Fans splitter cables are used to connect two fans to one motherboard or case fan. The purpose of this is so that the fans will be working together to push the air through the case or motherboard. The fans can be connected using one of two ways, either using one of the fan ports on the motherboard or using the fan splitter cables. To connect the fans using these cables you will need to know the pinout of the fan connector you are connecting it to.

Ever wish you could split your power supply? You know, so you could use a single power bar to power multiple fans, or run a second GPU through a single power supply? If so, this guide is for you. The options we outline here will allow you to split your power supply over multiple fans and over multiple GPU’s, as needed. If you want to use a USB to molex adapter, please see our guide to DIY USB to Molex adapters.

Best fan splitter cables reviewed These days, the only way to have a large number of fans used for cooling a PC is through a fan splitter cable. In this article, we will be looking at the best fan splitter cables that are currently available on the market.

Fans, which are an important component of your gaming setup, are included in your gaming setup. Depending on your requirements, the number of fans may vary.

If you’re short on time, consider using the splitter cable I suggest.

Otherwise, keep reading my review to learn how to choose the finest cable for maximum performance.

Now, a high-quality connection or cable is required to connect these PC case fans to the mobo fan headers.

Don’t worry, fellow player!

As promised in this article, I’ll show you the seven best fan splitter cables for your gaming setup.

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Review of the Best Fan Splitter Cable

PC fans are required in your system for a number of reasons. The most important job is to maintain active cooling. It’s possible that your motherboard doesn’t have enough fan headers now.

In this case, a fan splitter cable is the best option. However, not having the correct connection may create problems, particularly if the fans are not properly tuned.

I dislike wasting time. So, let’s be clear about something.

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For your PC case fans, these are the finest fan splitter cables:

1. OCCUS Y-Splitter Cable with PWM

Let’s start with an Occus model. They are quite important in the market as cable producers.

This model from them has the following characteristics:

  • Black in color.
  • 30 cm in length
  • Six fans may be connected.

sata-fan-power-cable-supply-pcie-splitter-converterCheck out the current price of the OCCUS PWM Y-Splitter Cable.

It’s a fan cable with a Y-splitter. The SATA connection will be on one end, and the fan connections will be separated in a Y-shape on the other.

The wires on this model are beautifully braided. Because of the great flexibility of these wires, you won’t have to worry about tangling.

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Furthermore, all of the fan connections are three-pin, making it an ideal choice for a gaming setup that requires numerous three-pin fans.

It took me less than five minutes to correctly set up everything inside the PC case when I utilized it in my setup. There was no additional bother.

The cost is reasonable, so I don’t think it will be a problem for you. It’s also a good choice for connecting several fans as a splitter wire.

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2. Evercool EC-DF001 model

For many PC builders, Evercool is synonymous with reliability. They’ve recently received a lot of acclaim for their PC hardware.

The following features are included in this splitter cable from them:

  • 45 cm cable length
  • It can accommodate up to 5 PWM fans.
  • Black in color.

evercoolCheck out the current price of Evercool Model EC-DF001.

It’s a fan splitter with braided wires included. It includes power strips as well as a 14 AWG cord for further security. The cable’s all-black texture fits very well with the component within the PC.

With the assistance of this splitter connection, you may power up to five fans. One of the five splitters is used to connect the fan to the motherboard, providing RPM feedback, while the other four are utilized to connect to additional fans. A red LED light is also included in the wire to ensure that it is functioning.

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During my testing, I discovered that the fans attached to the splitters work as expected. The RPM was not a problem since all of the fans ran at the same speed. There were no variants.

The greatest aspect is that this cable has 4 pin Molex connections, which are uncommon in most cables.

The installation went well. I promise you’ll have the clearest possible view inside your setup with this fan splitter connection. It enables you to attach fans to the motherboard in a variety of locations with ease.

Overall, it’s a reliable cable that comes at a fair price, making it my top choice.

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3. Cooling Fan Adapter by Occus Power Cables

The company Occus has released another another model. The following are the specifications for this version:

  • 20 cm in length
  • Red is the predominant color.
  • Six fans may be connected.

cables-atx-power-graphics-card-fan-splitterOccus Power Cables Cooling Fan Adapter: Check Today’s Price

This is another type from them on the list that can connect six fans. As a result, it’s an excellent option for multiple fan connection.

The pins and the SATA portion are very long-lasting. Even the wires’ materials are of the highest quality.

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This cable is exceptional for connecting the GPU’s cooling fans. However, unlike the other models, this one may provide a difficulty for small constructions.

Because the splitter cables aren’t braided, there’s a good possibility the wires may tangle. As a result, use caution while installing and connecting fans.

