostThe location of the ghost NPC. is the source of this image.

Biome of Fire

Giver of quests Requirements for the quest Advice on a Quest Rewards for completing quests
Wizard of the Tower Cinderbloom 20 To get these flowers from the fire biome, you’ll need a pickaxe. Wisdom Draught, Mandragora, and Liquid Luck
Wizard of the Tower Green Pigment (20) The inscription talent may be used to make green pigment. Cactus fruit, seaweed, and jelly are required. x2 Wizard Scrolls and x2 Sage Scrolls
Wizard of the Tower A total of 200 crystals To mine crystals around the building, you’ll need to construct a quarry. Scepter of Magic
Engineer Royal Steel 10 Through the use of workmanship, royal steel may be created in a furnace. Steel x1, ruby x1, emerald x1, topaz x1, amethyst x1, and coal x8 are all required. Factory

Locations of the Chest

There are large chests in Forager. Each of these chests contains a spirit orb or a random item. As a result, these chests are very desirable. As previously stated, certain chests may be acquired by fulfilling specific tasks. Others are found or rewarded for completing certain tasks. To open each one, you’ll need a key in either case. Here’s where to look for them.

Number on the Chest Location of the Biome Biome Geographical Location
1 Grass It is located on a tiny island.
2 Grass After completing the appropriate puzzle, it may be discovered at the Rainbow Pond.
3 Grass After completing the appropriate riddle, it was discovered in the Land of the Four Pillars.
4 Desert After completing the appropriate puzzle, found in Land of the Flowers.
5 Desert After completing the appropriate problem, found at Land with Battery.
6 Desert After completing the appropriate riddle, found in Land with Eye Statue.
7 Desert After completing the appropriate puzzle, found in Land with Moon Sword Obelisk.
8 Graveyard After completing the appropriate puzzle, found in Land with Three Bells.
9 Graveyard After completing the appropriate riddle, found in Land with Skull Braziers.
10 Graveyard After completing the appropriate puzzle, found at Land with Covered Pedestals.
11 Graveyard Following the ‘Jester’s Quiz’ quest, found at Mr. Hopfrog’s Island.
12 Winter After completing the appropriate riddle, it was discovered in the Land of the Stone Princess.
13 Winter After completing the appropriate task, found at Land with Frozen Chest.
14 Winter After completing the ‘Fox Person’ quest, it was discovered in the Land of the Fox Person.
15 Fire After completing the appropriate puzzle, found in Land of 12 Switches.
16 Fire After completing the appropriate puzzle, found in Land of Dark Pillars.

Tips & Tricks for the Last Minute

Here are some short ideas and techniques to assist you on your trip now that you have a solid grip on the difficulties that lie ahead of you.

  • Make sure to include boots in your plans. You can make boots that enhance your movement speed in the forge. Being able to move about more quickly is a fantastic method to boost productivity early on.
  • On bridges, you can build stuff. Bridges may seem to be empty space at times, but keep in mind that, like most other places, you may mix and match buildings on them.
  • Energy is a precious commodity. You may run out of energy early on in the game. Make fish traps for a quick energy source.
  • Using the bow is a simple method to level up. To avoid having to manufacture arrows, first acquire the quiver item. Make a stockpile of XP-boosting tomes, such as the Moldy Book or Hellfire Glyphs. Finally, use your bow to destroy any destructible objects in your path and enjoy the ride.
  • Making a quarry and a mining rod next to one other is a simple method to earn money. The quarry will generate rocks, which the mining rod will be able to transform into valuable minerals.
  • It is not possible to store things automatically. If you wish to store anything, you’ll need to acquire the storage talent and build a vault.

Check out Forager Guides Portal – Every Forager Story in One Place for additional information about Forager.

Have you ever wanted to play GreedFall but can’t because the puzzles are too hard? Have you ever wanted to be a game designer but can’t because the puzzles are too hard? Have you ever wanted to be a puzzle designer but can’t because the puzzles are too hard? Have you ever wanted to be a gamer but can’t because the puzzles are too hard? Have you ever wanted to be a puzzle designer but can’t because the puzzles are too hard? Well, guess what? The Secret of GreedFall is out!

The week of June 9th, we’ve got a new selection of puzzles for you. They’re called the “Stone & Drum Puzzles” and are a set of four puzzles which are much harder than the previous ones.

