The gaming industry is one of the most lucrative in the world, with yearly revenues reaching $100 billion. Today’s gamers are looking for a more immersive experience than ever before and companies like Razer and Logitech have been quick to respond.

The steelseries rival 3 is a gaming mouse that offers great performance for the price. It has an excellent sensor, and it’s grip feels natural.

Not every gamer can afford a $1000 gaming PC, and a $300 gaming PC builder will never spend $60 or more on only a gaming mouse. It makes sense since you can update your graphics card or CPU for that amount. Isn’t there, however, a solution?

There is, indeed. There are several inexpensive gaming mouse that cost between $7 and $15 and function well. People who buy inexpensive or budget gaming PCs will be blown away by their performance and will not be disappointed with their purchase. These inexpensive gaming mice are dependable and provide excellent performance for a fraction of the cost of more costly gaming mice.


There are many mice on Amazon and other local shops right now that claim to be the finest inexpensive gaming mouse, but only a handful of them are offered in significant numbers. Instead of concentrating on freshly launched and less popular mice, it is preferable to concentrate on gaming mice, which are sold in huge numbers every month and have hundreds of reviews. Of course, there will be gaming mice with few reviews, but they may be just as excellent, but then there’s the issue of support and troubleshooting. The more popular a gaming mouse is, the more likely you are to be able to troubleshoot it quickly.

I’m not just going to list the specifications or features of the mice I chose; I’m going to tell you how each mouse performed. For this experiment, I purchased four of the most popular low-cost gaming mice and will determine which is the greatest value for money. I’ve spent many days testing each of these in games and apps. And I am certain that by the conclusion of this post, you will have made up your mind about which gaming mouse to purchase and will be enjoying your games more than ever.

(The list will be updated anytime a new inexpensive gaming mouse is tested and shown to be worthy of inclusion on the list.)

The following is a list of inexpensive gaming mice that have been reviewed:-

  1. Check the price of the HV-M672 Havit HV-M672 Havit HV-M672 Ha on Amazon. 
  2. Check Amazon for the Raptor M268 from Tecknet. 
  3. Check Amazon for the best price on Zelotes 7200DPI. 
  4. Centrophorus Redragon M601: Amazon Price 

Havit HV-M672

  • DPI Upgrade to 3200DPI, 4 DPI Levels: 800DPI (Red), 1200DPI (Green), 2400DPI (Blue), and 3200DPI (Pink), Default Value: 1200DPI
  • 7 Circular & Colorful Breathing Techniques When you change the DPI, you’ll see a light effect and a flashing indicator (Warning: you can’t choose a particular color). To turn off the light, press the Forward/Back Button + DPI.
  • It’s simple to use – just “plug and play.” There is no need for extra software or firmware. Windows 2000/2003/ Win7/ 8/ 10/ Vista/ ME/ Mac OS/ Linux are all supported operating systems.
  • HAVIT devices are covered by an 18-month manufacturer’s guarantee.
Look into Amazon.

Havit HV-M672 1

The mouse is huge and best suited to those with large hands. It’s also suitable for medium-sized hands, and despite its size, it’s quite light, weighing approximately 5.19 Oz. The majority of the body is made of high-quality plastic. The two primary clicks are connected to the top body rather than being separate, and there is one white DPI adjusting button. The scroll wheel is inexpensive, and it isn’t very sensitive to tiny motions. It isn’t very dependable, but I won’t know until it breaks down. The left and right clicks are excellent though a bit difficult, but the scroll wheel click is much more difficult. To click it, you’ll need to use a lot of force.

When it’s plugged in, it has zig-zag lightening like lines all over the body that light up. There are several lighting zones throughout the building, which I will discuss later.

Havit HV-M672 2

On the right side, there are two spots for the last two fingers. The final finger placement is excellent, unlike many inexpensive mouse, however it covers one of the light Zones, which isn’t a huge deal.

