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This guide will show you how to fix MSI Dragon Center not working after installation. There is a version for Windows users, and a version for Mac users. This guide will show you how to fix MSI Dragon Center not working on Windows.

MSI Dragon Center is a very useful utility for gamers. You can control and monitor your PC’s performance, monitor temperatures and voltages of each component (CPU, GPU, RAM, M.2 SSD, etc) and enhance system performance by overclocking. But, there are some issues. G15Tools will guide you to fix MSI Dragon Center not working.

This article is going to help you to fix MSI Dragon Center not working in the new MSI GT72S. It will cover all the new changes and give you the latest ways to fix this problem in the newer MSI laptops.

The MSI Dragon Center app is one of the most popular programs for controlling and customizing your PC settings. However, there are a number of issues that may arise in the program that can become a problem for you. These issues can arise during normal use or when playing games.

I can tell you that the software problems are simple to fix. You may solve your issues by just upgrading the app or using other simple fixes that I will provide.

Why isn’t the MSI Dragon Center available?

One or two damaged files in your MSI Dragon center may cause the problem to emerge, causing your MSI Dragon center to cease functioning properly. The issue is often caused by improper Windows permission management and SDK installation.

Continue reading because I’ll walk you through all you need to know about software problems and offer you with 100 percent simple remedies.

Download MSI Dragon Center to customize your PC’s visual appeal and adjust the lighting on your own.

Issues with MSI Dragon Center Software are possible.

Your issue may arise for a variety of causes. Typically, software fails to function correctly due to one or two problems that obstruct the program’s operations. As a consequence, the program displays various issues and detection failures when in use.

Here are some of the issues that you may encounter when using the software:

SDK Initialization is being awaited.

The app’s SDK startup error is a frequent issue. This issue typically arises as a result of the software’s lack of service rights or files. This issue should not occur if the proper permissions are configured and the necessary files are installed.

The MSI central service is required for the dragon center to function properly. The software will not work if your Windows settings prevent the central service from starting. To prevent problems, check the Windows services and activate the MSI central service.

Also, see our separate article on how to get MSI Afterburner to operate.

This problem will not go away until you have the proper SDK file installed. Ascertain that you have the correct and most recent MSI SDK files installed.

MSI Dragon Center is no longer operational.

When you open your program, it may or may not function. Because the dragon core is tainted, this issue arises. The program will not open correctly if your dragon center is corrupt or out of date.

Verify that you have the most recent version of the dragon center and that it has the correct files. The program will then open correctly. Other issues may include not having the proper program version or having corrupted data.msi-gaming-wont-open

This problem may also occur if you do not have the necessary permissions from Windows. Verify that all of the components have the necessary permissions to execute the program.

How can I get MSI Dragon Center to work again?

One or two problems may cause your program to cease functioning properly. You can easily resolve this issue on your own.

The methods to repair MSI Dragon Center are as follows:

  1. From the official website, you may download Dragon Center.
  2. Turn off the internet.
  3. Remove the software from your programs and features list.
  4. Delete the dragon center file from the C:/Program Files(86)/MSI directory.
  5. Restart your computer.
  6. Install the program on your computer.
  7. Restart your computer.

These procedures should resolve the issue you’re having. You should no longer experience any software-related issues.

Also, see our separate article on how to repair an MSI mysterious light that isn’t functioning.

How can I install MSI Dragon Center without messing it up?

You may install a fresh copy of the program on your laptop on your own. The procedure is simple enough that you may do it on your own.

To cleanly install the MSI dragon center, follow these steps:

  1. From your taskbar, exit the dragon center program.
  2. On the official MSI website, look for the model of your laptop.
  3. Save the file once you’ve found the setup package.
  4. Go to the app’s settings and choose the functionality you want.
  5. Remove the dragon center.
  6. Go to your program files once you’ve uninstalled the software.
  7. On the show/hide bar, reveal the concealed item.
  8. Look for a program data hidden item.
  9. Locate the MSI file in the application data directory.
  10. Install the Dragon Center by double-clicking the MSI file. Before installation, make sure there is no remaining configuration file from the dragon center.
  11. Extract the file and run it.
  12. After installing the program, restart your computer.
  13. Open the app.

How can I remove MSI Dragon Center?

You may remove the program if you no longer wish to use it or if you want to get the most recent version of the app. You may easily remove the dragon center on your own. Also, if your NZXT CAM isn’t functioning, see our other article.control-panel-uninstall

To remove the MSI dragon center from your laptop, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the Windows icon and choose Properties.
  2. Choose the Control Panel option.
  3. To uninstall a program, go to Uninstall a Program.
  4. Start the uninstall procedure by double-clicking on Dragon Center.

Is it safe to utilize the Dragon Center?

The dragon center does not need any personal information about your computer, making it very safe to use and download. It doesn’t have any malware-related concerns.

I’ve used the program and haven’t encountered any virus issues. Viruses do not pose a threat. Your computer information is also safe. I ran the software through 10 anti-virus programs and discovered no app threats.

The program will not cause any data loss or privacy violations. The dragon center program is completely safe to use. Also, see our separate article on how to repair a Logitech G Hub that isn’t functioning.


Is MSI Dragon Center capable of monitoring systems?

With MSi dragon center, you can simply monitor your device operations and systems. It has a pane that displays information such as CPU and GPU utilization, temperature, fan speed, and so on.

Is the MSI Dragon Center app suitable for gaming?

The Dragon Center is a fantastic place to play games. It includes a gaming mode that allows you to get the most out of your gaming experience. It turns off unnecessary operations and provides you with acceptable frame rates and clock times.

Last Thoughts

MSI Dragon Center is a great software to use, however it may sometimes create a slew of issues that are a pain to deal with. The problems are minor, and you can solve them all on your own.

You may quickly resolve your software’s problems and get a smooth performance. The answers I provided are simple and straightforward, and you may do them fast.

These issues may dampen your runtime mood, but I can promise you that if you follow the instructions, you will be able to swiftly resolve the issue with the program.

Since the introduction of the Dragon Center, MSI has been a leader in providing convenient functionality to its users. With the latest MSI Nvidia graphics cards, the Dragon Center has been updated to provide a number of new options that are available from a single panel. The Dragon Center supports ROG Gaming Center, OC Mode, and Xtreme Engine (gaming mode) as well as other advanced settings that have been added to the MSI Afterburner overclocking utility.. Read more about dragon center not showing anything and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix MSI Dragon Center not working?

You can try to uninstall the MSI Dragon Center application and reinstall it.

How do I reset my MSI Dragon Center?

To reset your MSI Dragon Center, you need to press the Reset button on the back of your computer.

How do I activate MSI Dragon Center?

To access MSI Dragon Center, you need to go into your system settings and click on the Dragon Center tab.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at RAM for the i5 11600K. This is a great processor and I recommend it for all but the most high-end gaming setups. RAM is one of the most important parts of any computer build and you should have a minimum of 64GB in your system. This can be DDR4 or DDR3, but I recommend the newer standard of DDR4 since this allows for higher speeds and lower power requirements. You can use this guide to figure out the best RAM for your system.

Every build uses RAM, and the newer you get, the more you need. In order to help you pick the correct RAM, we’ve tested 7 main competitor RAM kits. We’ve tried to find the best option for gaming on an i5 11600K. If you’re looking for an upgrade, you can safely use any of the kits in this table.

RAM is an extremely important component of any gaming build, and without it you might not even be able to play your favorite games. The fact is, when you’re running games at 100% in order to push your system to its limits, you need a lot of RAM. Cheap and high speed RAM kits are readily available on the market, but it’s important to look at your build’s budget and purpose before buying. With some RAM kits, you might find that one kit is faster than another, but it doesn’t have the other features which you might want. That is why we have reviewed the best RAM kits for i5 11600K in order to help you choose between them.. Read more about best ram for i5 10th generation and let us know what you think.

Without a doubt, choosing the i5 11600K CPU was a wise decision.

But, isn’t it true that a powerful CPU also need high-performance RAM?

TLDR: Get this RAM and you’re good to go!

I’ll walk you through the seven greatest gaming RAMs for the i5 11600K processor.

After days of study, I’ve narrowed down the best 7 choices from hundreds of possibilities.

You’ll have a good notion of which i5 11600K RAM is ideal for you after reading this article, and you won’t purchase the incorrect one.

So let’s get started.

For a quicker gaming experience, don’t forget to check out some of the finest 4800 MHz RAMs.

List of the Best i5 11600K RAMs

Intel’s newest 11th generation unlocked CPU is the i5-11600K. Intel chose to enable faster frequency RAM with the latest 11th generation CPUs.

As a result, for the greatest CPU performance, you’ll need to combine your new i5 11600K CPU with fast, high-performance RAM. Shorter game load times, faster app launching times, and a snappier computing experience are all benefits of having more RAM.

As a result, these are the top seven best i5 11600K RAMs:

1. Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL (Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL)

The Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL will melt your heart if you like RGB.

The Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL has a few notable features:

  • DDR4 32GB (4 x 8GB)
  • C18 at 3600 MHz
  • 44mm tall
  • Each module has ten ARGB LEDs.
  • Support for the iCUE software
  • for RGB onboard memory


Check out the current price of the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL.

The Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL is one of Corsair’s finest RGB RAM. The black RAM has a top RGB bar with 10 LEDs.

What’s the greatest part?

They’re addressable, and you can personalize them as much as you like. It works with Corsair’s iCUE software as well as other motherboard software.

Not only that, but the RGB lighting is brilliant, vibrant, and has smooth diffusions for a lovely glow. The Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL also includes inbuilt memory to keep track of your RGB settings. As a result, you won’t have to have the RGB program open all the time.

What about your ability to perform?

This RAM performs very well. 3600 MHz is a lightning fast frequency. It’ll provide you a great gaming experience because to its 32GB of storage capacity. You may expect fast game loading times, app launching speeds, and an overall snappy experience.

The only drawback is that the timings aren’t ideal. Other memory with tighter timings may be found at the same frequency.

If you want to overclock, the G.SKILL Trident Z Royal is a superior choice since it has better timings and more overclocking space. The Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL is the best choice for your i5 11600K if you don’t overclock and want RGB.

Simply plug it in, choose the appropriate XMP profile, and you’re ready to go. For a quicker gaming experience, check out some of the finest 4400 MHz RAMs.


  • »Excellent RGB lights
  • »Excellent performance
  • »RGB memory on the board


  • »low capacity for overclocking

2. G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold G.Skill Trident Z Royal

The G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold is the most beautiful and powerful RAM available for the i5 11600K.

The G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold has the following features:

  • 32GB DDR4 module (2 x 16GB)
  • 3600MHz RAM with a latency of C16
  • RGB-enabled crystalline light bar
  • gold color electroplated



Check out the current G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold price.

Everything about this RAM is high-end, even the package. A black satin case houses the G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold. When you open it, you’ll find two quality foam-wrapped modules and a lovely microfiber cloth.

The first thing that will grab your eye is how it seems.

The aesthetics provided by the RAM are exceptional. On any PC, the G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold sparkles like a crown. The royal gold hue is electroplated across the whole body.

Furthermore, the top has a crystalline RGB bar that imperially distributes and refracts RGB illumination. It would hypnotize anybody who looked at it.

It’s no slouch when it comes to speed and performance. For a quicker gaming experience, don’t forget to check out some of the finest 4000 MHz RAMs.

It guarantees you get the greatest experience when running your PC with a fast 3600 MHz frequency and minimal C16 latency. As a result, any memory-related activity, such as game loading or app launching, will be lightning quick with this RAM.

Low latency, such as C16, is very beneficial to Intel 11th generation CPUs like the i5 11600K, as you will see when utilizing it.

There’s even more:

The G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold is a must-have for overclockers. It has a lot of overclocking headroom. You may enhance the performance beyond what’s available out of the box with the right tinkering.

However, when I stated that everything about it is high-end, I also meant the price. The G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold is very expensive to get.

So, unless you’re an enthusiast, an extreme overclocker, or someone seeking for the most beautiful RAM, avoid it and go with one of the other choices on our list. For a quicker gaming experience, don’t forget to check out some of the finest 3000 MHz RAMs.


  • »beautiful appearance
  • »extremely low latency
  • »ample headroom for overclocking

3. Ballistix MAX RGB is a must-have.

The Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB is one of the finest high-performance RAM options for your i5 11600K CPU.

The Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB has the following noteworthy features:

  • 32GB (2 × 16GB) DDR4 capacity
  • CL19 kit at 4400 MHz
  • The height is just 39.17mm.
  • Temperature sensor on-DIMM
  • 8 zones, 16 RGB LEDs
  • support for a 3D-printed lightbar that’s unique to you



Check out the current price of the Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB.

The Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB has a lot going for it. Let’s take a look at each one separately.

First and foremost,

The RAM’s build quality is superb. The Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB has a dark, ominous appearance. For complete personalization, the top light bar features 16 RGB LEDs distributed over eight zones.

Your motherboard software allows you to quickly modify the lighting. Other than that, the light bar may be removed. There’s plenty of room for your own 3D printed light bar.

As you can see, there’s a lot of room for personalization.

Furthermore, the RAM performs well. On compatible motherboards, the Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB runs up to 4400 MHz with C19 latency. When you combine that with the fact that it’s dual-channel RAM, you’ve got yourself a performance monster for your gaming setup. For a quicker gaming experience, check out some of the finest 2666 MHz RAMs.

Furthermore, for the ultimate pleasure, you have a reasonable overclocking potential.

Finally, all of this comes in a low-profile 39.17mm height body. It’ll work with nearly all of the hefty CPU coolers available for the i5 11600K.

As a consequence, the Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB is a tempting option for enthusiasts and overclockers when all of these characteristics are combined. You also get on-DIMM sensors to monitor the temperature in real time, which is something that enthusiasts will enjoy.

Naturally, such a potent mix of advantages will not be cheap. So, if you don’t need all of these bells and whistles, the Crucial Ballistix is a good option. For a quicker gaming experience, don’t forget to check out some of the finest 3600 MHz DDR4 RAMs.


  • »ample headroom for overclocking
  • »Excellent performance
  • »capacity for extensive customisation
  • »adequate RGB

4. XPG D50 RGB (Red, Green, and Blue)

If you want good RGB RAM at a reasonable price, the XPG D50 RGB is a great choice.

The XPG D50 RGB has a few notable features:

  • 32GB DDR4 (2 x 16GB)
  • C16 RAM at 3200 MHz
  • XPG PRIME software allows for RGB control.
  • Supported motherboard software



Check the current price of the XPG D50 RGB.

The heat spreader of the XPG D50 RGB is titanium-colored, with an RGB flare at the top. The construction and build quality are excellent.

When it comes to RGB, it performs an adequate job. The RGB lighting seems to be bright and vibrant. The illumination may be controlled using either the XPG PRIME app or the motherboard software.

I can confidently state:

This RAM’s performance is sufficient for most gamers. For years, 32GB of RAM in a dual-channel setup will enough.

The XPG D50 RGB also features a high frequency of 3200 MHz and a short CAS latency of 16. When all of these factors are combined, your gaming experience will be ultra-fast and snappy.

We’re not finished yet.

If you change the BIOS settings, you may substantially increase the frequency. On compatible motherboards, 4133 MHz at C19 may be achieved. You’ll notice a big improvement in your performance as a result of this. Also, see the best RAM for an Intel Core i9-10900k processor.

There is one stipulation:

The timings in the default XMP profiles are sloppy. However, manual tinkering may be used to correct this.

Overall, I would suggest the XPG D50 RGB to any gamer looking for a high-performance RGB RAM at a reasonable price.

If you need better RGB, consider the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL. Try the Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB for greater performance.


  • »Excellent performance
  • »capacity for overclocking


  • »XMP profile has a sloppy timing

5. Viper Steel Patriot

For serious overclockers, the Patriot Viper Steel is a no-frills high-performance desktop RAM.

The Patriot Viper Steel’s top features include:

  • DDR4 16GB module (2 x 8GB)
  • With a frequency of 4400MHz and a delay of C19,
  • heat barrier made of aluminum



Check out the current Patriot Viper Steel price.

The stealthy-looking RAM may not make a strong first impression, but you’d be mistaken if you underestimated its strength.

Under the hood of the Patriot Viper Steel, there’s a lot of power. However, you’ll have to go through a lot of adjusting and testing to get there. Check out the best graphics card for the i9-10900k as well.

As a result, if you want a plug-and-play experience, you should choose Crucial Ballistix or G.SKILL Ripjaws V. It’s a fantastic memory kit for hobbyists and overclockers.

C19 clocks at a maximum of 4400 MHz on paper. The Patriot Viper Steel, on the other hand, offers a lot of overclocking space. So, with the right tuning, the frequency may be increased and the time tightened.

What’s the end result?

It delivers some of the finest results in this price range. Overclockers will like working with the Patriot Viper Steel since it is a pleasant RAM to work with.

Check out the G.SKILL Trident Z Royal Gold if you’re willing to pay more and want aesthetics as well. Also, see the best RAM for an Intel Core i5-10600k processor.


  • Support for extreme overclocking
  • »extremely high frequency
  • »Extremely quick performance


  • »requires manual adjustment

Ballistix is a vital part of the game.

The Crucial Ballistix is a high-performance RAM that’s also quite easy to set up.

The Crucial Ballistix has the following notable features:

  • 16GB DDR4 RAM (2 x 8GB)
  • CL16 at 3200 MHz
  • Low height of 17mm
  • PCB with excellent quality



Check out the current price of Crucial Ballistix.

The Crucial Ballistix is available in a variety of colors and has a standard design. It’s quite easy to match your favorite color scheme.

The RAM is very small, which is a huge plus. It has a low profile of 39.17mm, making it compatible with most CPU coolers.

In terms of the performance,

With a 3200 MHz speed and CL16 latency, you have a 16GB dual-channel setup. These days, that’s quick enough for gaming. The Crucial Ballistix is capable of handling even the most difficult jobs.

You may, however, always wish for more RAM. That’s very understandable. For higher speeds and RGB, check out the Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB.

The problem is, getting quicker RAM isn’t always required. Instead, you may purchase this RAM and overclock it to increase its performance. It has the ability to overclock and improve performance. Also, see the best RAM for an Intel Core i9-10900k processor.

I have to say,

The Crucial Ballistix ticked a number of boxes for Crucial. You get quick speed, good overclocking headroom, a small size for better compatibility, and a variety of color choices.

The RGB is the only thing missing. But, on the other hand, the mix you’re getting here isn’t half terrible.

It’s also very simple to configure the RAM to the proper settings.

As a result, if you’re a gamer searching for a low-cost high-performance RAM, the Crucial Ballistix is an excellent choice.


  • »easy to set up
  • »enough headroom for overclocking
  • »minimal profile height

7. Ripjaws V by G.SKILL

Due to its quick performance and low pricing, the G.SKILL Ripjaws V is one of G.SKILL’s most popular RAMs.

Highlights from G.SKILL Ripjaws V include:

  • DDR4 32GB (2 x 16GB)
  • C16 RAM at 3200 MHz
  • Height: 42mm
  • Support for the XMP profile



Check out the current price of G.SKILL Ripjaws V.

The design isn’t very impressive. The G.SKILL Ripjaws V features a basic design and comes in a variety of colors. As a result, you may color match with your computer.

The build quality is good, and it will last you for a long time. The metal heat spreader performs a fantastic job of dissipating heat.

The G.SKILL Ripjaws V performs well in terms of performance. C16 is a good option for the i5 11600K because of its dual-channel design, 3200 MHz frequency, and low latency.

I am pleased to inform you that:

It will perform well enough for the majority of individuals. It will serve you well unless you’re doing anything memory-intensive that need ultra-fast RAM.

The G.SKILL Ripjaws V is a popular option for budget gamers because to its quick performance. Furthermore, you will benefit from a simple installation process. On most motherboards, the proper profile will be selected automatically. However, it’s never a bad idea to double-check. Check out the best CPU Coolers for the i7-11700k as well.

Aside from that,

If you want to overclock, avoid it and instead go with the Crucial Ballistix for a low price or the Patriot Viper Steel for severe overclocking.


  • »cheap
  • »immediate results
  • »experience with plug-and-play


  • »There’s not a lot of space for overclocking

Last Thoughts

So, which i5 11600K RAM is the best?

The Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL appeals to me because of its all-around functionality and beautiful RGB.

The Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB is a good option for improved performance.

Whether you are a casual gamer or a hardcore gamer, our goal is to help you find the best RAM for your gaming PC and budget. We do this by testing and reviewing RAM on a variety of platforms, including, but not limited to, the following:. Read more about best ram for i5-10400 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which RAM is best for i5 processor?

The best RAM for your i5 processor is the DDR4-2666.

Which RAM is best for gaming?

The best RAM for gaming is the one that fits your budget and needs.

Which RAM works best with Intel?

The best RAM for Intel is DDR4-2400.

This article describes a bug in the Java implementation of, that causes this exception to be thrown when a connection is closed. The reason is quite simple: a distinction is made between “abstract channels” with their usual behaviour and “annotated channels” that try to imitate the behaviour of an AbstractChannel. An “abstract channel” is essentially a channel with an “abstract” type-parameter that does not have a concrete implementation. An “annotated channel” is just the same as an ordinary channel but with a type-parameter annotated with the @AnnotatedType annotation.

In this article, we are going to show you a quick method to fix the “”MCPatcher for Minecraft” error in “” servers. The problem I was facing was: [100% Fix] Minecraft$annotatedconnectexception

This blog post is for users who are using and you are having trouble when connecting to a server. This is an example of what you would see when you are trying to connect to a server.

Twenty percent of the 90 million gamers are unable to connect to a Minecraft server. According to reports, they are unable to connect to the server due to a timeout issue.

I’ve been in this position before, dude! But, after a grueling 9 hours of nonstop study, I’ve discovered the seven simplest ways to resolve the Minecraft io.netty problem message.

What is the meaning of$annotatedconnectexception?

In Minecraft, is a Connection Timed Out Error that prevents you from connecting to a gaming server. The Common IP Connectivity problem is the primary reason of the Minecraft connection denied error. On both single-player and multiplayer servers, this error may occur. To get rid of the Abstract Channel Error, use a reliable VPN.

Continue reading to learn why Minecraft fails to connect to the server and how to solve it right away.

Are you having trouble logging in to your Microsoft Account in Minecraft? To solve the https / problem on any console, see our separate article.

In Minecraft, how do you fix the$annotatedconnectexception?

The single player server isn’t the only place where the connection timed out. When you attempt to join a multiplayer server, you will almost always get an error message. As I previously said, the IP Connectivity problem is the underlying cause of the io error.

Backdated JAVA software, server blockage by the Windows Firewall, and unstable software are some of the other reasons. In a matter of seconds, a Minecraft mistake may be caused. The IP address associated with the proper port is used to relay your connection to the client server, as can be seen. The IP address may vary from time to time, and many users may be connected to the same IP address.

It may seem difficult to you at first. However, keep reading since you can easily solve the Minecraft abstract channel issue in minutes.


The ways to resolve the$annotatedconnectexception connection timed out issue in Minecraft are as follows:

1. In the Minecraft Folder, add Exceptions to the Firewall Settings.

The best method for resolving connection timed out is to add exceptions in Firewall settings. As I previously said, VPN and Windows Firewall may prevent you from connecting to the Minecraft game server. To prevent the abstractchannel annotatedconnectexception connection denied problem, add certain exceptions to the Firewall.

To add exceptions to Firewall Settings, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Windows search bar and click on the Updates & Security option.
  2. Navigate to Windows Security in the left pane and then select Firewall & Network Protection option.
  3. Select Allow an App Through Firewall from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select Yes from the Change Settings option.
  5. Return to the Allow another app option.
  6. Select the launcher executable from the game installation directory folder.
  7. Repeat Step 5&6 again but this time, browse to the directory folder in which you have the servers of Minecraft installed.
  8. Maxwell, open the Minecraft servers folder.
  9. Repeat the procedure, this time allowing the Java executables in the folder.
  10. Instead of selecting Allow another program, repeat step 4 and scroll down to the Java Platform SE Binary list.
  11. Allow both private and public networks to use all of the Java Platform SE Binary options.

You may now open the Minecraft launcher to check whether the problem has been resolved.

Note: Minecraft Lan$annotatedconnectexception connection timed out may arise due to LAN problems. To solve Lan not functioning in Minecraft, see our other article.