GreedFall is a puzzle game that is available on all major gaming platforms. This is a true sequel to the previous version which is called GreedFall 2. The game is currently in it’s alpha stage, and as such, there are no in game objectives or real goal. The object of this game is simply to solve all the puzzles in the game. There are no passwords or hints or cheat codes to be found. Solve all puzzles in the game, and you’ll be awarded with an achievement.. Read more about greedfall drum puzzle and let us know what you think.

GreedFall is a fast-paced thriller with gripping narrative. However, there are two riddles in the game that snare some players, preventing them from enjoying the remainder of the game. The Stone Candle problem and the Drum puzzle are two of the most well-known examples among these players.

Fortunately, each of these clever conundrums have an easy solution. Check out the instructions below to see what you’ll need to do to solve these problems.

How to Solve the GreedFall Stone Candle Puzzle


You’ll be entrusted with completing a riddle involving a collection of stones, each loaded with candles, during the Demoniacal Cult main narrative mission. You’ll be given entry to a secret entrance inside a nearby tree after you’ve finished the challenge. However, the answer to the problem may not be apparent right away.

You will finally return to your senses and see a sequence of candles before you after being taken to an altar and seeing a vision of a burning tree. Each stone with a flame inserted in it is labeled with a different symbol. You will not, however, need to know what each sign represents.

Simply approach each stone individually to display a button prompt identifying each stone as one of six components. To complete this puzzle, light each candle in the correct sequence depending on the element of the stone it is connected with. You will be assaulted by a swarm of bats if you ignite the candles out of sequence.

The following is the proper candle lighting sequence:

1. Stone of the Wind 2. Stone of Lightning 3. Stone of Fire 4. The Stone of Death Water Stone No. 5 6. The Stone of Life

You can see a video of the problem being solved above.

How to Solve the GreedFall Drum Puzzle


You’ll come across a puzzle throughout the main mission Face to Face With the Demon. You must first answer the riddle in order to go further in the game. Fortunately, it isn’t too difficult to crack.

Eventually, you’ll come across an elderly hermit in a marsh throughout the journey. This hermit will disclose an old ceremony to you, and you’ll be forced to explore the marsh for two crucial components.

Simply go to the marked locations of the swamp to find a fragment of a diary entry and a demonic potion. Return to the hermit after you’ve collected these two things.

The hermit will tell you to go play the drums nearby after chatting with you and providing some important information. This is the puzzle you must complete.

You just need to play three drums to complete the task. The puzzle will be completed if you play them in the right sequence. If you make a mistake, though, you will be surrounded by foes.

It’s easy to figure out how to solve the problem. Play the drums in the following order:

Yellow Insect No. 1 2. Frog in the Dark Red Snake No. 3

You will be able to go through the game’s narrative after you have finished the sequence. However, you’ll have to fight your way through a short battle first. Fortunately, after the fight is finished, you will get a Memory Crystal.

You can see a video of the problem being solved above.

We already wrote a GreedFall Puzzle Guide for your gaming pleasure, but we’ve recently discovered a new set of GreedFall puzzles which are even more exciting. According to our resident GreedFall translator, “The Stone and Drum puzzles are nearly identical in content. The only real difference is that the Stone puzzle is much more complex.”. Read more about greedfall puzzle trial of water and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What order should I beat the drums in Greedfall?

The order of the drums is not important.

How do you play drums Greedfall?

Greedfall is a game where you play as a character who has been cursed with greed. You must collect coins to buy upgrades and weapons, but the more you collect, the greedier you become.

How do you activate the stones in Greedfall?

You can find the stones in Greedfall by exploring.

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Skyrim is an incredibly popular open world RPG that’s been ported to many different platforms. If you’ve played this game, you know all too well how taxing it can be on your PC when you’re trying to play.  Modern PCs can easily handle Skyrim, and new “next-gen” consoles are more powerful than ever, so why can’t you play Skyrim at an acceptable framerate?  This is a problem that can be solved with mods, and TESV Acceleration Layer is one of the most popular mods for Skyrim that does just that.

Skyrim is a huge game, and getting the most of your gameplay experience is guaranteed. However, if you’re using a system from the past few years, then you can probably expect to spend some time waiting for the game to load, which is especially frustrating if you’re playing a game that loads in the background. In this post, we’ll show you how to speed up Skyrim by 20% with a special mod that you can get from here. This FPS mod is also fully compatible with any other mod that doesn’t modify TESV’s source files.

