In this review, I’m going to be listing my top recommendations for those who are looking to buy a new keyboard or gaming wrist rest for their systems. It’s important to note that wrist rests can be a little bit tricky to get right, as some require a lot of patience and a lot of trial and error, while others are a little more simple. With that being said, I’m going to list my recommendations for a good wrist rest along with a few other things that I think are important.

Keyboard and gaming enthusiasts know what they want when it comes to gaming accessories. They want them to be comfortable, stay in place, and most importantly, they want them to work. What they don’t want is a keyboard that looks like the keys are falling out no matter how hard they press. Since most gamers are in the market for a keyboard that they can use in the long-term, there are many to choose from. This guide will show you the best wrist rest options for gaming keyboards in the market today.

With the arrival of the new Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs, it’s time to update your Macbook Pro & Macbook Air wrist rests. The new Macbook Pro & Macbook Air wrist rests come with improved features such as improved grip, increased typing comfort, increased typing speed, increased gaming comfort, increased gaming speed,and improved overall ergonomics.

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So, you’ve outfitted your PC with everything you’ll need for the ultimate gaming experience: a super-fast GPU, a ton of RAM, and more pixels on your display than there are fish in the sea. But what use is all of this if your Saturday night gaming marathons are always cut short by aching hands or discomfort that prevents you from pressing another key?

Medical experts say that using a keyboard and mouse without wrist support, along with poor typing posture, may cause a variety of health problems, the most well-known of which is carpal tunnel syndrome.

So join me as we examine the eight finest wrist rests of 2021 to see which one is ideal for you, with ergonomics and comfort that will allow you to game as much as you want while remaining healthy.

1. Wrist Rest HyperX


  • Excellent Design
  • Construction of High Quality
  • Exceptionally relaxing
  • It’s well-behaved and stays put.
  • Cleaning is simple.
  • Exceptional Value


Our score is 9.7 out of ten.

HyperX is known for its mechanical keyboards, so it was only a matter of time until they started making this companion component. This wrist rest is a great addition to any keyboard, thanks to its attractive design and superior craftsmanship.

The wrist rest from HyperX is full-sized and intended to work with any raised full keyboard or regular mechanical keyboard. While many full-sized wrist rests stretch beyond the length of a keyboard, this one fits snugly, with no wasted space.

You’ll fall in love with this wrist rest with just one glance. Its minimalist-inspired black fabric design eliminates distractions, allowing you to concentrate on what really counts. The HyperX logo is engraved on top, however it is extremely subtle and almost unnoticeable in dim light. The bottom borders are surrounded by sharp red stitching, but it’s not just for show; this wrist rest is designed to endure.

This wrist rest was created by HyperX to be used, and used frequently. The rubber on the bottom prevents any slipping, so you and your keyboard won’t be slipping about. Outside stitching prevents fraying, which is a frequent problem with alternative wrist rests. Surface cleaning will just take a few seconds thanks to the smooth fabric coating.

However, we must dig inside to discover what makes this wrist rest really unique. In the shape of a cold gel-infused memory foam inside, HyperX cleverly blended the comfort of gel with the support of foam.

The cold gel effectively distributes the usually unpleasant hand-heat that tends to be trapped by other wrist rests, allowing for excellent support as well as remarkable comfort. I’m certain you’ll discover that utilizing this wrist rest is as easy as switching to the cool side of the cushion.

This wrist rest is everything from modest, even if the price isn’t cheap. HyperX offers everything you need if you’re a dedicated gamer who values quality, comfort, and aesthetics.

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2. Glorious Wrist Pad/Rest for Gaming

Glorious Gaming Wrist RestREASONS TO PURCHASE 

  • Built to Last
  • Excellent Assistance
  • Unparalleled Comfort
  • 1 year warranty with no questions asked
  • Excellent Rubber Base


Our score is 9.6 out of ten.

This wrist rest from Glorious Gaming was designed by gamers for gamers. Glorious Gaming’s main aim is to keep you gaming without distractions, thus it has a low-key approach.

This is a large wrist rest that works well with mechanical keyboards that include a numberpad. It’s offered in a compact height version that’s ideal for non-mechanical and shorter mechanical keyboard users.