4. ShineBear PWM Fan Splitter with 3 Pins

Another fan splitter for 3 pin fans may be found here. The following features are included with this model:

  • Up to 6 fans may be connected.
  • 30 cm in length
  • Black in color.

shinebear-pwm-power-supply-cable-y-splitterCheck out the current price of the ShineBear 3 pin PWM Fan Splitter.

This model’s cables are ultra-dense waive braided. This characteristic makes the wires both more robust and more appealing.

The greatest aspect is that six of these fans are connected by three-pin connections, allowing you to easily connect six fans.

Sounds fantastic… Isn’t that so?

It becomes better when you don’t have any problems with the wires being tangled.

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Other than that:

During my testing, I discovered that the cable establishes a fast connection to the motherboard. It also contributed significantly to the optimization of the Noctua 120 mm fans in my setup.

To summarize, I really suggest this model, particularly for 3 pin fans.

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EKWB EK-Cable Y-Splitter, No. 5

If you’re searching for something inexpensive, this EKWB splitter cable is a great choice.

The following are some of the model’s outstanding features:

  • 10 cm in length
  • Compliant with RoHS
  • Black in color.

ekwb-ek-cable-y-splitterCheck the current price of the EKWB EK-Cable Y-Splitter.

This type is well-braided as a cable, with a slight blackish tint all throughout.

Let’s go right to the topic now.

This splitter cable is ideal for controlling fans with a high RPM. Even after utilizing it, I was able to reach 100% RPM with my rig.

The control of the fans was quite smooth when using the ASUS bios.

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The fan now has a separate cable for the fans, in addition to the PWM end.

One cable has four pins, while the other two have three pins apiece.

You may have doubts about the PWM signal. Is there a difference between the two kinds of pins?

In this instance, both 3 pin wires are following the same signal as the 4 pin cable.

To summarize, it is a pretty excellent fan splitter cable at a reasonable price.

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6. Two-pack 4-pin fan PWM Splitter Cable from Threebulls

This model from the list is the best choice for motherboards with fewer fan headers.

It does, however, come with the following noteworthy specifications:

  • Three fans may be connected.
  • Cables that are braided
  • Black in color.

threebulls-pwm-splitter-cableCheck out the Threebulls 2-pack 4 pin fan PWM Splitter Cable’s current price.

This is a great choice for establishing a suitable connection between your moboard and the fans.

Both the 4 pin and 3 pin case fans may be connected. The wires in this type are essentially braided and very robust. Believe me, there will be no untidiness when you install this fan splitter inside.

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In terms of performance, I’d say it’s pretty good. Connecting to the mobo fan headers and then creating a correct path to the fans was not a problem.

Overall, a respectable choice for establishing a good connection between the fans and the motherboard for improved performance.

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Phobya 3-Way PWM Fan Splitter (Phobya)

From my list of fan splitters, this is the final one. It has several excellent specifications, which are listed below:

  • Black in color.
  • 30 cm in length
  • Three fans may be connected.

phobya-pwm-splitter-cableCheck out the current price of the Phobya 3-Way PWM Fan Splitter.

I believe the materials utilized in the construction of this fan splitter are of the highest quality. As a result, its construction quality is outstanding.

The cables are uniformly braided, which gives them a nice appearance.

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Now, using this fan splitter, I was able to power three RGB fans. I used the Corsair LL120 RGB fans in my setup. And, best of all, I didn’t need the Commander Pro.

Through the connection, the RGB performance, as well as the fan speed optimization, performed well.

Furthermore, if you avoid tinkering, this connection may last a long time, making it an excellent choice.

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What is a PC Fan Splitter, and how does it work?

PC fan splitters are cables that link the fans in the PC case to a single fan connector on the motherboard. It connects three fans to a single board header, allowing you to use more fans in your system to enhance ventilation.

The greatest thing is that it has no effect on the fan’s power difference, and in most instances, there is no loss in RPM.

To be more specific, it’s completely safe to use and excellent for fan optimization.

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Last Thoughts

So there you have it: the seven finest fan splitter cables on the market. My list covers a wide range of choices, so I don’t believe you’ll need to look at them further. These seven are plenty to connect 4 pin or 3 pin fans or anything else you want.

The Evercool DF001 is, in my view, the best option for purchase. However, if you’re looking for something more inexpensive, the EKWB model is a good option.

Finally, I hope you discover your ideal choice on my list. Still, if you have any questions, please contact me.

Even in the era of all-in-one PCs, many people still prefer having multiple fans in their systems. Multiple fans in the same case can take up much more room than multiple external fans. The problem is, when you take multiple fans out, you’re usually limited to connecting them together in some kind of multihousing-type setup. However, there are many ways to connect multiple fans to your system without using extra hardware—all it takes is a couple of splitters.. Read more about case fan cables and let us know what you think.


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