This mod will increase the frame rate of the game by removing unnecessary lag from the game engine. It is very easy to install and will take only a few minutes to do.

Arisu and others created the TESV Acceleration Layer Skyrim mod.

A Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) plugin to boost FPS (frames per second) in CPU-intensive sections of the game.

Users have reported an increase of 8-10 frames per second on average; others have reported a decrease of 2-4 frames per second, while others have claimed a decrease of 20 frames per second on average.

Download: Note: TESV Acceleration has been discontinued, the below link is to another Skyrim performance mod. Please accept our apology. Download from SkyrimNexus Requirements Skyrim (version 1.3.10 released 12/21/2011) SKSE (version 1.4.2 released 12/21/2011) Installation Instructions Install SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) latest version from SKSE must be installed to the same folder as Skyrim’s executable (TESV.exe). Install this mod, TESV Acceleration Layer, through Nexus Mod Manager, or manually to <Skyrim root>DataSKSEPlugins. Create the SKSE and Plugins folders if they don’t exist. Launch Skyrim using skse_loader.exe from the SKSE install. How does it work? From ianpatt (a SKSE developer): It replaces many calls to functions that would have been inlined if the compiler optimizer settings were set to something higher than “off” with actual inline code that nicely fits in the five bytes the jump instruction was previously taking up. It also overwrites several functions, replacing them with SSE implementations instead of the very painfully slow original x87 implementations. How can I tell if it’s running? First, make sure SKSE is running: Open the console in-game with the ~ key (above the Tab key), Then type in GetSKSEVersion and press enter. It should display the SKSE version in the console. If it doesn’t, SKSE is not running, and neither is the TESV Acceleration Layer, so you need to check your SKSE installation. Also make sure Steam is running before launching the game, and be sure to launch the game via SKSE_loader.exe SKSE is running? Good. Next step: Open skse.log (in the root of the Skyrim folder, with TESV.exe, skse_loader.exe, etc) In the log, you should see something like this: checking plugin G://STEAMS/teamApps/common/skyrim/Data/SKSE/Plugins/TESVAL.dll plugin G://STEAM/SteamApps/common/skyrim/Data/SKSE/Plugins/TESVAL.dll (00000001 TESVAL 00000001) loaded correctly TESVAL.dll is the mod. If you don’t see that, then it didn’t load correctly. Make sure your directories (folders) are correct. How can I tell if my game is actually running faster? First, be aware that FPS increases only occur in certain places where the game is CPU bound. Go to the top step in Whiterun and look down at the barren tree on the left. Try it with and without the TESV Acceleration Layer plugin installed. You will need an external program or plugin to check FPS (frames per second). There are several ways to do this. Here are a few options: FRAPS video recording program has an FPS overlay, even when not recording. The MemInfo SKSE plugin by Elys has an FPS overlay as well as Memory usage info. A couple of people have reported a slight decrease while using the Meminfo plugin. Known Issues This does not work with Windows 8 Beta. Those testing the Windows 8 beta need to report this to Microsoft. Credits Arisu: original proof of concept ianpatt: port of Arisu’s work as a SKSE plugin Silverglade: preliminary fix implemented for version .02 GreatWalrus: Recompiled fix released as version .02 pintocat: drafting the initial descript, readme and official forum original post and helping keep it current ianpatt, scruggswuggsy the ferret, and behippo: Skyrim Script Extender Bethesda Softworks: Skyrim Permissions License: Everyone is free to do whatever s/he likes with the binary or the source; it’s completely free. This version of TESVAL is only maintained on Nexus and currently on THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED “AS IS”, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.

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To unlock the 100% completion of this trophy in Yakuza Kiwami, you need to acquire all coins in all lockers in the game and have all key items in stock. This is a long and tedious process, but if you follow this guide, the process should be a lot smoother.

Welcome everyone to the first part of the coin lockers location guide for Yakuza Kiwami. Now that Yakuza Kiwami has been out for a while, there is a lot of information claiming key locations for the coin lockers. If you search the net you can find a ton of maps that you can work off of to get some of the coin locker information, but I wanted to go one step further. I wanted to find the actual key locations for you guys. I had a lot of people ask me to find the locations, and I am here to give you guys the information you need. I am going to continue to update this as I go, and hopefully you guys will find this useful for your game.

