Here we come with the ultimate guide, which will tell you everything you need to know about the best 1080p 144hz gaming monitors of the year. This is a very popular topic, and we’ve seen a lot of opinions on this topic. Whether you like to play games like Fortnite or you like to watch movies, we think this is the ultimate guide, which will tell you everything you need to know about the best 1080p 144hz gaming monitors of the year.

Gaming monitors have been around for a while now, and today’s best models offer some of the best gaming visuals ever seen. However, the best monitors still aren’t as good as those from late 2020 or 2021. So, to help you decide which gaming monitor to buy, we’ve created a list of the 8 best 1080p 144Hz gaming monitors you can buy today.

After we reviewed the 27-inch 4K G-Sync monitor, we were more than a little bit curious to check out if 144Hz monitors were still relevant and powerful today. After doing our research and doing quite a bit of testing, we moved on to check out the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ.. Read more about best 1080p 144hz monitor and let us know what you think.

With its fantastic performance and additional features, we have another beast of a 1080p 144hz monitor inside the budget-friendly range.

The Gigabyte G27F has a very appealing entry-level to mid-level pricing. As a beginning gamer looking for something basic and straightforward, it offers everything you’ll need.

Previously, we had just one IPS panel-based display on our list; the Gigabyte G27F will be our second. This 27-inch flat-screen monitor likewise utilizes IPS panel technology and has a 1ms reaction time. The maximum brightness is 300 nits, and there are two 2-watt speakers included. AMD-Freesync and G-SYNC are also included.

This monitor is advertised on Gigabyte’s official website as being simple and elegant, and we agree! The monitor’s design is basic, but simplicity isn’t necessarily a bad thing, particularly when it comes to gaming. The monitor’s narrow bezels, matte body, and sturdy-looking stand are more for utility than for aesthetic appeal, yet they give it a very modest but attractive appearance. Motion blur is virtually non-existent thanks to the 144Hz refresh rate and fast reaction time. This monitor’s IPS screen offers excellent picture quality and viewing angles. The display does not need any calibration; its calibrations are precise enough right out of the box.

The monitor has AMD FreeSync and is G-SYNC compatible, but it is not NVIDIA approved. It comes with an on-screen display joystick (OSD Sidekick) that may be used to adjust display settings. Aim stabilizer (to minimize motion blur), gaming counter, and alignment are some of the other in-game helping tools (for multiple displays).

We think that this monitor, more than any other in this guide, is the finest in the Best 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitor list. It simply does not have any aesthetic or performance flaws. This monitor has features that go above and beyond what one would anticipate for the price.

  • 27-inch class
  • Gaming display with a curve
  • Design without a frame
  • OSD App for Gaming

Our last recommendation in this guide is the well-known MSI Optix MAG241, which comes with a long list of unique features and specs.

Price Points

This entry-level monitor, like the rest of these 1080p 144Hz displays, is priced similarly. Because of the FHD and refresh rates, it is highly GPU compatible and will not put any strain on your system.


The MSI Optix MAG241C is a 24-inch curved screen featuring a VA (vertically aligned) display panel, a 4ms reaction time (1ms MPRT), and FHD resolution (144Hz refresh rate).

An in-depth examination

This monitor’s IPS screens provide broad viewing angles, a wide color spectrum, and excellent contrast. The contemporary design has a curved screen with a 1500R curvature. It features minimal bezels and is touted as being frameless, allowing for improved multi-screen performance.

Optional Extras

The display has AMD FreeSync, which improves in-game performance by making it quicker, smoother, and stutter-free. Its OSD features a very easy user interface that allows you to quickly adjust the display settings to meet your demands.


When compared to TN panels, VA panels have slower gaming reaction times, which causes minor ghosting in games.


Overall, the display is very good and very user-friendly. A positive is the pricing range.


  • The picture clarity of VA panels is amazing.
  • Viewing angles are broad.
  • a lot of contrast
  • AMD’s Freesync technology, as well as other in-game support


  • Response times are slow, like they are in other VA-based displays.
  • In certain fast-paced games, there is a phenomenon known as ghosting.

Guide to Purchasing

The problem with gaming monitors is that, although they are significant, they are not the most crucial component of your gaming setup and should not consume the bulk of your money. They do not need a large investment. You must ensure that you are looking for monitors that are both inside your budget and meet your key needs.

So, before you put money away for a monitor, make sure you think about all of the other components that come with it. Included are the ones that perform the heavy lifting for you, such as the GPU and CPU.

