Borderlands 3 performance issues are hindering all platforms, not just PC |

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Gamers investing in a new video card have been worried about Borderlands 3 performance ever since the game was announced. Now that the game is out, while the game is playable, some players are experiencing crippling performance issues on lower-end cards—and the Xbox One X players can’t play the game at all.

The problem with Borderlands 3 is that it’s a really slow game on all platforms if you want to play it with high framerate and low input latency. While a few people may be having issues with this, I’m sure that most people who are enjoying Borderlands 3 are like me: I don’t care what my framerate looks like. I just want to play it, and somehow that seems to be a bigger problem for Gearbox.

A variety of performance issues plague Borderlands 3’s early release in the form of a stuttering framerate and excessive load times.

Borderlands 3 has had a rough start, much like Days Gone or (worse) Anthem. Initially, it was thought that the Borderlands 3 performance problems were exclusive to the PC version of the game, however that is no longer the case following a day one patch. All platforms, including PC, Xbox One X, and PS4 Pro, are affected by the performance issues. A deluge of complaints flooded the Borderlands 3 Subreddit, as well as the Gearbox Twitter page and forums, which were used to report the problems.

What are the performance problems in Borderlands 3?

Multiplayer latency, corrupted saved games, and dips in FPS have all been mentioned as issues. When Digital Foundry looked into the issue from a technological standpoint, they found that frame rate dips are a problem for both performance and resolution settings. The standard Xbox One and PS4 consoles have significant performance problems, which also impact the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, with the X being able to sustain 30 frames per second.

In our own testing of Borderlands 3 performance problems, we discovered that PCs running at maximum settings, as well as the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, all suffered in the early parts of the game. While the framerate drop, it’s very irritating to try to start battle, and the PC version also had a lot of stuttering when switching to aim down sights. When accessing the Echo menu in multiplayer on all platforms, there is a lot of latency, which may be quite irritating.

The performance problems in Borderlands 3 don’t end there; the game may become totally unplayable. When playing split-screen or multiplayer online, there is a lot of latency when browsing the menus, and strangely, you can’t change the settings on the console version. The text used in local split-screen is illegible owing to the way the screen has been displayed horizontally, according to a slew of postings on the Gearbox Xbox One and PS4 forums. “At this moment, there are no plans to implement vertical split-screen.” According to 2K in a report to Comic Book, it doesn’t seem like this problem will be resolved very soon.

Even if we ignore the Borderlands 3 performance problems, mission pins disappear from the map, fast-travel options are unstable, there are crash reports and lost saves, and there are a slew of other issues.

It’s comforting to know (not really) that Gearbox is fully aware of the majority of the problem, as shown by their Twitter responses. The majority of us are wondering why none of these problems were addressed prior to the game’s release. To add gasoline to the fire, 2K did not provide review keys to the gaming industry until the day before the game was published; if they had done so a month earlier, the gaming community may have picked up on some of the issues!

We’re working on improving things!

September 16, 2019 — Gearbox Official (@GearboxOfficial)


If you’re having trouble with Borderlands 3, the best thing you can do is keep an eye on the dedicated help website, since any changes will be released there first. You may attempt to fix the problems yourself till then. Disable network functionality, reduce your FOV, or use DirectX11 in full screen on a PC.

Borderlands 3 is currently being played on both PC and Xbox One, but performance issues are being reported on both platforms. The Xbox One version was originally released with performance issues that prevented the game from running at its best. Those performance issues were fixed, but then the PC version was released with similar problems. It’s not clear whether those performance issues are caused by the game itself or by the platforms, the cloud storage services, or other third-party software.. Read more about borderlands 3 stutter fix 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Borderlands 3 so bad PC?

Borderlands 3 is not bad PC. Its just a different game than the previous two games in the series.

Why is my Borderlands 3 laggy?

Borderlands 3 is a very demanding game. If you are experiencing lag, it could be due to your internet connection.

How do I stop Borderlands 3 from lagging?

Borderlands 3 is a very demanding game, and it can cause your PC to lag. If you are experiencing this issue, try turning off the graphics settings in-game.

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