2. Remove any software that isn’t stable. 

There is some unreliable software that, if installed on your computer, will interfere with the game. On numerous websites, you may find a list of software that is incompatible with the Minecraft game.

Remove any fake plugins and only install plugins that are 100 percent verified. Check out the finest Minecraft music bots for your server if you’re not sure which music plugin is legal and simple to employ.

Virtual Ethernet with Hamachi is one of the incompatible programs. It would be prudent to deactivate or remove the program in this situation.

Type ipconfig into the command prompt. Locate the Virtual Ethernet Connection using Hamachi setup. Take note of the addresses and use the search panel to remove Virtual Ethernet Software from Hamachi.

Solve the Minecraft ionetty problem by adding your IP and port number to the server. You may also set up a Hamachi server if you want to play with your buddies.

3. Enter an IP address and choose a suitable working port.

If the IP address and port you’re using are changeable, you’ll have problems connecting to Minecraft. To solve the issue, change your IP address and add it to the Minecraft Launcher.

Here’s how to add an IP address and choose an appropriate functioning port:

  1. As Administrator, open the Command Prompt.
  2. Type ipconfig and make a note of your IPV4 address.
  3. Browse to Minecraft Servers folder>Maxwell> Minecraft Server at the same time and open Server Properties text document.
  4. Open Minecraft and proceed to the Play Multiplayer option after noting down the Server Port.
  5. Select Edit next to the server you wish to join.
  6. Click Done after entering the IPv4 address. Use this IPv4 address to connect to a server.
  7. To make changes, refresh the page.

NB: If you’re having trouble with Minecraft running out of memory, you may utilize the MInecraft Resolver program.

4. Reset Your Router/Modem

The most simple option is to reset the router. Minecraft errors are more likely to occur if your Internet modem/router is malfunctioning. Before attempting to connect to the server, you should always verify your internet connection.

To restart your Router, try turning it off for a few minutes and then turning it back on. If it doesn’t work, reset your router’s settings and set it up from scratch. After rebooting the router, try connecting to a server.



5. Make Use of a Reliable VPN Connection Source

You want to play Minecraft during your lunch break, but it’s always blocked? To get access to the server, quickly look into the best VPNs for Minecraft.

It’s possible that Minecraft isn’t available in your area. Because the Windows Firewall sometimes bans Minecraft servers, you will be unable to connect to the server. The same may be said about VPN. Changing servers often using VPNs may cause the Host server to be blocked.

You may use a VPN software that doesn’t block your Minecraft gaming server. Changing the region may be enough to solve the problem.

6. Install the latest Java software.

Minecraft needs the most up-to-date version of Java to function correctly. If you attempt to connect to the server using an older Java version, the missing components will cause Minecraft to crash. As a consequence, will appear. No additional information was provided by the connectexception connection.

More precisely, the connection timed out no more information issue is observed on Windows 10. To join a Minecraft server, you’ll need a Learn to Mod account. You don’t have a Learn To Mod account if you get the connectexception minecraft issue. It may be resolved by upgrading the JAVA program to the most recent version available.

Also, give Minecraft extra RAM for a faster and better gaming experience.

7. Download and install Minecraft again.

Your game data may get damaged at times, resulting in a variety of issues such as connection timed out errors. The issue may be fixed by uninstalling Minecraft and reinstalling it from scratch.

To uninstall Minecraft, you need to navigate to Control Panel> Uninstall a Program> select minecraft to uninstall.

To solve the io netty channel abstractchannel annotatedconnectexception, download the most recent version of Minecraft and attempt to connect to the game server.

Last Thoughts

For Minecraft enthusiasts, the connection refused: no more information error is a major issue. If you can solve the failed to connect to server problem once, you will never have to deal with it again. If none of the previous methods worked, I would recommend that you replace your LAN card to see if the problem goes away.

Please let us know which step worked best for you in the comments area below.

So you’ve just been stuck in the same place for the past 5 minutes trying to get out only to find that your door doesn’t open. It doesn’t matter if it’s right next to you or several paces away, it’s that the door won’t open.. Read more about$annotatedconnectexception connection refused localhost and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix Minecraft LAN IO Netty channel AbstractChannel AnnotatedConnectException?

You can try to connect to a different server.

What does IO Netty channel AbstractChannel AnnotatedConnectException mean?

This is an exception that can be thrown by the AbstractChannel. It means that there was a problem connecting to the server.

What does IO Netty channel AbstractChannel AnnotatedConnectException mean Mac?

This means that the application has encountered an error while attempting to open a connection to the server.

The issue of PS5 Error WC-365475 is a common problem that mostly occurs on the day of release of the PS5. This problem occurs when the unit receives too much power from the console. When the problem is handled properly, gamers will be able to enjoy the PS4 games they bought and downloaded to their PS5. This problem happens because the PS5’s firmware is not optimized and does not give enough power to the unit.

The PS5 is months away from release, but there’s no denying that the wait will be tough for the gaming community. With all of the platforms that are going to be released in the next 24 months, there are bound to be a few that will be left behind. The PS5 is not one of them, but even when it releases, there are going to be some problems. Some issues are new, while others are old. That’s why we’ve decided to put together this list of solutions for PS5 error WC-365475: 7 working solutions in 2021.

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by a well-known and highly respected game developer. Without getting into the details of the presentation, I was surprised to hear him mention that he was developing a game platform for next-generation gaming consoles. When I asked him why he was doing that, he told me he was doing it because he felt he had been left out of the current console business: the new consoles had not been named yet, but developers had to make decisions and guess at what the platform would be called , and then create their games accordingly.

With a huge discount on the PlayStation Store, you’ll have to purchase the game digitally if you want to get a DLC for a much cheaper price.

However, every time you try to purchase a game from the shop, PlayStation prompts you with an issue.

What does the PS5 Error Code WC-365475 mean?

Your payment method is not verified, as shown by PlayStation Error WC-365475. As a result, if you try to purchase a game from the shop, your payment will be declined. This warning will also appear on both PS4 and PS5 if your balance is inadequate.

Fortunately, I’ve been there and understand how aggravating it can be. As a result, I created a tutorial to assist you in resolving the problem WC-365475.

So keep scrolling and apply the fixes as needed.

Also see our other article on how to resolve PS4 error number CE-300227.

PS5 Error WC-365475: How to Resolve

At least when it comes to sales, the PlayStation Store can be very generous.

There’s a lot to be had at a bargain.

But every time you try, you receive the error number WC-365475, which indicates that whatever program, game, or subscription you try to purchase from the PlayStation Store will be rejected.

So, what’s the deal with PS5 error code WC-365475?

If your PlayStation account already has a credit card linked with it, you’ll get error WC-365475. Furthermore, if you don’t have enough money on your card, you may receive this error.

Let’s get started troubleshooting now that we know what might be the cause of this issue.

Both the Playstation 4 and the Playstation 5 may benefit from the patch. Also see our other article on how to resolve PS4 problem number e-82000168.

The methods to repair the problem code WC-365475 on PS5 are as follows:

1. Verify your payment method.

Confirming your payment method or credit card is the simplest approach to resolve this issue.

  1. To get started, go to the PlayStation Store.
  2. Select Payment Methods from the drop-down menu.
  3. Fill up your credit card information.

Attempt to purchase the same thing you were looking for before. Hopefully, you’ll be able to fix your issue. Also, see our related article on how to resolve the PS5 problem number ce-108255-1.

2. Make a payment method change

When you receive a new credit card or log into your PSN account, it’s easy to forget to change the payment method.add-credit-card-ps5

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Go to the User account page.
  3. To access payment options, go to account details and then payment methods.
  4. Fill up the blanks with your new credit card details.
  5. Please provide the password.
  6. Save the payment method as the default.

Now go to PS and try to buy something. If the error is still there, follow the next method. Want more PS5 games? Check our other round-ups on the best PS5 horror games & best PS5 games for kids.

3. From your PC, update your payment details.

When PSN servers are down in this manner, they are unable to store your payment method. So, buy a laptop or a desktop computer to keep your information up to date.

  1. Go to the official Sony website.
  2. Make sure you’re logged in to your account.
  3. Insert your debit or credit card.
  4. Delete any previously used or inactive payment methods.
  5. Assign your new payment method to be the main payment gateway.
  6. Save the file.

You’ve completed the payment method update. Check to see whether the problem persists. Also, see if you can play Roblox on your PS5.

4. Switch on the PlayStation console.

Assume your PlayStation system has been turned on for a long time. It’s possible that you’ll receive this error.reboot-playstation

  1. Hold the power button down until the Console beeps twice, then let go.
  2. Allow 15 seconds to elapse before continuing.
  3. To turn on the Console, press the power button.

Check whether the issue is still there on the PS Store. Learn how to play Discord on the PS5.

5. Reconstruct the PlayStation Database

The PlayStation database must be updated from time to time. That is a simple solution to any PlayStation issues.ps4-rebuild-database

  1. Turn off your console.
  2. Connect your Dual Shock 4 to the console using the USB cable.
  3. Hold the power button down until the Console beeps twice, then let go.
  4. From the drop-down option, choose Rebuild Database. It should take you around 10-15 minutes to finish.

Do not switch off the Console while the procedure is ongoing.

6. Update the Firmware on Your PlayStation

This issue may appear if your PlayStation hasn’t been updated in a long time.ps4-firmware-update

  1. Go to the PlayStation settings menu.
  2. Look for the System Software option.
  3. Choose the new update.
  4. Allow time for your Console to download the update.
  5. Select it from the notification options. There will be a link to your downloaded update there.
  6. Install the update by downloading it.

Don’t disconnect your PS4 while the update is being installed or it will reset.

7. Get in touch with Sony Support.

This is the last potential entry point for this issue. If Sony assistance is not accessible in your country, use a VPN for this

  1. Go to Sony’s official website to learn more.
  2. Navigate to the PlayStation Network.
  3. Use your PSN ID to log in.
  4. Select Online Support from the drop-down menu under Support.
  5. Inform them of your problem.
  6. Wait for a response from Sony authorities.

Hopefully, you will be able to resolve this issue using this approach.

Last Thoughts

It’s aggravating when you want to purchase a game or a PlayStation Plus membership but Sony won’t allow you.

Hopefully, this information will assist you in resolving your issue.

You may also contact us if you have any more questions.

Sony released the PS5 in 2020. Unfortunately, it seems the PS5’s internal clock is a bit out of whack and considers midnight summer time instead of the real world time. That’s because the 4th of July is one day later than the rest of the year. This means, in 2021, you’ll be able to play PS5 games that are “out of sync”. But, don’t worry. There are a number of working solutions to this problem, and have been for years.. Read more about ce-108255-1 update and let us know what you think.

The R7 5800x is AMD’s flagship processor in its 7th-gen Ryzen processors. The R7 5800x is the fastest single-core processor available on the market, and it’s one of the most powerful processors available for gamers with its staggering 16-cores and 32-threads. But what makes the R7 5800x so special? Let’s find out.

Ram is a must for any computer. It is the fastest part of a computer that you can upgrade. RAM is a crucial factor in a computer. Many components of your computer are dependent on it. RAM is called Random Access Memory because it is accessed randomly by the CPU. It is the part of your computer that is used when programs are running. It is not the same thing as the hard drive or SSD. RAM is the most expensive part of any computer.

Although RAM (Random Access Memory) in its most basic form is just data stored in a computer’s hard drive, it is what allows the computer to operate. It is the RAM that is responsible for all of the system’s processing, and as a result, its importance cannot be overstated.

Do you want the finest RAM modules with the most overclocking potential?

Then here’s my top RAM recommendation for you.

I’m aware of your requirements. As a result, I investigated and compiled the following list of high-end memory modules.

Take a deep breath and read my full evaluation of the finest RAMs available.

Also, have a look at our list of the best CPU coolers for Ryzen 9 5900x, as suggested by our specialists.

Review of the Best Ryzen 5800x RAM

It goes without saying that the introduction of the Ryzen Zen 3 CPUs ushered in a new era. This processor series promises to provide performance that is unrivaled. I think that now is the best moment to invest in a high-end gaming system.

But here’s the rub:

How effective are these Ryzen 5000 processors going to be?

In order to answer this question, you’ll need to know how to utilize RAM modules properly.

The amount of output your gaming setup can provide is determined on the RAM module in your system.