As demonstrated by its excellent craftsmanship, Glorious Gaming made no compromises with this wrist rest. Don’t be fooled by the fact that this wrist rest is just 7.2 ounces in weight. Despite its small weight, Glorious’ workmanship is unrivaled.

The high-quality foam inside, which offers a medium degree of firmness, is at its heart. The corners of the frame are strengthened with dual-lock stitching, indicating that this wrist rest is designed to endure; there are no ragged ends here.

Your hands will be able to traverse the keyboard with comfort and without irritation thanks to the silky fabric on the outside. This material is also easy to clean, which is essential since once you have this wrist rest, you won’t want to leave your computer.

If big logos aren’t your thing, this wrist rest may also be purchased in a “stealth” design. An anti-slip ribber base is located underneath the wrist rest, ensuring that it stays stable and secure even during the most frenetic of bouts.

Given that Glorious Gaming is a smaller company, their goods tend to be on the pricey side, and this wrist rest is no exception. However, they make up for it with a one-year no-questions-asked warranty that guarantees a free replacement if you have any quality problems.

While the price tag may put some people off, those who want to support a smaller, gamer-owned business will be attracted to Glorious Gaming’s no-nonsense approach to producing high-quality goods for real-world and virtual-world usage.

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Wrist Rest by Gimars


  • Mouse Wrist Rest is included.
  • Typing Assistance That Is Unparalleled
  • Exceptionally relaxing
  • Lightweight


Our score is 9.5 out of ten.

Though it may not seem to be much, Gimar’s wrist rest is a real workhorse. Its ergonomic design is specially designed to relieve typing-related wrist discomfort and is suitable for both gamers and casual users.

Gimars intended for this wrist rest to be used with a full-sized keyboard, however it may be used with any desktop keyboard if you don’t mind the extra space. Due of its height, laptop users may wish to avoid it. For those who want comfort in both hands, the presence of a second, smaller wrist rest for your mouse makes this product a no-brainer.

The smooth exterior coating is primarily intended for comfort. Cleaning will not be a bother because to the stain-resistant Lycra material. The base, as is customary, is composed of an anti-slip gel, and Gimars even went so far as to add some minor stickiness to keep it flat. However, the wrist rest’s longevity is questioned due to the absence of anti-fray stitching.

Gimars promises to provide a more comfortable computing experience by using breathable, soft memory foam. The inside of the mouse wrist rest is made of gel, which some gamers may find to be a hindrance in games that demand a lot of mouse movement.

If you want things to be different, Gimars has introduced the ability to select from three distinct colors: black, blue, and green. This wrist rest is also as light as a feather, weighing just 4.2 ounces, making it easy to transport.

Overall, this wrist rest is an excellent choice for people seeking for affordable comfort and pain alleviation. It is ideally suited to people who use a desktop computer for routine activities, but gamers would likely only notice a performance boost if wrist discomfort is presently preventing them from doing so.

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4. SubZERO Wrist Rest for Gaming


  • Excellent Assistance
  • Beautiful Ergonomic Design
  • Construction of High Quality
  • Reasonable Cost


Our score is 9.4 out of ten.

With this simple, to-the-point wrist rest, SubZERO takes us back to the fundamentals. Look no farther if you’re searching for something both elegant and straightforward.

For full-sized keyboards, the SubZERO wrist rest is developed. The smooth fabric surface is designed to be both pleasant and simple to clean. It’s ergonomically designed on an inclination, much like Razer’s, to ensure correct wrist posture and stay flush against mechanical keyboards. The inside is composed of a strong, high-density foam that will provide you with plenty of support for extended usage.

SubZERO has used a heavy-grip, textured rubber on the base of this wrist rest to provide stability. This wrist rest is a beast, weighing in at a staggering 10.4 ounces. Anti-fray stitching has been reinstated, which means you won’t have to worry about rough edges or peeling.

SubZERO’s wrist rest has a laid-back style that won’t grab anyone’s attention, but that’s not a huge deal. The logo is subtly positioned in the middle, and the all-black color scheme complements any keyboard nicely. This wrist rest is just there to serve a purpose.