Havit HV-M672 3

Zelotes T80 9

It includes two additional buttons on the left side that may be used for browsing and gaming. There are no more buttons here. These button clicks have a gentler feel to them and are nicely constructed. However, pushing them is a little difficult due to the 2mm extended plastic lines at the top of the buttons, which prevent you from fully contacting the whole buttons. In addition, when you put your hands, the button 2 is a bit out of reach. In order to reach it, you must slide your hand slightly up on your mouse.

Havit HV-M672 4

In terms of the grip, it’s extremely comfortable, and I had no trouble putting all of my fingers where they needed to be. Although the mouse is light, lifting it is not optimal. The movement is good, but the bottom is uneven. When I placed pressure on the front region, it inclined to contact the ground since it wasn’t completely touching the mat, but when I put my hands on it regularly, the front side is somewhat elevated. As a result, the movement is a bit sluggish.


It performed well in games like CSGO and PUBG. It was adaptable for me to utilize in CSGO since the DPI ranged from 800 to 3200. Although I like a maximum sensitivity of 400-600 DPI in CSGO, other players prefer a little greater sensitivity, which is just acceptable. It has an incredible sensor, which isn’t seen in mice that cost as much as this one. It’s a fantastic inexpensive gaming mouse for CSGO because of its low weight and strong grip, and it also performed well in PUBG and other games.

As previously mentioned, the only drawback is the uneven surface; otherwise, it performs well. It worked great when I created circles in Paint.

(Each mouse’s lowest DPI level is used to draw circles at a slow speed.)

Havit HV-MS672

Customization and Lighting

This mouse is plug-and-play, which means you won’t have to install any drivers before using it. It saves time and effort, but it restricts personalization. You can’t change the DPI settings or the lighting effects to your liking.

Havit HV-M672 6


The mouse’s body is covered with an Eagle LOGO and a Zig-Zag pattern, and the light distribution is consistent in most areas. As you can see in the picture above, certain sections look very nice, particularly the bottom rear, which also brightens up the mouse mat. There are seven distinct colors that represent the impact of breathing. Green, Blue, Red, Light Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Pink are the colors used. However, these lights do not indicate a change in DPI and you cannot turn them off, while it is claimed on Amazon in a photo that you can turn them off by pressing the DPI+Forward/Back Button. It’s not functioning for me, and I believe that information is deceptive.

Even in a well-lit environment, the lights are bright enough to be seen plainly.

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Tecknet Raptor M268

Tecknet Raptor M268

  • Tru-Wave 2000 dpi optical sensor in a 6D optical gaming mouse.
  • DPI settings that may be changed. For extreme accuracy, choose from 1000, 1600, or 2000 dpi.
  • Extra weight of 40g, designed specifically for gaming.
  • Magnetic ring and gold USB connection on a fibre-knit cable.
  • Ergonomically built to comfortably suit your hand.
  • Dimensions of the product: 126 x 70 x 39mm
Look into Amazon.

It’s a 4.8-ounce, $11 lightweight gaming mouse with an ergonomic design that fits any grip. The body is completely black, with no attractive LOGO or distinctive design to speak about. It has a simple appearance and few basic functions.

Tecknet Raptor M268 1

There are four buttons at the top, one of which is the DPI button, and the clicks are excellent. They’re light, and the scroll wheel button is the most pleasant to use. It’s well-made and smoother than the other mouse I’ve mentioned. Although it is not very sensitive, it is adequate for the price.

There are three DPI settings on the DPI button: 1000, 1600, and 2000. It obviously lacks in the DPI department, and using lower DPI like 400-600 would not enough in games like CSGO due to the high sensitivity, but it will suffice in other games. It would have been preferable if it had an additional DPI option, such as 600 or 800, to improve performance.

Tecknet Raptor M268 3

The mouse features an ergonomic design with wings like structures on both sides for properly positioning your thumb and finger. The tiny textured design aids in grip, and the ergonomic shape allows it to be used by those who are left-handed.