After finishing the game, (YK) Yakuza Kiwami will provide you with a 100% completion trophy. This guide will show you all the coin lockers that can be entered.

Within (YK) Yakuza Kiwami, you may earn a variety of trophies and accomplishments, one of which being Perfectionist.

Perfectionist demands players to finish the Completion List in its entirety. To accomplish so, you’ll need to fulfill a number of criteria and parts of the aforementioned list, one of which is the Coin Locker Key Locations.

The following is a map of where the Coin Locker keys may be found.



A 1:20  A1 2:43  A2 2:57  A3 3:14  A4 3:32  A5 B 1:53  B1 4:06  B2 4:22  B3 4:39  B4 0:33  B5 C 19:48    CHAPTER 5 substory reward 5:25  C2 5:39  C3 5:54  C4 6:06  C5 D 6:25  D1 6:40  D2 6:53  D3 7:19  D4 7:36  D5 E 8:01  E1 8:27  E2 8:40  E3 8:52  E4 9:06  E5 F 9:24  F1 9:35  F2 9:48  F3 10:02  F4 10:35  F5 G 11:10  G1 11:27  G2 11:41  G3 12:02  G4 5:00    G5 H 12:31  H1 13:06  H2 13:30  H3 13:46  H4 14:00  H5 I 14:23  I1 14:39  I2 14:54  I3 15:37  I4 16:14  I5 J 19:34  J1 16:38  J2 16:59  J3 17:13  J4 18:02  J5     CHAPTER 6 substory reward

(The timestamps are thanks to s1a1n1d1i.) When I posted the video, I forgot to include them.)





(YK) Yakuza Kiwami is a remake of the Japanese video game Yakuza. It is a part of Yakuza franchise and the first of the Yakuza Kiwami games. In this guide, you will be learning every key for every locker in the game. Check out the video below for more info.. Read more about j4 locker keys yakuza kiwami 2 and let us know what you think.

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[x] Kiwami 2 ‘s final release included the most difficult trophy in the entire series: achieving all the Climax Battles. If you’ve ever played any of the previous Yakuza games, you know that this trophy is a major challenge, and that it can take weeks or even months to complete. Luckily, thanks to this guide, you can get the trophy in just a few hours.

The most difficult and most inexpensive way of obtaining all the Climax Battles (Death By Climax) trophies in Yakuza Kiwami is the following: Press Right during the “The Pause Button” cutscene in the casino … the one with the two big guys on the couches in front of you. Now, proceed through the next two cutscenes, the first one with Kiryu and the other one with Majima. In the Majima cutscene, pause the game and press Right again. Repeat the process until you get all the trophies.

This is a guide to every single battle completion in the game. While we have tried to make it as comprehensive as possible, we may have missed a few. If there is anything you believe should be included, please let us know and we will add it.

Within (YK) Yakuza Kiwami, you may earn a variety of trophies and accomplishments, one of which being Death By Climax.

To achieve Death By Climax, players must finish all of the Climax Battles. After completing the narrative at least once, the Climax Battles are generally completely unlocked, and you may attempt to finish them. These may be a little tough at times, needing strategic thinking to accomplish, but they shouldn’t be too difficult otherwise.

A step-by-step instruction to completing each one is provided below.









This is a guide to all the Climax Battles (Death By Climax) achievements in Yakuza Kiwami . These are the battles that happen at the end of the battle, and they usually have a lot of enemies. You will often need to use the Climax Action to defeat them.. Read more about yakuza kiwami walkthrough and let us know what you think.

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The first video games were not much different from the ones we play today. Checkpoints and passwords were introduced to keep track of progress. The first games were created for the military, however.

After the November 2011 release of the new Apple iPad, we have seen a huge trend in mobile gaming and the niche market it has created. The iPad has been a major success for Apple, selling over 3 million units in its first 24 hours. This is a major achievement for Apple, as they have never reached such a high sales record for any product in the past, not even the iPhone 4. This success has e a major impact on the mobile gaming, as it has given a huge boost to the gaming industry. The iPad has also done an incredible sales record for gaming PC’s, as well as for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

The first month of 2011 was a very dark month for me.  I lost my grandfather, the best man I have ever met.  I was also in a bad car accident in which I broke my wrist in two places, my nose, and my leg.  I have spent the last month healing and recovering from my injuries and it has been hard.  I have spent a lot of time with my family and close friends, but it has been lonely.  Today, I am excited and happy as I have the opportunity to release something I have been working on for a long time.  I am very proud to announce the release of the website.  G15Tools is a

Cheats, unlockables, passwords, and more for WWE’12.