SubZERO’s wrist rest varies significantly in design from its closest counterpart, the HyperX wrist rest, and lacks the cooling gel impregnated foam found in the former. If any of these factors are essential to you, the HyperX is a superior option.

SubZERO offers everything you need if you’re looking for a sturdy, no-frills wrist rest that will last a long time. This wrist rest is extremely cheaply priced, even though it isn’t precisely in the budget category.

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5. Ergonomic Wrist Rest by Razer

Razer Ergonomic Wrist RestREASONS TO PURCHASE 

  • Comfortable
  • Cleaning is simple.
  • Waterproof
  • Construction of High Quality


  • Price Increase
  • Not so steady

Our score is 9.3 out of ten.

Razer’s take on a wrist rest is well in keeping with the company’s reputation for originality. There is no RGB here since the focus is on constructive creativity.

Despite the company’s notoriety, Razer’s ergonomic wrist rest has a basic design and an easy-to-miss branding, enabling it to blend in with any PC setup. It has a soft fake leather exterior, which is the first of its kind we’ve seen.

It’s simple to clean with a damp towel and has the additional benefit of being waterproof. This is all wrapped up in a conventional memory foam inside, but you may upgrade to cooling memory foam if you want. A second, stand-alone wrist rest for your mouse is also available from Razer.

With this wrist rest, Razer distinguishes itself from the competition by putting rubber feet on the bottom of the wrist rest rather than making the whole base of the wrist rest made of rubber. The cushion is also slightly angled, so the front edge of the wrist rest lines up perfectly with any full-sized keyboard. Razer omitted anti-fray stitching, but the edges and substance seem to be robust enough to last a long time.

While Razer has undoubtedly produced something unique, they may have approached the sun too closely. Because of its remarkable 8.8 ounce profile, the rubber feet tend to slide around more than wrist rests with a rubber foundation. In addition, as compared to conventional fabric covers, the leatherette becomes significantly dirtier after a comparable length of usage.

There are certainly better alternatives out there with a price tag like this. The individuals who will receive the greatest pleasure out of this wrist rest are Razer fans or those who like unusual computer accessories.

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6. Castle’s Bailey


  • Genuine leather is used.
  • It’s well-behaved and stays put.
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Excellent Typing Support
  • Elegant Design


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Not as relaxing as others

Our score is 9.3 out of ten.

Perhaps you’re searching for a wrist rest to distinguish yourself apart from the rest of your pals. Something elegant, refined, and pricey. If you identify with this description, the Bailey by Castle Leather wrist rest is for you.

The Bailey, which is made of real cowhide leather, can endure everything, even your rage-quit; perspiration, spills, tears, you name it. The leather will soften with time, growing and changing in tandem with you.

This is also, by far, the heaviest wrist rest we’ve seen, at 17.6 pounds. With a rough rubber base, you can be certain that the Bailey will stay put.

The Bailey’s inside is lined with a thick layer of high density padding (1 inch thick), giving it an extra solid feel. Heavy-duty stitching and a clearly visible logo are also included. If you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll like the fact that this wrist rest is made of 93 percent recycled materials.

The Bailey is powerful, but it is uncomfortable. The leather is pleasant to the touch, but the padding is as firm as a rock. Look elsewhere if you’re not searching for just for assistance.

This wrist rest has a one-of-a-kind look. You won’t forget it since it has a matte finish and an embossed logo. Each Bailey has a finish done to it for both protection and color. Castle Leather has three distinct color options: dusk (black), stone (white), and forest (green) (brown).

Despite being intended for normal full-size keyboards, the Bailey is notably tall. Mechanical keyboards will work well with it, but other keyboards may need to be raised to maintain a balanced and healthy wrist posture.

If money isn’t an issue and you want to make a statement, a Bailey by Castle is the way to go. It’s perhaps the most durable wrist rest available, and one you’d be pleased to pass on to your children.