Tecknet Raptor M268 2

Tecknet Raptor M268 4

It features two Back/previous buttons on the left-hand side that are well-placed for quick access. I really enjoy this design, and I didn’t have to work too hard to get them to press. They have the extended plastic on those buttons, exactly as the Havit HV MS672, for easy thumb recognition, and I don’t consider it a CON because of their location. The grip, though, is one aspect I’d want to discuss. This mouse is ideal for medium-sized hands and may be gripped with the palm, fingertip, or claw. In my view, it’s a great all-around mouse.

However, correctly grasping it is problematic due to an incorrect placement of the final finger. If you don’t position it correctly on the wing, you’ll lose control and find it more difficult to lift and move fast. For appropriate grip, it would have been preferable if these wings had not been expanded, at least on the right side.


It was an excellent performance. When it comes to the sensor, there are no drawbacks. Even at high DPI, it performed well. The greatest feature of this mouse is that it glides over the mouse pad like butter, smoother than any other mouse on this list. It’s light and doesn’t obstruct your ability to move freely and precisely. It’s one of the finest inexpensive gaming mouse you’ll ever use if you can get a better grip on it with a little practice. Even drawing circles was no problem. According to what I saw, it was perfectly fine, but the diagram below will vary from person to person depending on their level of control.

TeckNet Raptor M268

Customization and Lighting

Tecknet Raptor M268 5

Lighting is a problem since it is devoid of both colors and effects. It just has one color, which is blue, and it is always on. There is no breathing effect or any unique illumination that you will like. The lighting isn’t even consistent; it plainly reveals the zone where the LEDs are located, and when turned on, it like a transformer. Along with these four zones at the top, this mouse features mesh on the sides through which the LEDs shine.

In terms of modification, I went to the official website and looked for its software. It was downloaded and installed, but it does not function. As a result, you must treat it as if it were any other low-cost gaming mouse. The DPI settings can’t be changed, and the options are restricted in this situation. This mouse is excellent at performance but not at looks, in my view.

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T80 Zelotes 7200DPI

Zelotes T80

  • This mouse has clever connection; no coding is required; just plug and play (No need CD driver)
  • Buttons: There are seven buttons, plus a scroll wheel. 9 customizable buttons allow you to quickly access spells, items, and custom macros in your favorite MMO.
  • DPI Switch Adjustable: 1000DPI, 1600DPI, 2400DPI, 3200DPI, 7200DPI
  • After being set up to specific gear, the DPI LED color light will be continuously changed.
  • Windows 98/ 2000/ ME/ NT/ XP/ win 7/ win 8/ win 10/ Mac OS and other operating systems, plug and play
Look into Amazon.

Zelotes T80 2

Despite being so inexpensive, this $13 mouse has a nice design. It has a luxury feel to it and weighs 5.5 ounces, making it heavier than its rivals. There is no official website for it, therefore there is no need to look for help. Only Amazon will be able to assist you. As a result, the specifications listed are likewise restricted. Officially, we don’t know what materials were utilized in this mouse. But I’m guessing the most of it is plastic, with a glossy plastic layer on top for aesthetic purposes. The clicks are big and have a pleasant feel to them. They are well-made and perform well. There’s no such thing as too harsh or too gentle. When it comes to this functionality, it makes it an excellent gaming mouse.

The right click seems to be a little loose from the center, where the DPI button is located. There are five DPI levels available for now: 1000, 1600, 2400, 3200, and 7200. There is another version of this mouse with a 5500 DPI option on the fifth DPI axis, but it makes no difference to me since that level of sensitivity is worthless. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a 5500 or a 7200.

When the DPI button is pushed, the DPI settings change and a specific color is shown to signify this. It also has these DPI values on the left click button and a Zelotes logo on the right click button, which is a nice touch.

