Recently, we have been seeing a lot of posts regarding the best RAM for the i7 8700K, with some suggesting that the EKWB 4G DDR4 memory is the best RAM for the i7 8700K.

When it comes to RAM, there are a lot of places to look and many opinions. This is because the performance and prices of RAM varies greatly and quite often it can be confusing to choose the right RAM for your gaming PC. In this article, I will explain if you should choose between G.Skill or Corsair.

You want the best RAM for your new Core i7 8700K build. There are several things you should consider first. First, the Core i7 8700K requires two sticks of RAM (16 GB max). For most users, this means at least two 8 GB sticks. That’s the maximum you can afford. Things get worse if you plan to overclock your CPU. As you can imagine, you can’t overclock with just two sticks of RAM.. Read more about i7-8700k compatible ram and let us know what you think.

Intel’s choice to expand the number of cores in its standard and mid-range CPUs is a positive one. AMD performed an excellent job at it, and their market share in the industry steadily increased as a result of their processors’ ability to provide more cores, which is a fundamental need in today’s games. The Coffee Lake i7 series has much improved, as before there had just four cores, while this one has six, and we’ve selected some of the finest rams for the i7 8700K in 2021.

While the standard processors in this generation lack hyper-threading, the Intel Core i7 8700k has six cores and twelve threads. However, for some reason, it was also a good thing; with this one, hyper-threading surpasses AMD Ryzen. Some cheap Z series motherboards may be used to overclock this CPU. Still, overclocking has little to no effect on the CPU, so you can overclock this gaming beast like a pro.

The disadvantage of this CPU is that only the K series variants, such as the i7 8700K or i7 8700KF, may be overclocked, which is standard for most Intel processors. Also, with Intel CPUs, every new generation of processors necessitates the purchase of a new chipset motherboard, while with AMD, this is not the case. When it comes to purchasing memory sticks for this CPU, there are a few things to consider.

To begin with, the greater the memory’s overclocking capability, the more costly it will be; for example, 3200MHz kits are less expensive than 4800MHz kits. The same is true for timings or latency: the lower they are, the greater the price, and vice versa. And since they don’t have much of an impact on games, it’s best to stick with the basic kits and save money for other parts.

Our Best RAM for i7 8700K Recommendations

Before reading the full evaluations, I suggest looking at the table with the memory sticks and their uses, as well as the prices, to figure out which ram is best for you. This will expedite the purchasing process, and after you’ve determined that you need that memory stick, you may read the whole evaluation below.

RAM is perhaps the most important component in modern gaming computers. When performance has to be obtained, the cost of additional RAM is usually significantly lower than the cost of an upgraded CPU, so it’s very important to get the most effective memory for your PC.. Read more about i5 8600k best ram and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best RAM for i7 8700K?

The best RAM for the i7 8700K is 16GB of DDR4-2666MHz.

What RAM speed does the i7 8700K support?

The i7 8700K supports a maximum RAM speed of 2666MHz.

What is the best RAM for i7?

The best RAM for an i7 is 16GB.


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