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7. TKL Size Glorious Gaming Wrist Rest

Glorious Gaming Wrist Rest TKLREASONS TO PURCHASE 

  • TKL Keyboards are ideal.
  • Comfortable
  • Construction of High Quality


  • Changes in the Environment
  • Price Increase

We give it a 9.2 out of 10 rating.

The Glorious Gaming tenkeyless (TKL) wrist rest is no exception to the rule that big things come in small packaging. This wrist rest has all of the same characteristics as the full-sized Glorious, but it has been lengthened to fit keyboards without a numberpad.

Users that do not need or find the ten-key numberpad superfluous choose TKL, or 80 percent keyboards, over full-sized keyboards. They also provide a shorter ‘throw’ distance, which is advantageous in games that demand fast action and low latency. They also take up less room than a full-sized keyboard, making them ideal for smaller workspaces without compromising on functionality.

This wrist rest, which is available in a small height variant, is denser than the full-size counterpart, making it less likely to move about while in use. The thin height, which is nearly half the thickness of the normal height, should be well suited to those with flat, small, and non-mechanical keyboards. If you type at an angle or use a tall, compact mechanical keyboard, the thin height may be too short for you.

This wrist rest, which is somewhat less expensive than the larger version, takes up little space and prioritizes function above form. When it comes to purchasing wrist rests, if you use a tenkeyless keyboard, your choices may be restricted. Glorious, thankfully, does a magnificent job of delivering a high-quality product to this customer segment.

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Wrist Rest by Kensington ErgoSoft

Kensington ErgoSoft Wrist RestREASONS TO PURCHASE 

  • Laptops are ideal.
  • Slim and Compact Design
  • Exceptionally relaxing
  • Affordability


  • Not of the same caliber as others
  • Inadequate Wrist Support

Our score is 9.1 out of ten.

So you’ve made it this far, and you’ve undoubtedly noticed that laptop users are underrepresented. If that’s the case, the Kensington ErgoSoft wrist rest is here to help.

The ErgoSoft was created with tiny keyboards in mind, so it doesn’t take up too much room. You won’t need to make any changes to your current process because of the small, thin profile. Unfortunately, certain mechanical keyboards and gaming laptops may find it too thin.

The main aim of ErgoSoft is to provide comfort and simplicity of usage. The combination of a soft fake leather outside and a cushioned gel inside allows for a comfortable typing experience while yet offering enough support. The distinctive curved design also adds extra cushioning to the area where your thumbs rest, which is crucial.

The backing, as usual, is strengthened with non-skid material, but it is of lesser quality than the material used in the wrist rests previously described. This wrist rest should not move with your laptop.

Furthermore, the ErgoSoft may be readily transported to any location, including business meetings, airplanes, and dining room tables. With a thickness of less than half an inch, it will easily fit inside any bag or backpack.

Despite the fact that the white hue shows dirt and filth more easily, cleaning it is as simple as wiping it down with a wet cloth. The ErgoSoft may appeal to Mac users in particular since its white hue complements Apple keyboards.

If you’re not a gamer, you may prefer the ErgoSoft over the more compact Glorious Wrist Rest. Because they are gel and foam, the ErgoSoft is considerably softer than the Glorious. The Glorious is probably more durable, but if you’re not going to use it a lot, the ErgoSoft will suffice. If you’re on a tight budget, the ErgoSoft is a better option.

In summary, if you use a laptop and consider yourself a casual user who simply needs something to get the job done, the ErgoSoft is the wrist rest for you. Look at the Glorious small wrist rest if you use the computer for more than a few hours at a time and need something with additional support.

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Gel vs. Memory Foam: Which Is Better?

Each wrist rest is made up of one of two materials: gel or foam. Each offers the same degree of ergonomic adjustment, but they’re designed for various uses.

A gel wrist rest will enough if you are seldom on the computer for more than a couple of hours at a time. They usually provide greater comfort at the expense of long-term support. If you often find yourself playing video games late at night, a foam wrist rest is for you. Foam, in contrast to gel, is considerably stiffer and better suited to long-term, continuous usage.

Unfortunately, it is unable to disperse the heat generated by your hands, which may cause pain.