Let’s keep things easy, shall we?

The quicker your RAM is, the more efficiently your Ryzen Zen 3 CPU will handle data. When it comes to the Ryzen 5800x, picking the appropriate RAM is critical to getting the most out of it.

I won’t take up much of your time.

Also, get the most recent information about the best CPU Cooler for Ryzen 7 5800x.

The following are the best RAM options for Ryzen 7 5800x:

1. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB (Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB)

When people ask me which brands of RAM modules I like, Corsair is usually in the top three. The Corsair Dominator, on the other hand, is the pinnacle of high-end modules. It is one of the brand’s most sophisticated DDR4 memory kits.

This model has the following characteristics:

  • 16 GB of storage
  • 3200 MHz memory speed
  • DHX cooling technology with dual channels


Check out the current price of the Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB.

The term I received for this memory module was SLEEK. This RAM is described as having a beautiful build with a hint of blackish stealthy design. Because of the excellent metal workmanship, I consider this to be the finest RAM for the Ryzen 5800x.

This memory module is available in two 8 GB sticks. For illumination, each of these sticks has 12 addressable LEDs.

The greatest aspect is that the LEDs in the module are from Primax, a well-known manufacturer of high-end lighting.

The Corsair ICUE program may be used to adjust the lights. It will guarantee that everything runs smoothly. You may also test out 15 different lighting colors with a variety of designs.

This program appealed to me since it is not at all buggy. It didn’t crash when I was having a good time with the colors.

When it comes to performance, this RAM for Ryzen 5800x is very dependable. It won’t crank even if you put it under a lot of pressure.

The only thing that may turn you off is the price. Furthermore, the RGB implementation is too bright, which may not be to everyone’s taste.

However, the high-end output and quicker processing provided by this RAM outweigh the minor drawbacks. As a result, if money isn’t a problem for you, consider installing this RAM module in your computer.

Check out our list of the best RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x, as suggested by our specialists.


  • »Excellent top-end performance
  • »Excellent choice for RGB aficionados
  • »Software that is adaptable


  • »Exorbitant pricing
  • »A little on the tall side

2. Trident Z Royal Series by G.Skill

It has a fantastic appearance and performs like a beast. This is the premise of the G.Skill Trident Z Royal series.

The following are the specifications for this G.Skill model:

  • 32 GB of storage capacity
  • 3200 MHz memory speed
  • Heatspreaders made of aluminum


Check out the current price of the G.Skill Trident Z Royal Series.

This is by far the best-looking RAM module available for your Ryzen 7 5800x.

At first look, I was astounded by how beautiful a RAM might be. With its jewelry-like appearance, it lives true to its moniker Royal. I couldn’t take my gaze away from the design.

In addition, the heatsink’s shiny appearance is stunning. The greatest part is when the RGB lights are reflected.

RGB now seems to be a crystalline plastic with glitter all over it. There are eight distinct LED zones, resulting in a spectacular lighting display. To say that the overclocking capabilities are top-notch would be an understatement. The performance of this module is described as “beast-like.”

This RAM can be overclocked to insanely high rates. I was able to go up to 4000 MHz with the Ryzen 5800x, and you can easily go higher.

Furthermore, I would consider it to be one of the highest-end RAM modules available. Don’t make the mistake of not include this in your setup if you want high-end performance.

Take a few minutes to look into the best graphics card for Ryzen 7 3700x on a budget.


  • »It seems to be amazing.
  • »Output like that of a beast
  • »Extremely useful for overclocking


  • »Expensive
  • »Dust may collect on the gleaming sticks.

3. Ballistix Standard RGB Ballistix Standard RGB Ballistix Standard RGB Ballistix Standard RGB Ballist

This Crucial RGB memory module is a difficult memory module to keep an eye on.

This DDR4 RAM has a lot of great features:

  • 16 GB of storage
  • Each module has 16 LEDs.
  • Heat-spreader in matte black


Check out the current price of the Crucial Ballistix Standard RGB.

The majority of gamers and enthusiasts would love to have this RAM in their system. With the stamped heat-spreaders with a simple profile, it looks decent enough. What you’ll like about the design is that it pays attention to every detail.

The greatest thing about this game memory is that Crucial utilized nano ICs. It will assist you in achieving the high-end overclocking you’d expect from a high-end system.

Another thing to remember:

Each of the memory modules in this set has 16 LEDs. There are eight illumination zones on these LEDs.

With the program, you’ll be able to adjust the lighting pattern in zones, which may be customized to fit your rig’s color scheme.

Regarding performance, I believe this is the most dependable DDR4 3600 RAM available—incredible speeds with unwavering stability.

Even though the RAM allows custom printed light bars, you’ll need a third-party 3D printer to do it. For you, it may seem to be a bit of a bother.

Aside from that, it’s a solid choice with excellent RGB implementation to have in your system.

Do you have a few minutes to spare? Check out our companion article on the best Ryzen 7 3700x motherboard.


  • »Excellent RGB lights
  • »Attractive overclocking results
  • »Warranty for life


  • »For custom printed bars, you’ll need to put in some additional effort.

4. T-Force Vulcan Z Teamgroup

Teamgroup has grown in popularity in recent years as a result of its innovative gaming gear.

They’re making some excellent memory modules that can help gaming setups run faster.

The following are some of the features of this Teamgroup model:

  • PCB with 8 layers
  • 16 GB of storage
  • 3200 MHz memory speed


Check out the current Teamgroup T-Force Vulcan Z price.

The design of this memory module is extremely simple. The simple metallic touch was extremely relaxing for me. The heat-spreaders made of aluminum have a number of stamped lines and angles on the surface.

Despite its cheaper price, it is one memory module that provides excellent overclocking performance.

It also lacks RGB lighting, which may be a deal-breaker for most gamers these days. However, if you reject this module only because it lacks RGB, you will be the only one who loses.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that this RAM is more of a cheap choice. This was done by one of my pals, and he still regrets it.

The performance of this Ryzen 5800x is unlike anything else on the market, thanks to its simplicity and minimalism.

Are you planning to construct a gaming PC using just AMD 3rd generation components? Check out our list of the best RAM for Ryzen 7 3700x, as suggested by our experts.


  • »Excellent overclocking abilities
  • »Affordable
  • »There are no clearance problems.

5. Ripjaws V Series by G.Skill

G.Skll has sent me another RAM module that claims to provide cutting-edge performance.

The following are the characteristics of this G.Skill model:

  • 32 GB of storage capacity
  • 3200 MHz memory speed
  • 16-second CAS latency


Check out the current price of G.Skill Ripjaws V Series.

This G.Skill RAM module should be your first option if you want to get the most out of a RAM module when overclocking.

To put it another way, this RAM kit is CRAZY!!!

I pushed myself to the maximum throughout the testing. I was able to accomplish so because of the superbly precise timings. With virtually no delays, I was able to produce 4K movies. That’s pretty much it for the level of performance.

The build quality is fantastic. If you like basic looks, this RAM is the right option for you.

It has no major flaws in my opinion. Although heatsinks do not completely cover the chips, this has no effect on the output level.

In short:

It’s a good RAM module for your Ryzen setup that comes at a reasonable price.

Also, see what RAM is compatible with Ryzen 5 5600x.


  • »Cheap
  • »Excellent output
  • »Can be used in any build with a theme.


  • »The heatsink does not cover the integrated circuits.

HyperX Fury RGB (No. 6)

I usually suggest HyperX when someone asks for a brand with strong RGB lighting.

The following are the characteristics of this HyperX model:

  • 16 GB of storage
  • 2666 MHz memory speed
  • The technique of infrared synchronization


Check out the current price of the HyperX Fury RGB.

This module’s blackish PCB has a great look to it. It will undoubtedly grab your attention at first sight.

Each of the modules has an RGB diffuser that evenly distributes the illumination. This memory module’s best feature is the uniform diffusion. You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to lighting. Yes, it’s that adaptable.

The HyperX Ngenuity 2 software is largely responsible for this versatility.

Do you want to know the greatest part?

You don’t need any extra overclocking to achieve maximum speeds.

To summarize, I believe it is a great choice that you can get at a low cost.

Do you have a few minutes to spare? Check out our companion article on the best Ryzen 5 5600x CPU cooling.


  • »Affordable
  • »No further overclocking is required.
  • »Good lighting


  • »Heat spreaders with a problem

Adata XPG Z1 is number seven.

The XPG Z1 is one of the most visually appealing RAM modules I’ve ever seen.

The following are some of the features of this model:

  • 3000 MHz Memory Speed
  • 16 GB of storage
  • PCB with ten layers


Find out how much the Adata XPG Z1 costs now.

Mate, you’re a jerk!

That was my response when I first saw this RAM for the Ryzen 5800x processor. The one-of-a-kind pattern with a reddish texture all around wowed me.

It’s a memory module with a 10-layer PCB and the best of the finest integrated circuits. The build quality is exceptional, and the durability is unrivaled.

It was a walk of cake for me to achieve maximum speed when I tried this. There aren’t many modules out there with such high quality.

If I had to summarize this RAM, I would say that it is something extraordinary that you can have for a cheap price. However, if you’re a die-hard RGB fan, you’ll be disappointed since it’s a non-RGB RAM. Despite the cheap price and attractive appearance, it is worthwhile to purchase.

The RAM speeds for Ryzen 9 5950x are compared.


  • »Awesome design
  • »Extremely long-lasting

Overclocking RAM on the Ryzen 7 5800x

What are the best ways to get the most out of your Ryzen 7 5800x CPU?

That’s all there is to it.

You get the same kind of result when you overclock your CPU to its limitations, pushing it beyond its boundaries.

When you push your Ryzen CPU to its limits, though, you run the danger of damaging it. Excessive tinkering may lead to component instability and early failure.

Now, if you don’t want this to happen, you must adhere to a set of rules. Don’t be concerned. I’ve got you covered.

While overclocking a Ryzen 7 5800x setup, keep the following in mind:

Know what you want to achieve.

You should know why your build necessitates overclocking. You must also decide the kind of overclocking you need.

Overclocking can be divided into three categories:

  • Competitive
  • Performance
  • Driver for a living

Nothing will work if you don’t grasp the idea of workload performance, regardless of the genre you pick.

AVX-based workloads will beat the heck out of your Ryzen setup. As a consequence, cautious overclocks will emerge. As a result, be certain of what you want to get out of overclocking.

Download and install the most recent BIOS firmware.

Before you do anything, ensure sure you have the most recent BIOS firmware for your motherboard loaded.

The reason for this is because the majority of motherboard makers provide software that isn’t very reliable. As a result, you should go to the manufacturer’s website and download the most recent version.

Maintain a constant voltage.

The methods for changing the voltage differ from one model to the next. Stick to the manual modes if you want to be consistent. There, you will have complete control over the voltage.

Also keep in mind that an increase in voltage will result in an increase in temperature. So, buddy, be sure you’re doing the right thing.


Is 32 GB of RAM for the Ryzen 5800x overkill?

Answer: To some degree, it is an overkill. In general, 16 GB RAM modules are enough for gaming, but a 32 GB RAM module is more future-proofing.

Is all RAM compatible with the Ryzen 7 5800x?

Answer: Any DDR4 RAM will suffice in a Ryzen 7 5800x setup.

Last Thoughts

So, there you have it. This is my in-depth look at the best RAM for the Ryzen 5800x processor. I hope that after reading this, you will feel more at ease in selecting the finest choice.

I’ve covered everything in this article, regardless of your budget. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of choices.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments section.

This is the first time we are testing on this platform as we have been mostly working on the Intel platform. For those who are not aware of Ryzen 7, it is the newest and best 8 core/16 thread CPU from AMD. As of now it is only available in the desktop and server platform. We are going to compare it versus the best RAM on the Intel platform which is the DDR4 3000MHz and DDR4 3466MHz.. Read more about ryzen 7 5800x 3600mhz ram and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ram is best for Ryzen 7 5800X?

The best ram for a Ryzen 7 5800X is the G.Skill Flare X series, which has a speed of 3200MHz and a latency of 16-18-18-38.

How much ram do I need for Ryzen 7 5800X?

You will need at least 16 GB of ram to run the Ryzen 7 5800X.

What ram works best with Ryzen 7?

The ram that works best with Ryzen 7 is the G.Skill FlareX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz C16.

