In this guide, I will show you the way to solve the first part of the Gale Death Puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3: Enhanced Edition.

This is a guide about the Gale’s Death Puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Well, I suppose you are here to read about the puzzle of the weird balding man. Well, now that you have arrived, I have a few things to say about him. He: Is bald.

Oops, did Gale just die in battle? Even the most intelligent characters have bad days.

But unlike the other companions, when Gale dies you have to solve a small puzzle to bring him back to life.

Fortunately, this only happens once and the normal CPR rolls do work on him, although you get more rolls after completing this puzzle. So it is up to you to decide how you are going to take care of him.

However, the first time you have to solve this puzzle before you can do anything, because as soon as you get near his body to do something, a scene occurs.

So, let’s go!


Gail will tell you what to do to help her. But maybe you don’t understand them and that’s probably why you’re here.

Your companions will probably help you too (if they are with you).

However, if you have other reasons, here is an overview of what to do


For this first step, open your inventory and notice a small pouch in the menu area of Gale’s inventory. Open it to see another scene


Now you have to choose the right colour of wick and in which direction it has to be turned.

The correct answer to this question is the purple thread. Counterclockwise (Option 1)


Now go back to the Inventory menu and note another bag. Open it up.

You will now receive a letter and a flute. You really only need to use one whistle. So you play the flute and then we can move on. ….

Now you have to choose some letters to form a word. Here comes the letter, which we don’t need unless you want to solve the problem yourself. But since you’re here, you probably want to go…..

So for this part you have to choose the letters that form the word DEAD D-E-A-D, which is appropriate since Gale is currently dead.


This section can seem confusing, as the names of the options are quite long and hard to remember.

However, the easiest way to remember the name, and the way I help myself remember the name, is to forget the first parts of the name and remember the last 3 letters instead of the whole name.

The last 3 letters of the correct name are ash, so choose a name with ash at the end. In this case, it’s option 2

Give the strange flying bird a letter to complete the puzzle. Then, as the creature disappears into the smoke, Gale can finally be revived.

So pick a role that can bring the dead back to life, then press Gale twice to bring it back. If that doesn’t work, try to get closer to the body. Not too short… Yeah, that’s about it…

It turns out that if you land near Gale’s corpse, you and everyone around him (including enemies) take damage, so be careful, it’s a huge weapon for a reason.




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