What about memory foam, though? Memory foam is less solid than conventional foam and has a bouncy, almost sponge-like feel that mimics the malleability of gel while maintaining the stability of foam. It is frequently used as wrist rests in lieu of conventional foam, although it still has some of the comfort issues associated with foam materials.

It is self-evident that both materials have advantages and disadvantages. But what if you find yourself in the middle of both groups, needing both comfort and support while reading your email? To address this, several businesses have begun to produce wrist rests with a memory foam core covered in a layer of gel, combining the best of both worlds in a beautiful way.

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Do Wrist Rests Help to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely worried about or suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. This nerve disease, which affects between 4 and 10 million Americans, is often caused by poor typing posture.

Wrist rests are one treatment option for carpal tunnel syndrome because they decrease muscular activity while also positioning your wrist at a neutral angle to lessen contact stress. Wrist rests are recommended by both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety to avoid putting excessive strain on the delicate tendons beneath the wrist.

The symptoms of various joint-related diseases, such as arthritis, as well as prior injuries, may be exacerbated by incorrect typing posture. And carpal tunnel syndrome isn’t the only thing to be concerned about; bursitis is frequently ignored since it affects the elbow, but it’s also caused by extended leaning when typing, which is another indication of bad typing posture.

It is necessary to utilize a wrist rest correctly in order to enjoy the advantages. Contrary to common perception, resting your wrists on a wrist rest may actually increase tension, causing carpal tunnel syndrome to develop, persist, or worsen.

The palms or heels of your hands must be put on top of the wrist rest, elevating them above it, in order to utilize it properly. Make sure your wrist rest is comfortable and that your hands and wrists have plenty of room to move about.

Are Wrist Rests Beneficial to Gaming?

Dexterity is essential in gaming. Whether it’s a precise key press or a fast mouse movement, gamers need to be able to move their hands and wrists freely. As a result, using a wrist rest with correct hand positioning is critical, not just for your health but also for your score.

However, some people may find it difficult to complete an intensive gaming session while wearing a wrist rest; it may be more comfortable, but performance suffers. A wrist rest will not enhance your gaming performance if you do not have any existing problems with comfort or posture.

Some players choose to play slower-paced games, with strategy games being a prominent example. In this instance, a wrist rest may be useful for extended durations of gaming since your hands tend to stay in the same posture.

However, some people may want a wrist rest for aesthetic reasons. Many individuals value the aesthetics of their computer setup, and they may feel that adding a wrist rest to it adds a new, distinct dimension to it.

Is it Necessary to Use a Wrist Rest?

You’re probably wondering, “Should I use a wrist rest?” at this point. If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, correctly utilizing a wrist rest in combination with discussing and implementing a treatment plan with your doctor may likely offer some relief from symptoms.

It may also unconsciously inculcate correct wrist position, ensuring that problems do not reappear.

What if you aren’t suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome? Examining your wrist posture may assist you determine whether or not to purchase a wrist rest. A wrist rest is generally unneeded if you already type with proper posture, unless you want one simply for comfort.

If you type incorrectly, though, you may already be on your way to getting carpal tunnel syndrome. Being aware of the problem is half the fight; the other half is changing the harmful habit. If you’ve tried this but find yourself reverting to old habits, it’s time to invest on a wrist rest.

Wrist rests are an essential tool that helps you to stay focused when you are working on the computer. Although you don’t need to buy any expensive accessories, but if you want to get the best, top-rated wrist rests, you should buy something that is worth buying. These wrist rests are designed to help you in different situations. Some can be used for typing while some can be used for gaming. So, here is the list of the best wrist rests for typing and gaming.. Read more about tkl wrist rest and let us know what you think.

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The Logitech G710+ has a wrist rest that is very comfortable.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Are wrist rests good for typing?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Wrist rests are not good for typing because they will cause you to type in an unnatural position.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What material is best for wrist rest?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best material for a wrist rest would be silicone.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Which keyboard has the best wrist rest?

The Logitech G710+ has a wrist rest that is very comfortable.

Are wrist rests good for typing?

Wrist rests are not good for typing because they will cause you to type in an unnatural position.

What material is best for wrist rest?

The best material for a wrist rest would be silicone.


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