If you’re having trouble with your Discord plugin, it’s a hundred times better to remove it and start again than to keep it and deal with it. We’ve done a lot of testing and research to see how many people are encountering this issue, and the number is surprisingly low, making this a quick fix if you just want to get rid of the problem.

If you are having problems with your Discord.js application, you have to check the console to find the source of the problem then you should check the links provided below and follow the steps to fix it. This is the 2nd step of 3, you should check the source of error and then check the link below.

Discord is one of the most popular VoIP programs on the web. It’s a free voice and text chat service that pairs well with text games like Minecraft. As such, it’s home to a large number of toxic players. Not everyone is a jerk though. There are many nice people on the platform. If you experience a JavaScript error on Discord, you can see which users (and their channels) are causing trouble.

Discord is a popular tool for online gamers to communicate in groups. On Windows 10 PCs, there have been reports of the Discord fatal JavaScript error.

What Is a JavaScript Error in Discord?

On Windows, a Javascript Error on Discord is a notice that appears in the main process. It occurs because certain antivirus software isolates particular Discord files from the installation process, preventing the Discord program from starting. As a result, the javascript discord error appears on every startup.

Don’t worry; you’re not the only one who has made mistakes like this.

I’ve been using Discord for seven years as an online gaming fanatic. To be honest, I had the same script problem. However, after hours of study, I was able to find a method that was 100 percent effective in resolving javascript problems on Discord.

Continue reading to learn how to fix the irritating problems that prevent you from downloading Discord.

Also, see how to solve no audio on discord screen sharing on Windows 10.

What is the cause of a JavaScript error in Discord’s main process?

The Javascript problem in Discord may be caused by one of three things.

1. The installation files for Discord are corrupted. 3. The Windows Audio Video Experience service is not functioning, and 2. Discord is running with administrator rights.


These factors are critical for the Discord app since they are so closely linked to its fundamental functioning.

It’s essential to keep in mind that:

The odds of the javascript error notice appearing are 70% if the game you’re playing is running in the background with Administrator permission, but Discord isn’t.

There are a variety of problems that may cause the installation process to fail unintentionally. However, damaged Discord installation files or other third-party applications such as antivirus software are the most common causes of the problem.

Is there a PS4 version of Discord? Check it out right now!

Step-by-Step Guide to Resolving JavaScript Errors in Discord

If you’re using Discord on a computer, you’ll see an error message. Uncaught anomaly: The object has been destroyed, which is an error. It indicates that your computer is having trouble finding certain installation files.

The methods to repair the discord JavaScript Error are as follows:

1. Shut off Discord processes in the System Tray.

This method is 100 percent effective in resolving the programmed fault. Discord should be closed from the system tray, and all Discord processes should be terminated. In your task manager, rogue processes may hide. As a result, double-check those to complete duties.

On your PC, Discord saves temporary data. You must remove discord files from the local app data and app data folder to get rid of these problems completely.

To remove local files from your computer, follow these steps:

  1. By hitting the Win+R keys at the same time, the Run Dialog box will appear.
  2. Find the Discord Folder in the AppData folder by typing percent appdata% in the box. Remove the folder from your computer.
  3. Reopen the Run dialogue box after closing the Tab.
  4. In the Run window, type percent localappdata% and press Enter.
  5. Locate and remove the Discord Folder.
  6. Reboot your computer.




NB: If your Windows OS continues informing you that the file can’t be removed because it’s still in use, it’s because it’s still in use. From the startup tab, go to the Task Manager and stop any Discord tasks.

You may need to attempt some extra steps in certain cases:

Set the Compatibility to Windows 7 or 8 and the Discord program to run as Administrator (percent LocalAppData percent /Discord/most current version). Before continuing, be sure to end any discord processes.

Spend a few minutes to figure out why your Discord overlay isn’t functioning.

2. Discord Installation Files should be whitelisted. 

Many antivirus programs target certain discord files, particularly the approximate recovery file for the discord voice application, isolating it during the installation process.

Whitelisting the program from the antivirus is the best option in this situation. The methods to whitelist Discord in AVAST antivirus are as follows:

  1. Avast’s user interface should now be open.
  2. To access the Virus Chest, go to the right panel and click it.
  3. From the viral chest, look for any files that begin with discord_.
  4. Select Restore and Add Exception by hovering over the files and selecting the three-dotted icons.
  5. Restart the installation procedure after completing this step for each discord file.


Important: Whitelist the Discord setup executable as an exception in Avast to prevent any further problems.

Open Avast > click on the start Menu Icon > Settings > General > Add Exception > Browse to the location > Add exception to Discord setup executable.

In less than a minute, you’ll learn how to install a music bot to Discord.

3. Modify the Windows Audio Video Experience Service (Windows AVS).

The Discord fatal Java issue was claimed to be fixed by changing the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience Service’s Startup type from manual to automated, according to some users. This is another option.

  1. Start the Run Utility and enter services.msc, then hit Enter.
  2. Right-click on the properties window for the Audio Video Experience service and choose it.
  3. To halt the service, click the Stop button, and then click the Start button to restart it.
  4. Make sure that the starting type is set to Automatic. If not, go to the drop-down menu list and choose Automatic from the list.
  5. To save your changes, click OK.


4. Execute the application without the permission of an administrator.

Running any application as an administrator is not recommended. The issue was claimed to be resolved by running Discord with administrator rights.

To operate Discord without an administrator, follow these steps:

  1. Find the Discord folder executable and double-click it.
  2. Right-click its item on the Desktop, the Start menu, or the search results window to change its attributes.
  3. Navigate to the Compatibility tab under Properties.
  4. Before saving any changes, uncheck the box next to the Run this application as an administrator option.


5. Install Discord again.

If the previous version of Discord is causing problems, try reinstalling it.

The methods to reinstalling the Discord program are as follows:

  1. In the Windows search box, type Control panel.
  2. Select Program > Uninstall a program.
  3. Uninstall Discord by right-clicking on it.
  4. Discord’s newest version may be downloaded from the official website.
  5. Install the program and then go to Discord settings to save your modifications.

Discord Windows 7 Users Can Fix JAVASCRIPT Errors

This solution is designed for Windows 7 users who are having trouble installing and then launching Discord.

I’ve tried and tested these changes many times in order to quickly resolve this problem.

The methods to fix the JAVAscript problem on Windows 7 Discord are as follows:

  1. In Windows 7, go to the Start Menu and choose it. Allow the computer to have administrative permissions.
  2. Go to the Server Manager > features.
  3. Select Add Features from the drop-down menu and look for the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience option.
  4. To proceed, check the appropriate option and then click Next.
  5. Confirm the installation and make sure you’ve chosen the QWAVE option.
  6. Wait for the installation to finish before clicking the Install button.
  7. Your computer should be restarted.

Last Thoughts

To fix any discord starting problem right away, follow the procedures outlined in this article. One of the best methods is to erase local data and then reinstall the most recent version of Discord.

I attempted to highlight the most often used techniques for resolving error notifications. If you encounter any issues, please let us know in the comments area.

Have you seen a JavaScript error in your Discord software? Do you need help fixing it? Then you have come to the right place! This article will show you how easy it is to fix JavaScript errors in Discord. It will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a 1 minute fix, and it works with all the popular Discord plugins.. Read more about discord_hook 1 zip error and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix JavaScript error on Discord?

You need to install the latest version of Java.

How do I fix a JavaScript error?

Unfortunately, this is not something that I can help with.

What is JavaScript error in Discord?

The most common cause of this error is a connection issue. If you are using the Discord app on your phone, try turning off data and wifi before trying to connect.

i5-10600k is a new range of entry level Intel 6-core processors. It was introduced back in early September 2017 and it is the first 6-core (6-core) mainstream processor from Intel to implement a new CPU architecture, called Kaby Lake-R. This new architecture is supposed to bring higher levels of performance to the mainstream processors, but the reality is that in its initial launch, it is not much faster than the i7-7700k.

As technology advances, the entire world is moving towards faster, more powerful and better computers. Over the last few years, the i5-10600k has become one of the most powerful processors on the market. It has been used in all types of systems including gaming PCs, workstations, and server-type computers. So if you want to build a PC, or if you want to upgrade your current computer, this review will show you the best i5-10600k motherboards to suit your needs.

The i5-10600k is one of the newest Intel CPUs, and it’s a beastly processor that can handle heavy workloads, including gaming. However, there are a lot of i5-10600k chips on the market, and if you’re looking for the best one, you’ll need to do some research. To help you on your way, we’ve put together a list of the top 8 best i5-10600k motherboards to help you make an informed decision when you’re picking out your next CPU. From budget and mid-range boards to all-out powerhouses, the best i5-10600k motherboard for you depends on your budget and your gaming needs. Read our reviews to find out

Now that you’ve chosen to purchase the Intel i5-10600k, you’ll need a decent motherboard to go with it.

Check out my top choice if you’re in a hurry. Alternatively, you may read my evaluation on some monster performing boards while sitting back and relaxing.

Finding a decent motherboard isn’t always simple. The newest 10th Generation CPUs include new socket types and chipsets.

So, what are your options?

Don’t be concerned, fellow player!

After hours of study, I compiled a list of the seven best i5-10600k motherboards.

Check out the best motherboards for the i9-10900k as well.

Best i5-10600k Motherboard

The Intel i5-10600k is the ideal combination of price and performance. As a gamer, you’ll like this processor’s single-core performance.

Because such performance is very important in today’s sports.

As a result, while choosing a motherboard for this CPU, you must be very precise.

I’m going to make your choosing process a lot easier with this post. So let’s not spend any more time.

The following are the top seven i5 10600k motherboards:

1. ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E (Asus ROG Strix Z490-E) (Asus ROG Strix Z

To begin, I’ll show you a motherboard from ASUS’s well-known ROG Strix line.

The following are the specs for this ASUS motherboard:

  • ATX is a form factor for a computer.
  • 4 DIMM slots for DDR4
  • 6x 6 Gbps SATA 3 ports
  • LGA 1200 is the socket type.


Check out the current price of the ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E.

This i5-10600k motherboard is an excellent choice for anybody looking to create a high-end system. As a gaming and overclocking option, it’s a great choice.

It can easily compete with other high-end models from the same manufacturer.

The whole design scheme is black. You’ll see some RGB LEDs flashing above the heatsink and the back I/O panel when your system comes to life. You may use the ASUS aura program to modify these LEDs with various colors to add extra flare.

Let me now tell you about the most unusual thing ASUS accomplished with this board.

On the left side of the CPU socket, they installed a fan bracket. As a consequence, you’ll be able to install a tiny fan to help with cooling.

That’s really cool… Isn’t that so?

It’s not over yet, however.

The board also has a slew of USB connections. It becomes even better since the audio jacks are gold-plated.

In terms of performance, the board performed well when it came to CPU overclocking.

The lack of an inbuilt reset button was something I didn’t like about the board. You must also remove the heatsink’s plastic cover in order to utilize the top M.2 slot. This is a little troublesome.

These flaws, however, are somewhat offset by the motherboard’s affordable price tag. At this pricing point, you won’t find many luxury-like boards.

As a result, I consider this motherboard for i5 10th Gen to be my best option. If you’re looking for a top-notch board, this is the one to go with. Check out our most recent list of the best motherboards for the Intel i7-10700k processor.


  • »Affordable pricing for a top-of-the-line board
  • »A large number of USB ports
  • »High-definition audio jacks


  • »The Upper M.2 slot is difficult to reach.
  • »There are no reset buttons on the board.

2. ASRock Aqua Z490

If you want to add a water cooling solution to your system, I recommend ASRock’s board.

The following are the specifications for this model from them:

  • E-ATX is the form factor.
  • 8 SATA 6 Gbps ports
  • 4x DIMM


Check out the current price of the ASRock Z490 Aqua.

An integrated water block is included with this ASRock motherboard. It has a simple design with a lot of attention to detail.

It is, without a doubt, the company’s flagship motherboard.

As a result:

Every aspect of the board is well-designed, and you will note that it is implemented with great precision.

The existence of a modest cut-out around the SATA ports is something I appreciate. It allows for appropriate cable routing that is free of tangles.

In terms of RGB, there’s a great implementation on the monoblock, the IO cover, and the top of the heatsink.