I was on my way to the grocery store on Tuesday morning, when I noticed a new addition to the Eaton Centre. I had no idea what it was, and it didn’t seem to be doing anything, but I decided to stop for a closer look. It turns out that the “new” addition was a brand new 7-11.. Read more about november 2011 calendar with holidays and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened on November 11th 2011?

On November 11th 2011, the world was introduced to a new type of terrorist attack.

What day of the week was November 2011?

November 11, 2011.

What is special about November?

November is the eleventh month of the year.

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I’ll try to be as concise as possible with this section, but the rest of this guide is long, so read through the whole thing before you start reading this. This is a section where I will cover every single animal you can encounter in the game, and how to defeat them. You can also skip to this section if you prefer, here is the link :

Guide to the Correct Animal Forms (Story – The Red Snakes)

I’ve been a fan of the Shenmue series since the first time I saw the original game on Sega Saturn. As the years passed, Shenmue III was released and I got to play it in full. And it’s better than I could ever imagine. What’s great about the Shenmue series is that it is based on relationship building, but that’s not the only thing that makes it so fun to play. The story is beautiful, the characters fun to hang out with and the action is fantastic.

Throughout the game, you’ll come across a section in which you must properly describe the many animal styles that the Red Snakes commander was doing. While other characters do end up performing animal styles to assist you, it may still be very perplexing.

There are a total of four distinct styles that you must properly answer, and if you do not, you will be forced to travel around in circles to every Martial Arts store until you do so, which may be very consuming.


As a result, you must pay close attention to how the Red Snake commander moves. If you’re still having trouble, the right answers to all of the various styles may be found below.

Bear Snake Monkey Dragon

If you answer all of them with the same answers as before, you should be able to progress the storyline! Now go out there and kick some assholes!





A large number of you have been asking for the correct animal forms for each of the 7 guardians, so I decided to make a guide for that. The list of animals that are correct for each of the guardians are as follows: Guilmon – Lion or Tiger Lady – Tiger or Leopard Kachiko – Rabbit Binjai – Bear or Tiger Ryo – Tiger or Lion Ken – Alligator or Hawk Zhou – Dog or Wolf. Read more about shenmue 4 and let us know what you think.

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For the WWE game franchise, it’s not just the Superstars who get to shine; the game’s unlockable content too can be pretty awesome. Above all, these are nothing short of special unlockables, special time-limited vehicles, special mini-games, and special downloadable content (DLC) that can only be unlocked once the game has been purchased. In addition, in order to create a full WWE’12 roster, all unlockables must be unlocked.

WWE 12 has a ton of features, and they are all pretty good. They’re not just extras, as some games try to make you think, there are a lot of options that you must use. Some of them, however, are locked behind the premium or Nintendo Network Pass. In this article, we will be revealing all the unlockables in the game and the passwords.

Wrestling games have always been a popular genre, and WWE ’12 is no exception. In the past, those looking to cheat or unlock characters in the game had to rely on mods. However, for WWE ’12, THQ has gone the extra mile and provided an extensive list of cheats, unlockables, and passwords, which are all detailed in the “Cheats, Unlockables, Passwords” section of this guide.

Cheats, unlockables, passwords, and more for WWE’12.

Passwords: >

To input passwords, follow these steps:


1. Choose My WWE

2. Alternatives

3. Codes of cheating


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes 

WWE Attitude Era Heavyweight Championship is unlocked.