That being said, you can’t have a gaming setup without a display, right? And if you save money by purchasing a very budget-friendly but uninspiring, underpowered display, you may simply destroy your whole gaming experience. This is why it’s critical to have shopping savvy before purchasing anything that may wind up being crucial for the tiniest of details.

In addition to our comprehensive list of fairly priced monitors (which, of course, corresponds to all we say above), the instructions below will assist you in your quest to upgrade your gaming setup (or even if you are looking for a standalone monitor).

What should your New Year’s Resolution be?

The resolution of a monitor is arguably the most significant feature. The general rule is that the greater the resolution, the better the quality. However, if you’re looking to purchase a gaming monitor, the least resolution you’ll need is 1080p, often known as full HD (FHD, or 1920×1080).

With that in mind, let’s look at why purchasing a monitor with a higher resolution than FHD isn’t necessarily a smart idea. If you don’t have a machine capable of keeping up with the high resolution of your display, your overall gaming experience is likely to suffer. As a result, you must ensure that the display you choose is compatible with the GPU/CPU you want to use.

Is it true that higher refresh rates imply better performance?

To have the best gaming experience, you need have a display with a refresh rate of at least 75Hz. A 144Hz gaming monitor is excellent for gaming, and once you’ve started playing on one, you won’t be able to go back to a lesser refresh rate. So, sure, greater refresh rates usually equate to better performance. However, there remains the issue of GPU/CPU demands once again. Higher refresh rates may not be optimal for your system if it isn’t up to par (for example, if it has an outdated, underperforming GPU or CPU).

Is it true that size does matter?

Size and resolution are inextricably linked. If you purchase a monitor with an FHD resolution bigger than 27 inches, there’s a good possibility it’ll have a reduced pixel density, resulting in poor picture quality and graphics. Furthermore, the price of very large displays has increased due to inflation. Although the choice is ultimately yours, we suggest a 24-inch to 27-inch monitor with FHD resolution.

What type of monitor panels should I get?

For a brief while, we discussed panel technology before. Allow me to explain what it is and how it impacts the display on a monitor.

In today’s world, businesses use three different kinds of panels. These kinds of people are

  1. Nematic twisted (TN)
  2. Switching in-plane (IPS)
  3. Alignment vertically (VA)

The TN panels offer the quickest reaction times and are recommended for those who seek excellent performance, high FPS, and little latency during gaming sessions. However, the TN panels suffer from poor contrast, limited color ranges, and restricted viewing angles as a consequence of this. If picture quality isn’t a concern, though, a TN panel display is definitely the way to go.

A VA panel, on the other hand, has the slowest reaction times of the three options. The picture quality is appealing, and the refresh rates are excellent. A VA panel monitor will offer greater viewing angles than a TN panel monitor, but not as excellent as an IPS panel display (discussed right after). A VA panel has both TN and IPS properties.

The IPS panels are exclusively concerned with picture quality. Their reaction times are sluggish (although some do respond quicker than VA panels) and their refresh times are variable. However, they have the most viewing angles of the three, and their color spectrum is the greatest. If picture quality is important, an IPS panel is the way to go.

What is the effect of response time on performance?

The time it takes for a pixel on a display to change colors is known as response time. Lower reaction times imply better, quicker results. In an ideal world, you’d like a display with a fast reaction time (most of the ones in our list adhere to this standard). Your reaction time, however, is also influenced by the display panels you choose. Just make sure it’s not more than 5 milliseconds.

Now that you’ve covered the fundamentals, all you have to do is go out and purchase a monitor.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

I’m looking for a place to purchase a monitor.

You may purchase your monitor from any local electronics shop, but we suggest purchasing it from an authorized franchise. Perhaps you could buy it from

What is the best way to calibrate my freshly purchased monitor?

Most monitors come pre-calibrated, so you won’t have to bother about it. However, if that does not satisfy you, you may search for optimal calibration settings for the monitor you purchased.

What should I do if my TN panel display monitor seems to be washed out?

The OSD may be used to alter the setting. However, you must keep in mind that TN panels are not color-focused by nature.

Is it necessary for my display to be NVIDIA G-SYNC certified in order to use this feature?

No, some FreeSync displays aren’t officially approved, but they may still support NVIDIA G-SYNC. If you’re uncertain about yours, just consult a list.

Where can I find the input lag time of my monitor on its specifications list?

In most cases, input latency is not included in the list of specifications. However, if your monitor’s refresh rates are high, the input lag is likely to be minimal.


We hope this advice has been helpful in your quest for a decent gaming monitor. Although it is not the most essential component of your gaming system, it requires just as much thought and study as the others. Otherwise, your game experience may be unsatisfactory and unpleasant. Please leave a remark below stating your final decision.

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