You’ll also receive a black and white OLED panel to monitor CPU performance. You may obtain information on fan speeds, CPU temperatures, voltage, and other things by using this.

You may even choose the kind of data you wish to receive.

The performance was comparable to that of any other high-end board. The RAM overclocking performed well in my tests.

I soon hit 4000 MHz, and the board was quite stable.

Now, I wouldn’t call the installation a pain, but it wasn’t exactly simple either. Because of its size, the board is very hefty and should be handled with care.

Also, in terms of cost, it is not for those on a tight budget.

However, considering the board’s top-tier features, such a high price is to be expected.

Nonetheless, for constructing a gaming rig around the i5-10600k, it’s a great choice. Also, have a look at the top graphics cards for the core i7-10700k processor.


  • »Excellent RGB
  • »OLED screen
  • »Excellent Overclocking

3. MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon WiFi (MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon WiFi)

If you’re searching for a motherboard to go with your i5-10600k, I’ve found the finest choice for you.

The following are some of the outstanding features of this MSI motherboard:

  • ATX is a form factor for a computer.
  • LGA 1200 is the socket type.
  • The maximum amount of RAM that may be used is 128 GB.


Check out the current price of the MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon WiFi.

MSI is a well-known name in the OC hardware business. This motherboard from them is one of the most robust 10600k motherboards you’ll discover.

It has a decent design that doesn’t have any major flaws.

Furthermore, the CPU socket region is devoid of significant impediments, which I believe is a great potential.

You’ll also like the fact that the spacing is so good that dual GPU setup is feasible without any issues.

Overall, I think the layout is extremely appealing from an aesthetic standpoint. Check out the best graphics card for the i9-10900k as well.

LED strips are now available to give additional flare to the arrangement, and they may be modified using the Mystic Light program.

The adjustments worked well throughout my testing. Mostly due to the BIOS’s straightforward features.

I strongly advise you to experiment with manual overclocking in the BIOS for this board. It’s been tried and true with positive outcomes.

It’s not like this 10600k motherboard is without flaws.

There is no adaptor for USB-C, which is a significant issue.

Apart from that, as a mid-range alternative, it’s a decent choice.


  • »Configuration with two GPUs
  • »Simple design
  • »Affordable

4. ASUS ROG Strix Z490-G (Asus ROG Strix Z490-G) (Asus ROG Strix Z

If you want to create a PC with a compact form factor, this ASUS motherboard might be an excellent option.

  • mATX (miniature ATX)
  • 4x DIMM
  • 6x 6 Gbps SATA ports


Check out the current price of the ASUS ROG Strix Z490-G.

Allow me to set the record straight.

This motherboard’s layout seems to be excellent. I’m sure you won’t find many motherboards of comparable quality.

The construction quality is very excellent. It will provide you with the greatest degree of durability.

You’ll also be interested to know:

This motherboard for the 10600k has a lot more USB ports than comparable mATX boards. In addition, the cable management is done quite well.

This can’t possibly get much better. Isn’t that so?

The motherboard, on the other hand, has certain flaws. M.2 slots, for example, are close together. This is one item that might become an issue. Also, see the best RAM for an Intel Core i5-10600k processor.

Furthermore, apart from one flaw, this Intel i5 10th Gen motherboard is a good choice for SFF projects.


  • »Elegant design
  • »It’s ideal for SFF constructions.


  • »Two slots are too close together

MSI MEG Z490I Unify (#5)

I’ve got another MSI 10600k motherboard for you today.

This model has the following features:

  • Mini-ITX is the form factor for this computer.
  • 2x DIMM
  • 3 pairs of 4-pin headers


Check MSI MEG Z490I Unify’s current price.

This mini-ITX motherboard performed well with all Intel Comet Lake CPUs. It’s what you’d call an enthusiast-class motherboard.

There are many reasons to believe this. Because I guarantee that I will exceed your highest expectations.

It’s a little box with an amazing design as a motherboard. Gamers who like an all-black theme will be drawn to the blackish stealth-like appearance.

If you’re one of them, then here is the message board for you. Check out our most recent article on the best CPU Coolers for the i5-10600k.

Furthermore, the capabilities offered on this board are almost identical to those found on most high-end motherboards.

Even after all of this, the only flaw that may be apparent is the absence of RGB. However, if you aren’t an RGB fanatic, this is the board you should look into.

My tests indicate that when tinkering, this motherboard stays pretty stable. So there aren’t many performance problems.

Overall, for a mini-ITX build, it is far and away the best choice available.


  • »Sleek and stylish design
  • »Potential for decent overclocking

ASUS Prime Z490-A (No. 6)

Apart from the ROG and ROG Strix lines of goods, most ASUS items aren’t very well-liked. There is a presumption that they are incompetent.

To be honest, there are just a few components worth noting among them. For example, this ASUS Prime series motherboard.

The ASUS Prime Z490-A comes with some impressive specifications:

  • ATX is a form factor.
  • Thunderbolt 3 is supported.
  • LGA 1200 is the socket type.


Check out the current price of the ASUS Prime Z490-A.

This ATX motherboard for the 10600k has a good layout. In fact, to say it’s good is an understatement. It’s a nice-looking board, in my opinion.

The RGB implementation in the layout is amazing. The Aura Sync, like other ASUS models, is responsible for illumination customisation.

You’ll also appreciate the following:

There are enough spaces on the I/O panel.

Besides, the BIOS does an excellent job. You’ll be able to set it up fast, and it’ll be devoid of any major flaws.

When I tried it with the i5-10600k, the performance was consistent. Also, see the best CPU Coolers for the i5-11600k from the 11th generation.

To summarize, this is a decent motherboard for i5 10th Gen that comes at a fair price.


  • »Affordable
  • »Less troublesome BIOS


  • »It would have been nice if there were more fan headers.

7. Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Elite AC Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Elite AC Gigabyte Z490 A

Gigabyte’s Z490 Aorus Elite AC is my last recommendation.

The following are the specifications for this Gigabyte model:

  • ATX is a form factor for a computer.
  • 128 GB maximum memory
  • Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest version of Bluetooth.


Check out the current price of the Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Elite.

It’s one of the brand’s mid-range products that you can count on.

The design is pleasing to the eye and has a subtle elegance to it. If I were to sum it up in one word, it would be SLEEK.

Now, if you’re a fan of RGB, I’m sure you’ll like this motherboard for the i5-10600k. The whole implementation is something to discuss.

In terms of performance, it was very consistent throughout my tests. I didn’t anticipate much from this board, but it surprised me with its production, forcing me to add it to my list.

As a result:

This 10600k motherboard’s low pricing makes it an appealing option for those on a tight budget.

The BIOS, in my opinion, might have been a little better. However, for your Intel setup, this is the best you can buy for a reasonable price. Check out the best CPU Coolers for the i9-11900k as well.


  • »There might have been more USB ports available.

Overclocking the i5 10600k

Overclocking is possible with any Intel Comet Lake series CPUs. Your i5-10600k will certainly be able to achieve the maximum boost speed of 4.8 MHz.

However, this does not imply that it is restricted to 4.8 MHz. You can even go farther.

But here’s the rub:

How do you go about doing it?

Well, I’ve got the solution for you. Also, see the best RAM for an Intel Core i7-10700k processor.

For the i5-10600K, here’s a detailed overclocking guide:

Configure your BIOS

First and first, certain parameters must be adjusted. The BIOS must be set up properly in order to sustain a stable overclock.

In addition, certain power supply parameters for both the CPU and VRM settings must be adjusted. This is necessary because it allows the memory modules’ automated processing to operate at their stated rates.

If your modules are very quick, make sure your setup is stable before tinkering.

Activate the CPU Multiplier

You must also adjust the CPU multiplier to the desired clock speed.

You may either gradually raise frequencies or select a certain target frequency and attempt to achieve it.

Set the Voltage mode to what you want it to be.

This is necessary since it may affect the lifespan of your CPU. It will use less power and produce less heat if you choose the adaptive mode. Also, see the best RAM for an Intel Core i9-10900k processor.

Last Thoughts

So there you have it: the seven best motherboards for the i5-10600k. I’ve put every choice in this list so you don’t have to travel elsewhere for a change of heart.

The ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E is my suggestion. The alternative choices, on the other hand, are just as good.

That’s all I have to say. Still, if you have any problems, please let me know in the comments.

So, if you were looking to build your new PC, you’ve probably already done so. If you’re still shopping around for a motherboard, we can help you find the one that best fits your needs. We’ve reviewed and reviewed, and we’ve narrowed them down to seven of the best.. Read more about best motherboard for i5 10th generation 10400f and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What motherboard is best for i5-10600K?

The best motherboard for the i5-10600K is the ASUS PRIME Z370-P.

Which motherboard is best for i5 processor?

The motherboard you choose will depend on your budget, the type of processor you have, and how much RAM you want to use.

Is i5-10600K good enough?

The i5-10600K is a good CPU for gaming. It has 4 cores and 8 threads, which is more than enough to run any game at high settings.

To many, the phrase “folder in the same location” is a technical annoyance that takes the fun out of moving files. For one, the forest of folders on your computer can be a very daunting prospect. Second, when you try to move a file or folder, it doesn’t always go where you want it to go. And when you’re trying to move a piece of software from one folder to another, moving the file or folder is a huge pain.

It’s not uncommon to find yourself running out of disk space, so how can you promote thinness in the file system? Well, it’s very simple. First, take a look at the type of files that are being created, and look for folders within the folder—the more folders, the more space being used. Next, look at the size of the folders and the amount of files within them. There is a simple fix—simply move those folders to another spot on the same disk.

A very frustrating problem with Windows 10 is that some folders can’t be moved or deleted because there’s a folder in the same location. The bad thing is that there’s no way to know when you get this issue, since the confirmation message doesn’t tell you that you’re moving a folder that’s already in the same folder. The solution is easy, and this post will show you how to do it.

Ever faced that problem where you want to move your default Documents & Picture folder to another directory but cannot do it because every time you want to, you end up getting this message-

So, why are you getting the message that says, “Cannot transfer the folder because there is a file in the same place that cannot be redirected.” ‘Your access has been revoked.’

Because of the Windows 10 May 2019 upgrade, you can’t transfer your folders to another directory or even the same disk. This version includes a OneDrive issue that prevents you from moving folders to another location.

Well, being a windows fanatic myself, I’ve been there, and after looking through every potential option, I’ll give you the precise answer you need.

So keep scrolling and apply the fixes as needed.

Also, learn how to go to the Steam Screenshots folder.

What can be done to solve the problem? There is a folder that cannot be forwarded in the same place Error

If you haven’t updated to the latest version of Windows, there’s a good possibility you’ll still be experiencing this issue.

It’s a little ridiculous to have to upgrade Windows simply to fix this minor annoyance.

There’s also a chance that with the latest version of Windows, you’ll have additional issues.

As a result, I’ll show you how to resolve this issue without having to update your operating system. Also, learn how to set your display to 144hz.

The methods to solve Can’t Move the Folder on a Windows PC are as follows:

1. Re-connect OneDrive

This is by far the simplest solution. I recommend that you attempt this repair first before tinkering with your registry key.relink-onedrive

  1. All OneDrive-connected apps should be shut off. Make sure that all of the files on OneDrive are up to date. You may verify it by going to the taskbar and tapping the OneDrive icon. If it has been updated, you will notice that OneDrive has been updated. If this isn’t the case, be sure to synchronize.
  2. Select settings by right-clicking on OneDrive.
  3. Unlink this pc and then unlink account may be found under the account tab. A new OneDrive window will appear, which you may shut.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Log in to your OneDrive account.
  6. To sync, press the sync button. You’ve completed the relinking of OneDrive. You should now be able to drag and drop your directories.

However, if you are still unable to do so, go to the following option. Check your power supply as soon as possible.

2. Make changes to the registry key

The issue may be fixed by editing the registry entry for user shell folders.edit-registry-key

The steps to modify the registry key are as follows:

  1. A run window will appear if you type Run or press Windows + R.
  2. Regedit is the command to use. Expand HKEY CURRENT USER, then go to Software.
  3. Keep an eye out for Microsoft to extend it. Go to CurrentVersion, then to Windows.
  4. Navigate to explorer and then to User Shell Folders. Double-click the folder you wish to transfer in the right-hand side of the window. If you can’t move the Documents folder, right-click on it and modify the value data to percent USERPROFILE percent Documents.
  5. Close the registry editor by clicking OK.
  6. Restart your computer.