Zelotes T80 3

Let’s look at the mouse’s left side now. There are three more buttons on it: Two are thumb buttons, which are typical in gaming mice, and one is on the left side of the top left click, which is uncommon in inexpensive mice. These buttons may be used for a variety of purposes in games, and the thumb buttons can be used to go back and forth between files, which is very useful. However, these buttons have a cheap feel to them and do not seem to be very dependable. They aren’t as effective as left-right clicks. To get them to function, you must completely push them inside, and when you press one thumb button, the other moves a tiny bit as well, indicating that they are loosely linked and share the same body.

Zelotes T80 1

Zelotes T80 4

It features two grip positions, one for each of the final two fingers. When the tiny fingers are at the necessary location, however, it is difficult to operate the mouse. By grasping it in this manner, I felt uneasy. In order to make appropriate motions, I had to utilize my little finger to put it below the required region. This mouse is only suitable for palm grip, not claw or fingertip usage. Because the mouse is hefty, you’ll need excellent control, and there’s no weight adjustment on this mouse, which you shouldn’t anticipate at this price.


I put this mouse through its paces in two distinct games: CSGO and Dying Light. It’s because one is a first-person shooter and the other is an action-adventure game, and both will inform you about their overall performance. Both games have their own distinct gameplay elements. CSGO is a fast-paced shooter game in which the mouse must always be precise and accurate. Because this mouse has an optical sensor, it has incredible precision. I had no problems aiming, but this is only a high-level perspective. The actual thing, on the other hand, is very different.

The first major disadvantage of this mouse is that it has an excessively high lowest DPI of 1000, which is too high for myself and other CSGO gamers. I like a DPI of 400-600, and 1000 is too high for accurate shooting when your opponent moves in a zig-zag pattern.

The second disadvantage is that, as previously mentioned, it is only suitable for palm grip, which provides less control over the mouse than when using a fingertip or claw grip.

The sensor begins to detect movement as high as 5mm or more above the ground, which is the third major disadvantage. So, when I lifted the mouse in CSGO, it was simply too terrible, and I was making a lot of mistakes. It’s not a CSGO mouse, for sure. So, if you just want to play CSGO with it, don’t purchase it.

However, it was really very excellent for games like Dying Light and Tomb Raider. There was not a single CON for games like these, and they are simply perfect. So, apart from CSGO, this may be used for any other game.

When it came to sketching circles, the outcome was as anticipated. Paint is prone to mistakes, and there isn’t a lot of precision and accuracy in it.

Zelotes T80

Customization and Lighting

Zelotes T80 5

The illumination and customisation are the second most essential features that gamers seek for. The LED colors on this mouse include Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Light Blue, Pink, and Purple. Only four colors are used when the DPI is changed: Red for 1000, Green for 1600, Blue for 2400, Purple for 3200, and Yellow for 7200. It’s a nice feature, and the Spider logo looks great thanks to the even color dispersion.

Zelotes T80 6

Zelotes T80 7

There is just one effect for LEDs, which is the breathing effect, and there is no software to customize it. So, this is simply a show-off function that looks nice but serves no use other than to satisfy gamers’ RGB obsession. You also can’t alter the DPI settings or store any profiles since there’s no software.

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Centrophorus Redragon M601

Redragon M601

  • 3200 DPI (800/1600/2400/3200 4 level DPI adjustment), 3600 FPS, 15G ACC extremely fast gaming engine Ergonomic Redragon M601 Centrophorus Backlit Gaming Mouse
  • Five programmable buttons with five memory profiles, an eight-piece weight tuning set (2.4g x 8) and LED color choices are included. (LED may be turned off.)
  • For maximum gaming control, TEFLON feet and a contoured body are used. Two programmable side buttons and a high-quality ABS build
  • braided fiber cable with a 6 foot length, anti-skid scroll wheel, and red illumination
  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and newer operating systems are supported. CENTROPHORUS Gaming Mouse, tuning weights, and user instructions are included in the package.
Look into Amazon.

This mouse is unlike any of the others I’ve mentioned so far. It outperforms the Tecknet Raptor M268 in terms of strength and dependability. The mouse is about 4.6 ounces in weight and is weight adjustable, which I will discuss later.