Unlockables include: (Discovered by Kashhoward)


Wrestler Unlockable Unlocking Instructions
Anderson, Arn Cutscene from the Viillain Story
Booker T 8-1 Cutscene from the Hero Story
Brock Lesnar is a professional wrestler. In Universe, win a singles match.
Demolition Win the Universe’s Undisputed Tag Titles
Guerrero, Eddie 7-1 Hero Story
Edge Cutscene with a Villain
Goldust Win a game against Cody Rhodes.
Kevin Nash is a basketball player from the United States. Cutscene 5-2 from the Outsider Story
Michelle McCool is a writer. Winning the Universe’s Divas Title
Ricky Steamboat is a character in the film Ricky Steamboat Cutscene from the Hero Story
Warriors on the Road 10-1 Cutscene from the Hero Story
Cold as ice In Universe Mode, complete the Villain Story or defend the WWE Championship.
Vader 6-2 Cutscene from the Hero Story
Vince McMahon is a professional wrestler. Cutscene from the Hero Story


Attires that can be unlocked Unlocking Instructions
Civilian Attire by Arn Anderson Scene 5-1 of the Hero Story
Cody Rhodes is a dashing young man. Scene 4-1 of the Villain Story
Drew McIntyre in a Suit Scene 13-2 of the Villain Story
Attire for the Front Door Story of the Villain 15-2
HHH Street Clothes Cutscene from the Outsider Story
Entrance Outfit of John Cena 1-4 Villain Stories
John Cena Purple Attire & John Cena with T-Shirt Play two separate Wrestlemania matches in Universe with John Cena.
Kevin Nash Wears a Suit 14-1 Heroic Story
Mr.Suiting McMahon’s Cutscene from the Hero Story
Randy Orton sans his trademark beard In Universe, enter a Wretlemania match with Randy.
Suit Suit Suit Suit Suit Suit Suit Suit Suit Suit Su 18-1 Villain Story
T-Shirt Outfit of Sheamus Story of the Villains 5-4
Hooded Undertaker Attire In Universe, enter a Wrestlemania match with The Undertaker.
Wade Barrett Wears a Suit Story of the Villain 19-


Arena Unlockable Unlocking Instructions
Possession of bragging rights In this ppv in Universe, win a match.
Champions’ Rivalry PPV Cutscene from the Hero Story
Extreme Regulations In this ppv in Universe, win a match.
4-Way Fatality In this ppv in Universe, win a match.
In a Cell is Hell. In this ppv in Universe, win a match.
Deposits in the Bank In this ppv in Universe, win a match.
Champions’ Night In this ppv in Universe, win a match.
NXT Arena Cutscene from the Hero Story
Over the Top In this ppv in Universe, win a match.
Starrcade Hero Story Cutscene
Survivor Series is a television show that follows the lives of In this ppv in Universe, win a match.
TLC In this ppv in Universe, win a match.
Paying Respects to the Troops After a year of Universe, it’s time to wrap things up.
Monday Nitro at WCW 21-1 Heroic Story


Theme for the Entrance Unlocking Instructions
Entrance to Jacob Cass 2-1 Hero Story Cutscene
Theme of the King of Kings Cutscene from the Outsider Story
Mr. McMahon’s Front Door Hero Story Cutscene
Entrance of the Undertaker Wrestlemania victory with The Undertaker in the Universe
Entrance to the United Kingdom Cutscene from the Villain’s Story


Title that can be unlocked Unlocking Instructions
Title of Champion of Champions At Night of Champions, you can win a championship.
Intercontinental Title of the Century Winning the Intercontinental Championship
ECW Title At Extreme Rules, you can win a championship.
European Championship Story of the Villain 10-1
Title in the Hardcore Genre In a falls count anywhere match, win a championship.
Light Heavyweight Championship With Mysterio, you can win a championship.
Title worth a million dollars With a title that includes Ted DiBiase
World Heavyweight Title Spray Painted by WCW 13-1 Hero Story Cutscene
WWE Title Spray Painted by WCW Hero Story Cutscene
WCW Title Hero Story Cutscene
World Tag Team Championship With the SmackDown championships,
WWE Attitude Era Championship Stone Cold wins the WWE championship.
WWE Tag Team Championship Win the Raw championships.
WWE Undisputed Championship At a pay-per-view, win the WWE championship with HHH.


Tired of playing games on your PlayStation 4 and winning nothing but the occasional unlockables? Is it time to get serious and put in some work? Of course it is. Here are a list of some extra cheats, unlockables, and passwords for the WWE ’12 video game.. Read more about wwe 12 cheat codes ps3 unlock everything and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheat code for WWE 12?

The cheat code for WWE 12 is WWE12

How do you unlock edge in WWE 12?

To unlock the edge in WWE 12, you must complete a certain number of matches.

How do you unlock everything in WWE All Stars?

You need to complete the story mode.

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