That’s it; you shouldn’t get that irritating “Cannot move the folder because there is a file in the same place that cannot be redirected” message anymore. Text that reads, “Access is forbidden.” Here’s a comprehensive tutorial to using Twitch’s host mode.

Other folders’ corresponding value data:








Keep in mind that the Download folder’s associated registry entry is 374DE290-123F-4565-9164-39C4925E467B.

Some later versions of Windows may still have the issue.

[Updated Windows Version] How to Fix a Folder in the Same Location

The solution to this issue is very simple in certain later versions of Windows.

Check to see if pximouse tiltwheel exe is a virus.


  1. Go to OneDrive and create an account. Then choose More from the activity center.
  2. To update folders, go to settings, then Autosave, and finally Update Folders.
  3. Deselect the folders in your regular directory that you wish to transfer.
  4. To disable protection, choose Choose. After that, press the Ok button.

Then you’re done. Isn’t it simple? Now you have complete freedom to move about your files.

How Do I Get Back To My Default Folder Location?

If you decide, “Hey, I’d want to restore everything to its default position,” you may do so. But how do you go about doing it?

Check out how to combine two Microsoft accounts as well.

To restore the default folder location on Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the File Explorer program.
  2. Go to the location of your current folder.
  3. Choose the Folder you wish to relocate.
  4. By right-clicking on it, you may go to the properties.
  5. Select the location tab from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select Restore Default Location from the drop-down menu.
  7. After you click OK, a notice will appear.
  8. You’re done restoring when you click yes on the warning text.

Your folder will now appear in its normal position. Simply repeat the procedure to return each folder to its original place.

Last Thoughts

Because you don’t want to be restricted by the capacity on your Windows disk, you’ll need to move your folders around freely.

I am certain that if you follow the steps carefully, you will be able to remove the issue from OneDrive.

You may always contact us if you have any more questions.

In this day and age, about 80% of us have multiple computers. This is great for work, but terrible for organization. As a result, most of us have a ton of files in a bunch of folders that are scattered about the computer. This isn’t good. What you need is a tool to consolidate all of these files into a single location. One of the most powerful tools for this is The Folder Arranger.. Read more about can’t move documents folder out of onedrive and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cant move the folder because there is a folder in the same?

You cannot move a folder that is already in the same folder.

How do I fix folder location is not available?

To fix this, you can either use the Open Folder option in the Beat Saber menu or go to your computer and find the folder on your hard drive.

How do I move the location of a folder?

To move a folder, you will need to use the Windows Explorer.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best CPU coolers for i7-11700K in 2020. Here, we have compared the best cooler for i7-11700K in 2020.

i7-11700K is a processor launched by Intel in early 2018 with a base clock speed of 4GHz and a maximum turbo clock speed of 5GHz. This processor is a successor to the i7-8700K and i7-7700K. The 11700K has a TDP of 140W. CPU Coolers are used to remove heat from the processor and the heat sink is used to dissipate the heat inside the CPU. The heat sink is connected to the cooling fan and the CPU.

The i7-11700K is a well-established chip within the i7 family of CPUs, which is why we now have a wide range of coolers, ranging from air coolers to liquid coolers! (We’re not counting the water-cooling options because they are under-powered for the chip’s performance and only suitable for overclocking.) There are even more products on the market nowadays thanks to the upgrades to the core i7-11700K. When it comes to cooling, you can get the best-in-class Intel i7-11700K CPU at the lowest temperature. However, the already high price of the chip and the necessity of purchasing an aftermarket cooler will still be a concern for some people. Read more about best cpu liquid cooler 2021 and let us know what you think.

Intel’s new Rocket Lake-S processors have taken the industry by storm. These are some really high-end processors that will completely suit your gaming requirements.

Check out my #1 cooler if you’re in a hurry. Alternatively, sit back and read my evaluation of some of the best-performing coolers.

Ensure that the CPU’s health is steady and that you may play without interruptions. And that’s only feasible if your computer’s cooling system is top-notch.

I’ve compiled a list of the best CPU coolers for the i7-11700K in this post.

Take a look at the top CPU coolers for the i9-11900k.

Review of the Best CPU Cooler for the i7-11700K

To be honest, we all understand how a CPU cooling solution improves a system’s performance. Now, with a high-end CPU like the i7-11700K, which is likely to generate a lot of heat, a decent cooler is required to keep the heat at bay.

I’m not going to take up much of your time. Just wanted to let you know that the list I’m providing covers all of the options a gamer may want.

The following are the top nine CPU coolers for an i7-11700K build:

The NZXT Kraken X53 is the first in the NZXT Kraken X53 series.

NZXT is the first brand on my list of coolers. To far, the Kraken series liquid coolers have shown to be very capable of managing high temperatures. And this model is no exception.

The following features are included in this model from the NZXT Kraken series:

  • CAM integration in its entirety
  • Fans of Aer P Radiator
  • Infinity mirror cap has been increased by 10%.


Check out the current price of the NZXT Kraken X53.

It is without a doubt one of the most appealing AIO liquid coolers on the market. To be honest, there’s no denying that it’s of top-notch quality. It comes with a high-quality 240 mm radiator, which is the smallest in the Kraken X cooler series once again. It also has flexible rubber tubing that ensures long-term durability.

The most exciting aspect is:

It contains the Asetek 7th Generation pump. Here’s a rundown of the top CPU Coolers for the i7-10700k.

If I had to comment on performance, I’d say it’s adequate for cooling high-end gaming systems. My testing indicates that the Core i7-11700K can handle it quite well.

The Kraken X53, for example, would perceive the surroundings much hotter than the Kraken X63. But it’s not a problem since it works to ensure that no temperature is too hot to manage. The temperature levels stay excellent whether in idle or game mode. During overclocking, this level is kept almost constant. As a result, you should have no trouble controlling the temperature.

This cooler’s RGB is very impressive. You can adjust the illumination using NZXT’s CAM program. The enlarged space on the CPU block, in particular, looks great thanks to the mirror lighting effect. You can also control the fan speeds using the same program.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this CPU cooler has a pretty lengthy lifespan.

My buddy, you’re going to receive a friggin 6-year warranty.

However, for a 240 mm cooler, the price of this model seems to be much too expensive. It’s also impossible to have direct control over the fans.

Still, if I summarize the Kraken X53’s specifications, this cooler is an excellent option for the i7-11700K.

2. ROG Strix LC 360 from ASUS

The ROG Strix gaming line is well-known among gamers for its high-end performance. In many high-end setups, cooling methods from this series performed well.

As a result, this cooler from this series has the following features:

  • 3x RGB 120-millimeter fans
  • Fan speed ranges from 800 to 2500 RPM.
  • Maximum noise level: 37.6 decibels
  • Tubing with sleeves


Check the current price of the ROG Strix LC 360.

This seems to be a great liquid cooling option. It has a pleasant appearance and is an excellent option for architects with good taste in art.

The triple RGB fans, in my opinion, are the greatest feature of this cooler. They are high-quality and capable of directing airflow in the proper direction. They’re also nearly deafeningly silent.

Now, since they are RGB fans, I’ll go through the entire RGB in the cooler.

The ROG logo and slash-cut designs are included on the pump of this cooler. The logo illuminates when the rig comes to life. The euphoric feeling you’ll receive from the lights is amazing. The color explosion or brightness, whichever you want to call it, is the finest of its type. Check out the best CPU Coolers for the i5-11600k as well.

In terms of performance, it’s fantastic. The high temperatures were soon brought under control. The rig didn’t become overrated even when the all-core frequency hit 4.6 GHz.

The installation was also very simple and fast. The main issue with this model is that it is too expensive. If money isn’t a problem, though, this cooler should be your first choice.

3. Corsair ICUE H100i RGB Pro XT (Corsair ICUE H100i RGB Pro XT)

I’m compiling a list of the top CPU coolers, and Corsair will be absent; this can’t be right. They are a market leader, and the cooling solutions they provide are of exceptional quality.

As a result, this model from them has the following characteristics and specifications:

  • Cooling profile at zero RPM
  • PWM fans with magnetic levitation
  • 400-2400 RPM Fan Speed


Check the current price of the ICUE H100i RGB Pro XT.

It’s an enthusiast-grade cooler that can meet the demands of any gaming enthusiast. It differs from its earlier version as a cooler in that it has a glossy front face. The socket compatibility has also been improved.

Check out the best CPU Coolers for the i9-10900k as well.

The pump front seems to be very polished in my view. The RGB accents that light up the Corsair emblem directly on the surface are the main reason for this. In this lighting project, there are 16 addressable RGB LEDs in one block. The super-responsive Corsair ICUE software may be used to adjust this illumination.

In terms of performance, I noticed that the cooler holds up and provides a respectable output while controlling temperatures. Furthermore, with such outstanding features, the 5-year warranty is like frosting on the cake.

4. Corsair H100i RGB Platinum (Corsair H100i RGB Platinum)

Another Corsair model that will perform a good job of cooling your 11th-Gen gaming setup.

The following are some of the noteworthy features of this model:

  • Fan speed ranges from 400 to 2400 RPM.
  • Radiator made of aluminum
  • Maximum noise level: 37 dBA


Check out the current price of the Corsair H100i RGB Platinum.

This Corsair model isn’t only for cooling. It has a lot of color brightness. I used the term “vibrance” to describe how appealing it is to the eye. So, if you’re a gamer looking for a visually appealing setup, this might be a decent option.

It looks almost similar to the Corsair H100i Pro as a cooler. It has an air of refinement about it, thanks to the high-quality workmanship.

RGB LEDs are used in fans, and when they are turned on, the glazing effects will grab anyone’s attention.

Now, in terms of performance, I’d say it’s adequate but not exceptional. If you’re looking for a mid-range business, this is a good option. In addition, the supporters get very noisy. Also, have a look at the top graphics cards for the core i7-10700k processor.

Aside from that, the cable management is excellent, ensuring that the hot air does not get obstructed while passing.

Furthermore, if you aren’t looking for anything crazy, it is worth purchasing as an aesthetically appealing cooler.

MSI MAG Coreliquid 240R (No. 5)

MSI is a well-known brand that has progressed significantly over time. This cooler is an illustration of how they evolved into the ideal gaming option.

The following are some noteworthy characteristics of this model:

  • Design of a radiator pump
  • Fan speed ranges from 500 to 2000 RPM.
  • Noise level maximum: 42 dBA


Check out the current price of MAG Coreliquid 240R.

It’s by far the finest color they’ve ever made. It’s unusual in that it comes with a radiator built into the design, implying that it’s integrated with the pump.

Isn’t it fantastic? Yes, I believe it is.

During my testing, I discovered that both of the fans functioned well. Even at maximum RPM, the sound volume is egregiously low. The RGB lighting in the fans is fantastic and really colorful.

It took some time using this cooler, but I eventually brought the temperatures down to a comfortable level. So, although it isn’t the greatest of its type, it is adequate.

Aside than that, it’s a lovely cooler to add to your collection.

Also, have a look at the top Intel i7-10700k motherboards.

Deepcool Castle 360EX is number six.

Deepcool offers a diverse selection of PC hardware. Their coolers, particularly those from the Castle series, are of the highest quality.

This model from the same series, on the other hand, has the following specifications:

  • Technology that prevents leaks
  • 3 fans (TF 120)
  • 500-1800 RPM Fan Speed


Check out the current price of Deepcool Castle 360EX.

These AIOs from the Castle series, in my view, are excellent. Specifically, the model I’m referring about.

This model has adequate cooling capabilities. It has a high construction quality that guarantees it will last for a long time.

Its radiator, which has no curved fins, appealed to me. Furthermore, although the cold plate may not be smooth, the milling marks on it are negligible. Also, see the best RAM for an Intel Core i7-10700k processor.

The most exciting aspect is:

This cooler is equipped with anti-leak technology, which prevents the coolants within from leaking.

In terms of performance, I’d say it’s standard and suitable for everyday usage. This may not be the best choice in high-stress scenarios when you’re pushing the equipment to its limitations. In addition, the cooler may be very noisy at times.

It has some excellent qualities in my view, but the look nearly overshadows everything.

Galahad Galahad Galahad Galahad Galahad Galahad Galahad Galahad Galahad Galahad Galahad Galahad Gala

This liquid cooler is a good option if you want something that is both cheap and attractive.