Redragon M601 1

The mouse is ergonomically designed to fit both tiny and medium-sized hands. Despite having big hands, I am able to utilize it properly. The Scroll wheel and the DPI button are integrated in the Red accents on the top of the mouse. The left/right click buttons are slightly curled, giving the impression that they are focusing towards the center.

Redragon M601 2

The body is, of course, made of plastic, but the quality is exceptional for the price. It seems to be trustworthy and does not appear to be loose in any way. Everything is in its proper place. The body is not completely smooth, but it is somewhat textured, particularly on the sides, to improve grip. There are many tiny holes and lines on the left side to allow the mouse to breathe properly, as well as two Back/Previous buttons, one of which is textured and the other plain. Both of these feel wonderful when clicked in the same way that the left/right click does.

Redragon M601 3

Because it’s ergonomic, the right side has the same texture and pattern as the left. It has a broader rear side than the front side, making it easier to grasp.

Redragon M601 4

I was able to utilize Palm, Fingertip, and Claw grips without issue, but the best I discovered was the Claw grasp, which was completely controlled owing to the mouse’s robustness. The side buttons were within easy reach of the thumbs, and unlike some of the mice I mentioned above, they did not have an extended tiny line plastic. As a result, clicking them is really more convenient.

The clicks are in the middle, neither too harsh nor too mild. There was no discernible change in the quality of the left/right/scroll/side buttons. The scroll wheel is very well-made. When it comes to the primary left click, I find that moving my index finger to the right makes it difficult to correctly click the curving left click button. As a result, you must get used to it by putting your fingertips in the appropriate locations.


I noticed no drawbacks when I tried it in games and with paint. There are four DPI levels on the mouse: 800/1600/2400/3200. All of these are reasonable and neither too high nor too low. To play games like CSGO at low sensitivity, you’ll need 800 DPI. Yes, I play on a lower setting, but adjusting the sensitivity from the control panel doesn’t harm.

This mouse’s optical sensor is extremely sensitive, and I don’t find it as overpowering as the other mice I’ve tried. I put CSGO, DOOM, and Dying Light to the test to see how they function, and I couldn’t find any flaws. To be honest, I don’t see any cons in it. That’s why I believe it’s Amazon’s most popular gaming mouse under $15.

Redragon M601

Customization and Lighting

Redragon M601 7

The mouse only has one color LED light, which is RED. It’s very bright, and the dispersion isn’t even. It looks excellent from any angle, whether in the light or in the dark. There are a few zones around the mouse, but they aren’t overpowering. They’re balanced, yet there aren’t any side effects. There is no movement in the light. Additionally, there is no program for adjusting the DPI. So, just like every other mouse on this list, what is pre-built will function when you plug it in.

Redragon M601 8

A premium feature, weight adjustment, is located at the bottom of the mouse. The weight components are contained inside a round plastic cover. To open it, twist it anti-clockwise with your fingernails and pull it open by putting your nail into the space at the cap’s edge. I found it tough at first, but it is not at all difficult now.  Redragon M601 9

It has eight weight bits within that may be removed all at once or changed to suit your needs. The mouse, with the weights, weighs approximately 140 grams, and each of these pieces weighs 2.4 grams. When all of them are removed, the mouse weighs 121 grams, or 4.2 ounces, which is extremely light. It’s still light with the weights on, and I don’t like gaming with it when the weights are off. So, whether you choose to play with them or without them is now entirely up to you.

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The best gaming mouse is a topic that has been discussed for a while. There have been many different reviews of gaming mice, but the problem with those reviews is that they are all from the same person. This article tests 4 different mice and gives an overview of what makes them good and bad.

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The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is a great option. It has a good sensor, not too expensive, and its very customizable.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the #1 gaming mouse?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:””}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What gaming mouse is cheapest?

What is a good entry level gaming mouse?

The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is a great option. It has a good sensor, not too expensive, and its very customizable.

What is the #1 gaming mouse?


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