With the current trend of gaming, it is becoming more and more important to have a good cooler. In this blog, we will be going over which water cooling cases are best for your rig.

The best water cooling cases 2021 is a topic that has been covered by many different websites and publications. This article will highlight the best options for those looking to buy a new case with water cooling features.


In today’s digital age, everyone is acquainted with all of the necessary components for a computer to function properly. No one likes to sacrifice when it comes to showing off their setups, starting with the aesthetics and extending to the tiniest details like custom coloured cables. The AIO Liquid coolers or Custom Liquid coolers are one such important element that adds to performance while also improving the aesthetics of the system. However, in order to support such cooling, the case must also support them. So today we’ll talk about some of the finest cases for supporting liquid cooling, such as AIO coolers or custom water coolers.

The Best Case for Liquid Coolers is a broad area, so we’ll attempt to cover the best of it, beginning with the cheapest liquid cooling system and working our way up to the most expensive liquid cooling case.


Eclipse P300 TG by Phanteks

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This is the most inexpensive case that can fit a front-mount rad (up to 280mm in front and 120mm in back) and includes a TG, making it a fantastic budget case. The enclosure, which costs just $55, can also accommodate an E-ATX motherboard. Dual USB 3.0 ports, as well as a microphone, audio ports, and an RGB switch, are all included on the front panel. Both the 23.5′′ and 22.5′′ drive bays are included in the case (One Included). It features a total of seven PCI slots. A rear exhaust fan with a diameter of 120mm is provided.

Dust filters are located in the appropriate locations at the top, bottom, and front of the unit, and are easily accessible. The PSU Shroud is the most obvious feature of the case, since it is a component of the chassis itself, lowering the cost of production. The case’s cable management is also quite good, thanks to the inclusion of a velcro strap that makes wire routing much simpler.

There are very few cases at this price range that provide such excellent features without sacrificing any aspects. In addition, Phanteks has struck a great mix between performance and aesthetics. The combination of tempered glass, RGB lighting (which may be expanded), clean aesthetics, a distinctive PSU shroud, and an efficient cable management solution provides a bang for the buck, however this case is targeted towards budget-conscious consumers due to the limited amount of upgrade options. So, if you’re on a budget but still want a case that can hold most current electronics, this is the case for you.

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Core P3 by Thermaltake

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Thermaltake is usually ahead of the curve when it comes to cases, and we’ve seen a number of them, including the Core P5, which seemed to be a showcase PC. The P5 had a number of flaws, including the fact that it was quite large and thus required more space on your desk, the case also had less storage, and it had some water cooling issues. However, Thermaltake recently released the Core P3, which is much smaller in size than the P5 and yet supports full AIO- Liquid cooling options with improved storage options. As a result, the Thermaltake Core P3 is our next pick for the above-mentioned category.


The Core P3 resembles the Core P5 in appearance. The Core P3 is an open frame chassis that allows users to construct a system from the ground up (unboxing and all) using pre-designed modular panels, racks, brackets, and mounting arrays. It is available in three distinct configurations: wall-mount, vertical, and horizontal. It’s designed to showcase your system in the way you want it to be seen, making it attractive for the greatest possible viewing.

The GPU may be mounted in two ways: vertically with a riser cable or in a conventional configuration. The same is true in the case of the power supply. All native AIOs are supported, and radiators up to 480mm may be installed. The case can accommodate both 2.5′′ and 3.5′′ drive bays in the front, but there is an extra drive bay option at the rear if you have extremely big radiators, so there are no storage problems. There are two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, and an audio connector on the IO.

The Core P3, which retails for $100, is a multipurpose mid-tower chassis that provides excellent choices for enthusiasts and users who want to show off their configurations. However, there are some disadvantages to this case, like as dust and unintentional damage if you have children or inquisitive pets in your home. If these are not a worry, then the P3 is an excellent case for anybody who wants to show off, whether they’re a Gamer, Enthusiast, or even a Modder. The case is also suitable for use as a test bench.

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R6 Defined by Fractal Design

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Fractal Design Define R6 TG

The Define R6 from Fractal Design is the next contender for this category. As this is the finest instance of the previous year, I’ve previously highlighted it in my other evaluations. Define R6 provides a wide range of options as well as easy compatibility for additional hardware. The case is equipped with tempered glass with the best mounting points in the class, and it also eliminates the view of those thumb screws; the TG is mounted in a toolless manner, and the thumb screws are in the back away from your view, making the case more beautiful by avoiding views of the regular mounting screws; it also comes with sound-dampened steel panels with an elegant push-to-lock mechanism; and it also comes with sound-dampened steel panels with an elegant push-to-lock mechanism.


There are 22 USB 2.0 ports, 22 USB 3.0 ports, audio jacks, a power button, and a reset button on the IO. The standard IO may, however, be changed with one with a USB Type-C connection, which is available separately for $30. The Front Panel features an Aluminium Plate that can be opened sideways at a 90-degree angle from left to right or right to left, and below it is the angular ventilation and dust filter, followed by 2x140mm Fractal Design Dynamic X2 airflow optimized fans. It also includes an Optical Bay Slot on the front, which some users may find useful.


The bottom dust filter may also be accessed from the front of the case, which covers the full length of the case. The top panel has all-new 3rd generation ModuVent technology, which gives customers the option of a soundproof steel cover or filtered ventilation arrangement, and it’s accessible through a tactile button on the rear that opens the top layer when pushed. A fan bracket is located behind the top panel and can house a radiator up to 360mm in normal configuration and up to 420mm in open layout (removing the inner bracket that conceals the storage device). The top bracket also includes a fill port. Front-mounted radiators of up to 360mm are also possible. It can fit radiators up to 280mm in diameter at the bottom and 120mm in diameter at the rear.