The following are the specifications for this model:

  • RPM of the fan: 800-1900
  • 2 fans, each 120 mm
  • Pump noise is less than 20 decibels (dBA).


Check out the Lian Li GA240A Galahad’s current price.

It’s not a sin to be a little short on cash. We often make errors when allocating money for particular components while constructing a gaming setup. If you made the same mistake and don’t have the money to purchase a cooler, this is the model to search for.

It looks stunning as a liquid cooling solution. The radiator looks great, particularly the polish, which is flawless.

Aside from that, the 2x fans present are fantastic, in my view. They have a nine-blade hub that is not transparent and has ARGB illumination. Check out the best graphics card for the i9-10900k as well.

When my rig first powered up, I saw that the whole lighting scheme was considerably more vivid. I’m sure the eye-catching atmosphere of the LEDs will leave you speechless.

I won’t claim it’s the greatest of its type in terms of production. However, for the price you will be paying, this cooler is the finest you can buy.

Overall, I’d say this liquid cooler is a multi-tasker. Even though it’s in pieces, it still lets you experience everything you’d get from a high-end cooler at a lower cost.

Noctua NH-U12S, Noctua NH-U12S, Noctua NH

Why not choose an air cooling solution instead of a liquid cooler amid the throng of liquid coolers? Air coolers may be just as powerful as many liquid AIOs. This model from Noctua is an excellent illustration of this.

The following are the specifications for this model:

  • NF-12 supporter
  • Anti-vibration cushions from Chromax
  • 19 dBA is the maximum noise level.



Noctua and air coolers are almost synonymous. If you were to compile a top ten list of air conditioning systems, I’m sure you’d find at least three or four models from this company.

One such model is this one. It is one of the most effective air conditioning systems on the market. It’s also the greatest because of its ultra-quiet operations.

Even if the fan is running at maximum speed, you are less likely to hear anything.

It has an all-black texture, which makes it an excellent choice for all-black builds. It’s also not a problem if you want to use it in normal themed builds. The cooler is indistinguishable from the rest of the room.

Now it’s time to speak about performance. But first, have a look at the best motherboard for the i9-10900k.

Anyone would recommend water coolers for a high-end CPU like the i7-11700K. But believe me when I say that as an air cooler, it outperforms any traditional water cooling system in many ways.

It dropped the temperature below 60°C in a matter of seconds, especially during my stress testing.

Isn’t it incredible?

The setup is straightforward. It may be positioned such that it does not block any wires or memory modules. Furthermore, the price that you must spend for this model is fair.

As a result, for air conditioning solutions, this model is by far the finest.

9. Keep your mouth shut! LP titled “Shadow Rock”

If you’re searching for a cooler with a Mini-ITX setup, you’ve come to the correct place.

The following features are associated with this model:

  • 4 heat pipes made of aluminum
  • 120 mm fan
  • Noise level maximum: 25 dBA


Check out the current price of Be Quiet! LP titled “Shadow Rock”

Please keep your voice down! is renowned for producing extremely inaudible cooling solutions. They have a lot of models, and this one is no exception.

It has a small form factor, making it an ideal choice for small projects.

It has aluminum pipes that perform a good job of transferring heat, making the cooling process relatively simple.

In addition, throughout my testing, I found the fan to be very effective in extracting air. Also, see the best RAM for an Intel Core i9-10900k processor.

The installation, on the other hand, is not simple. If you’re constructing a gaming setup for the first time, it will take time and seem complicated. I recommend that you view some educational videos first.

Nonetheless, this is a good air cooler that can be had for a fair price.

Last Thoughts

No compromises on the health of your gaming setup should be made for its overall performance. This blog’s collection of CPU coolers specifically assists you in achieving this goal. The ASUS ROG Strix LC 360 is my top pick in this category. However, the other choices aren’t any less appealing.

Still, if you have any questions after all of this, please contact me.

The i7-11700K is an 8-core/16-thread CPU with a base clock speed of 3.7GHz and a boost clock of 4.7GHz, which is a significant 10% increase from the base clock speed of the i7-7700K. The i7-11700K also comes with a new LGA 1151 socket that is compatible with the new Skylake-X series CPU.. Read more about best cpu cooler for ryzen 5 3600 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best AIO cooler for i7 10700K?

The best AIO cooler for the i7 10700K is the Noctua NH-D15S.

What is the best AIO cooler 2021?

The best AIO cooler for the year of 2021 is going to be the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO.

What is the best AIO CPU cooler?

The best AIO CPU cooler is the Noctua NH-D15.

Gigabyte EasyTune is an application that comes with your Gigabyte motherboards, where it improves your CPU control, memory, smart CPU control, overclocking, graphics, USB, SATA, and RAM management. This means that you can easily overclock your CPU, Memory, and Graphics card. The latest version of EasyTune V.2021 has been released yesterday by Gigabyte, and this software can be downloaded from Gigabyte Desktop, and the download link can be found from Google.

Download EasyTune successor, EasyTune V.2021, from this post. It is a freeware program that is very similar to the popular EasyTune software that came with Gigabyte motherboards. The download includes the latest version of EasyTune, its installer and full documentation.

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Gigabyte Easy Tune is Gigabyte’s system monitoring and overclocking software. The program allows you to tune your PC to its full capacity and get the best possible performance.

The program allows you to rapidly choose overclocking techniques and effectively monitor your system’s use. It’s a simple program to use for novices who want to get the most out of their motherboard.

As a PC player, I place a premium on the PC’s performance in order to have a seamless gaming experience. The simple tune is useful for controlling general overclocking, monitoring PC performance, and modifying other components.

Continue reading because I’ll walk you through all you need to know about the Easy Tune program and give you with a 100% functional download link.

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What is Gigabyte Easy Tune Software, and how does it work?

The simple tune is a system monitoring and overclocking program from the business that, via its capabilities, allows you to get the most out of your gigabyte motherboard. With the app’s assistance, you can perform anything from overclocking to inspecting different elements of your CPU and other components. You can simply switch between overclocking modes to fine-tune your settings.

Asus Aura Creator is a sophisticated lighting program for your PC that you may download.

The program features a simple user interface that will guide you through the process of tuning your PC’s performance for the first time. You may now overclock, monitor, and adjust cooling management with the newest version.

Download Easy Tune Software for Windows

The Easy Tune program is referred to as a Utility Engine, and it runs on Windows. The most recent version of the program has been enhanced and made quicker. With Windows 7/8/10, the tuning program works quite well.gigabyte-easy-tune-download

Gigabyte’s software gives you complete control over your PC’s overclocking via a simple interface. The program aids in PC use and enables you to keep a close eye on your operations. To have a smooth run time, you may replace and scan your PC components as well as adjust fan modes.

Gigabyte Easy Tune is a free download.

GIGABYTE’s server hosts all of the files listed above. We don’t host or change any files in any way. Gigabyte’s proprietary software is called EasyTune.

Some of the software’s helpful features include:

  • CPU tracking
  • GPU tracking
  • Overclocking on the motherboard
  • Overclocking modes that are simple to use
  • Scanning the system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Features for smart fan monitoring
  • Changing the fan’s speed

How to Install Gigabyte’s Easy Tune Software

The gigabyte easy tune is provided as free software by the business. It is really easy to set up. The software is simple to use and has a small number of drawbacks. MSI Mystic Light Software allows you to customize and alter the lighting on your PC.

To install the simple tune app, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Gigabyte App Center on your computer.
  2. To get the file, go to the provided URL.
  3. Download the file and extract it.
  4. Install the setup file that you downloaded.
  5. Place the file where you want it.
  6. As an administrator, run the program.

Also, update your TT RGB Plus software to adjust your RGB lights and fan speeds across all peripherals.

How to use the Gigabyte Easy Tune app

Easy tune program is a simple and easy-to-use tool. It features a simple user interface that will provide you with a positive user experience.

With the program, you can quickly monitor and modify processes, as well as overclock your PC in various settings and change fan modes for optimum cooling. Correctly using the program can help you get the greatest performance from your computer.

Download MSI Dragon Center to customize your PC’s visual appeal and adjust the lighting on your own.


The following are the steps to using Gigabyte’s Easy Tune software:

  1. To launch the app, go to the app center and click on the software symbol. The software will show you the many choices and overclocking techniques available.
  2. To overclock gently, choose the light option; to overclock moderately, use the medium mode. Use the Extreme settings to obtain the greatest overclocking.
  3. If you’re not sure how much overclocking you want, go with the auto-tuning choices, and for everyday use, go with the energy-saving mode.
  4. To monitor the various elements of the CPU and its use, click on the CPU Oc. This area allows you to monitor and control changes.
  5.  To monitor and modify RAm frequency, timing, and other advanced DDR OC settings, go to Advanced DDR OC Options.
  6. To adjust the speed of the fans, go to the auto smart fan settings and choose between fan modes. Full speed, normal, performance, and silent versions are available.
  7. To configure unique fan curves and other parameters for your fan, go to advanced smart fan options.
  8. Through the program, you may monitor every element of your system use by clicking on the system information viewer.

Is it safe to use the Easy Tune app?

The Gigabyte simple tune program does not need any personal information from you, making it very safe to use and download. It does not have any malware-related concerns.

I ran the software through 10 different antivirus programs and discovered no malware issues. Viruses do not pose a threat. Your computer information is also safe.

To connect several wireless devices to your PC, use Logitech Unifying Software. Download Sapphire Trixx to quickly monitor and verify the operations of your GPU.

Overclocking does not interfere with any of your PC’s operations or put your components at danger. It works well and without any issues.

The program will not cause any data loss or privacy violations. The program is completely risk-free to use.

Is it worthwhile to get the Easy Tune app?

The Gigabyte simple tune program allows you to tweak and improve your computer’s performance. By adjusting your motherboard, it is extremely effective at enhancing your in-game experience.

The program allows you to control your computer’s operations, which may help you speed up your computer. While overclocking, you may choose which function to utilize. This aids in your motherboard’s first overclocking.

The program assists you in increasing your power consumption and rate in order to provide you with optimal pleasure whether gaming or simply utilizing. With the software, you can easily boost the number of times your motherboard has been used. You may also display your use statistics to keep track of your PC’s activities.

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Consumers are concerned about malware and privacy concerns. This software from Gigabyte is malware-free and will never put your data at danger.

The advanced and auto fan modes and systems are excellent for controlling your PC’s cooling system. Changing and setting fan speed and settings via the app is convenient.

It’s a great software for overclocking and keeping track of your computer’s unique components. It is a helpful tool for players who want to spend quality time playing games.


Is it possible to monitor systems using Gigabyte Easy Tune?

With the simple tune program, you can quickly monitor your device’s operations and systems. It has a pane that displays information such as CPU and GPU utilization, temperature, fan speed, and so on.

Is the simple tune app suitable for gaming?

Answer: For gaming, the simple tune app is fantastic. It includes overclocking options to provide you the greatest gaming performance. It turns off unnecessary operations and provides you with acceptable frame rates and clock times.

Last Thoughts

Gigabyte’s simple tune program is a fantastic piece of software to utilize. You can effectively control and monitor your PC’s operations and system settings.

You may tailor the use of your motherboard to your specific requirements by adjusting the modes and other components. The options for modifying each element are simple to find. As a result, mistakes are never a problem.

Cooling solutions benefit from the auto and manual fan custom modes. With the app, anybody can quickly adjust and configure their cooling to their own requirements.

The program is completely secure to use and does not compromise your privacy. You may simply download the program and customize it to meet your specific requirements.

I’ve tried the program and found it to be very helpful and efficient. For all gamers out there, this program is a must-try.

Gigabyte EasyTune is the latest update for Gigabyte’s famous G-Tune software suite, which includes all the tools you need to optimize your computer for maximum performance. EasyTune V.2021 is the latest version, and it brings a lot of new features, including the following: – CPU ranking, which allows you to better understand which CPUs are the best performers in your computer, and then to manually configure them accordingly. – Smart fan control, which allows you to manually control your fans via the software, thus avoiding unnecessary noise and heat. – You can now set your CPU frequency as a governor, thus allowing you to set your processor to a frequency which is more energy efficient and produces less heat. ~~. Read more about system information viewer gigabyte download and let us know what you think.