RGB/ARGB Splitter Cables are used to split the RGB/ARGB signal from one input to multiple outputs. These cables are used for non-gaming purpose. But they are also commonly used for gaming purpose. For example, one can connect these cables to the rear panel of a gaming PC to connect two RGB/ARGB devices like a monitor and a video card. But they are also commonly used for non-gaming PC’s. For example, you can connect a DVI/HDMI adapter to the rear panel of your PC to connect multiple monitors to your PC. Or you can connect a digital camera cable to the rear panel of your PC to connect multiple digital cameras to your PC. And the list goes on. ~~

A good quality RGB/ARGB splitter cable can be a critical component to any PC or video gaming setup. You may have all the peripherals you need, and be able to plug in and play, but if your RGB/ARGB splitter cable is lacking in quality, you will experience all kinds of incompatibilities and issues.

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RGB lighting has evolved into one of the most important elements of a gaming setup over time. Everyone wants their gaming setup to be appealing to the eye. And it was through this concept that the RGB master race arose.

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Now, one or two strips or even a couple of fans aren’t enough to improve the illumination in your setup. As a result, the RGB splitter is used to increase the number of strips or RGB fans.

However, the issue is which RGB/ARGB splitter to purchase.

No need to be concerned, fellow players. I understand your dissatisfaction. In this post, I’ll discuss some of the finest RGB/ARGB splitters available to help you extend your RGB environment.

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Review of the Best RGB/ARGB Splitter Cable

When it comes to connecting all of the RGB fans or strips in a single connection, there are no ifs and buts. In such case, an RGB splitter cable is a necessity.

That is why I have put together a list of five such choices that you may utilize in your gaming setup.

As a result, let’s not spend any time and go straight to the review.

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The five finest RGB/ARGB splitter cables for your gaming setup are as follows:

1. Coolermaster ARGB Splitter Cable (1-to-5)

To begin, I’ve gotten you something from the Cooler Master brand. They are well-known in the PC hardware industry for producing high-quality PC components. However, this ARGB splitter cable from them has several noteworthy features:

  • connection with three pins
  • 58 cm in length
  • 5V is the recommended voltage.

coolermaster-1-to-5-splitter-cableCheck out the current price of the Coolermaster 1-to-5 ARGB Splitter Cable.

When it comes to integrating all of your RGB components into an unified ecosystem, a good RGB splitter cable is a lifesaver. Because enhancing the flair of RGB in the gaming system entails adding additional RGB functions. It will ultimately reveal RGB’s real nature.

Something flexible should be the ideal option for attaching the components, RGB fans, or strips. This model from Coolermaster delivers on that promise.

It has a decent length, which makes it easy to route within the RGB PC case. This splitter appealed to me since it is very sturdy. The connections and cables are both of excellent quality.

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You’ll also like the fact that it works with any brand of RGB fan. I tested Corsair and Gigabyte fans with this connection, and there were no compatibility problems. The greatest thing is that it is cost-effective. As a result, you don’t have to be worried about money.

Overall, a fantastic product at an affordable price. You can’t get much better than this, in my view.

2. EKWB D-RGB Splitter Cable EKWB EK D-RGB Splitter Cable EKWB EK D-RGB Split

EKWB is the brand of my second splitter cable on this list. It has the following noteworthy features:

  • 30 cm in length
  • 5V is the recommended voltage.
  • D-RGB header with three pinss

ek-d-rgb-splitter-cableCheck the current price of the EK D-RGB Splitter Cable.

I have previously tried a couple items from the EKWB brand. The vast majority of them were CPU coolers. I had no idea they had RGB splitter cables as part of their PC accessory range. And, to tell you the truth, this model from them is one of the finest on the market.

This is because with the assistance of this RGB splitter, you may connect up to six D-RGB components. Isn’t it incredible?

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In terms of usage, I thought this splitter cable was excellent. It performs well. And the greatest thing is that it doesn’t make a mess when routing.

I was able to rapidly synchronize the LED strips and RGB components within. As a result, I strongly advise you to get this splitter for your gaming setup.

3. Waterproof Splitter Cable Uxcell 1-to-4 4P

A 1-to-4 way splitter cable is the third item on my list. It has the following specifications:

  • 30 cm in length
  • Connector with four directions
  • 30 grams in weight

uxcell-waterproof-splitter-cableCheck out the current price of Uxcell Splitter Cable.

For your RGB gaming PC, it’s a good enough splitter cable. The level of quality it brings to the table is exceptional. It can flawlessly link RGB LED strips and other RGB components to form a complete RGB environment.

As for me, I had no knowledge of this brand since I had never used any of their splitters or cables. However, I believe I was lucky in that they turned out to be very excellent.

This cable, on the other hand, includes some tough connections that won’t break down easy. In addition, the cables are made of high-quality materials. The greatest part is that the wires are waterproof, so any undesired coolant leaking won’t create any major problems.

It performs well in terms of performance, and the RGB items within the setup look fantastic.

Overall, I think this 4-pin RGB LED splitter cable is a good value for the money.

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4. Coolermaster R4-ACCY-RGBS-R2 RGB Splitter Cable (one-to-three)

I bought another RGB splitter wire from the Coolermaster brand here. This time, as a cable, it has the following specifications:

  • 58 cm in length
  • Compatible with 4-pin and 5-pin RGB headers
  • Cables constructed of PVC

cooler-master-r4-accy-cableCheck out the current price of the Coolermaster R4-ACCY-RGBS.

This model, I must say, is another fantastic version of Coolermaster’s high-quality LED splitter cables. You may recognize them as an industry leader for their extensive variety of CPU cooling solutions. However, I have to admit that both of the RGB splitter cable models on this list have pleased me.

This is a 1-to-3 way LED splitter cable that allows you to easily connect numerous RGB components. It’s also long enough to make routing pretty straightforward. Not to mention the high-quality materials utilized in the cables, which ensures their long-term endurance.

Do you know what the greatest thing about working with such materials is?

The wires will not quickly wear out and can easily tolerate interior heat. Aside from that, this 4-pin RGB LED splitter cable has a 2-year guarantee, which I consider to be enough.

Furthermore, I believe that this splitter cable will not disappoint you in terms of functionality and output.

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ARGB 1-to-4 Splitter Cable with Micro Connectors

The final choice on my list of splitter cables is this one. This is a 3-pin ARGB LED splitter with the following specifications:

  • 30 cm in length
  • 3-pin header
  • Cables constructed of PVC

micro-connectors-splitter-cableCheck out today’s Micro Connectors prices.

This splitter cable, in my view, is a really promising choice. It’s constructed of high-quality materials and is simple to route around the gaming setup.

This was included to my list since it’s especially well-suited to the ITX form factor.

I used it on my ITX construction, and the whole procedure, from component connections to routing, went well. It didn’t generate any clutter, which I believe is one of the major problems most gamers would have with their ITX setups.

The price is also reasonable, so it ends up being a good option.

Last Thoughts

So there you have it: the five best RGB/ARGB splitter cables for your RGB gaming setup. In my rig, I attempted to incorporate as many choices as possible. Coolermaster’s models, as well as the one designed for ITX builds, are both excellent choices. From this list, I hope you’ll be able to locate the appropriate LED splitter. If you have any problems, please leave a remark below.

A RGB/ARGB splitter cable is so important for gaming. They allow you to connect multiple monitors to one PC and play games on each monitor. They also come in handy for LED light strips or other LED devices. They often come with an optical fiber that is used for signal transfer from the PC to the LED device.. Read more about addressable rgb 1-to-5 splitter cable and let us know what you think.


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