The case is essentially an all-rounder in terms of performance, and for people who value RGB more, this is not the case for them since it lacks RGB inbuilt. However, soft ambient strips can be bought separately, and the case’s looks are distinctive even without RGB. There are no direct rivals on the market at this moment within the price range of $150 (with TG Panel).

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View 71 via Thermaltake

Price on Amazon.com

To stay up with the current trend, several case makers experimented with many creative concepts that resulted in either a good case or a bad one. All of the manufacturers are going towards TG and RGB, and occasionally they simply forget about the performance of a case and focus only on the aesthetics, resulting in failed products. However, only a handful of these items are really distinctive and strike a good balance between performance and aesthetics. The View 71, a brand-new case from Thermaltake, is one such example of originality.


Thermaltake View 71 RGB

With the exception of the back and bottom, the View 71 is a complete tower case with temper glass nearly everywhere. This case resembles the Corsair 570x in appearance, however it outperforms the 570x in terms of performance. The case has sufficient space behind the TG to let the fans can breathe while also dramatically improving the case’s appearance. The Tempered Glass is heat treated to a thickness of 5mm, while the rest of the chassis is made up of ABS plastic components and a steel frame that is all painted black.

A power and reset button, a pair of USB 3.0 ports, a pair of USB 2.0 ports, and HD Audio jacks make up the I/O. Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, and even E-ATX motherboards may be installed in the case. The case also offers ample storage space, with either 43.5” or 2.5” drive bays. There are three extra trays underneath the motherboard tray that can each hold a single 3.5′′ drive or a pair of 2.5′′ drives. The side panels swivel to open, and they may be removed for assembly as well. The support for radiators is now the primary attraction.

Almost everywhere, the enclosure may be used to house a radiator. Because the radiator support is up to 420mm on the side, top, and front, the bottom can house 120mm and 360mm rads, and the back can house 120mm and 240mm rads, this is a case where you can experiment with custom-made liquid cooling. So, if you want to show off your setup, this is the place to go.

The case is officially priced at $170 for the non-RGB version and an additional $30 for the RGB Edition, which includes three Thermaltake RGB ring fans. The case is both attractive and functional, and it even surpasses the Corsair 570x in terms of cooling. Thermaltake attempted to create this case worthy of a display piece, as well as design the outside properly so that the case has a decent ventilation option, since there is a few centimeters of space between the panel and the glass. Overall, the case provides good radiator support and looks great when properly outfitted with high-quality hardware.

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Enthoo Elite Extreme by Phanteks

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Phanteks Enthoo Elite.png

The Phanteks Enthoo Elite Extreme, which is also one of the finest cable management cases, is our second choice for the best liquid cooling case. It’s a complete tower PC chassis with a lot of cooling capabilities and modular components, as the name implies. It is the most expensive gaming enclosure, costing under $900. It’s made of high-quality materials and designed with meticulous attention to detail. Throughout the Enthoo Series, it is built on a design that includes continual product development and innovation. Hardcore Gamers or Enthusiasts who run high-configuration systems or twin systems will benefit from this case.

It comes with two boxes for accessories, one in the bottom chamber and the other within the flight case in which the case is sent. Two SSD cages, six normal drive cages, the power splitter plate, a five and a quarter inch drive cage with two slots that is to be installed facing the glass window and allows users to install touch interfaces or optical drives, a vertical GPU bracket that is not provided in most cases and must be purchased separately, a handy toolbox for screw organization, and a vertical GPU bracket are among the accessories. It also includes additional panels like as an ITX tray, a side radiator bracket, and a top panel cover.

Four USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI pass-through, a Type-C port, twin audio jacks for multiple systems, and a wheel to control the integrated case illumination that enables you to cycle between colors, alter the brightness, and change the settings are all included in the IO. You may operate two systems at the same time within the case. The cooling choices are extensive, since this case can accommodate several radiators. It has 560mm front radiators, 480mm top, bottom, and midplate radiators, 360mm sides radiators, and 140mm rare radiators. This case has a lot of cooling choices since it’s a complete tower case that can handle two systems.

The Phanteks Enthoo Elite is a Premium Enclosure that is designed for high-end systems with liquid cooling as a priority. However, if someone decides to purchase this case, he or she must be certain that this is a long-term investment because the case costs $1000, and a new system can be built for that amount. The case may serve as a showcase for your cooling gear, and Phanteks has made sure that it meets all of your requirements.

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End customers are searching for cases that can appropriately house those components and offer greater performance. AIO Liquid Coolers or Custom Liquid Coolers are getting more popular. Those that plan to have liquid coolers want to show off their wares as well. So, with all of this in mind, we’ve put up a list of the finest Cases that cover all of the bases and provide unrivaled results. We haven’t covered all of them yet, and we’d love to hear your ideas. If we come across other instances in the future that have comparable potential, we will update the subject as well.


The best full tower water cooling case is a product that has been around for a while. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to cool their PC and also have a lot of space to work with.

{“@context”:”https://schema.org”,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Does water cooling need a special case?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
No, water cooling does not need a special case.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What size case do you need for water cooling?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
It depends on the size of your water cooling radiator and pump. If you have a 240mm radiator, you will need a 280mm case. If you have a 360mm radiator, you will need a 420mm case.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the best water cooling brand?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best water cooling brand is Corsair.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Does water cooling need a special case?

No, water cooling does not need a special case.

What size case do you need for water cooling?

It depends on the size of your water cooling radiator and pump. If you have a 240mm radiator, you will need a 280mm case. If you have a 360mm radiator, you will need a 420mm case.

What is the best water cooling brand?

The best water cooling brand is Corsair.


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