The MasterKeys Pro L is a mechanical keyboard with RGB LEDs and a detachable wrist rest. It has an aluminum frame and comes in both black and silver colors.

Cooler Master has released a new keyboard that is designed for gaming. The cooler master masterkeys pro l white is a mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting and Cherry MX switches.

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Cooler Master is renowned for producing durable computer chassis. When I think of cooler master, I think of HAF X, the badass monster that used to make me drool. People have become more sophisticated, and minimalism has become fashionable. As a result, Cooler Master is overhauling their product range to better fit today’s corporate environment, which values not just performance but also elegant aesthetics and functionality. As much as I’d want to write about Cooler Master cases, we’ve got something completely different from the same business attempting to reinvent itself today. Cue Cooler Master keyboards, model Masterkeys Pro L. We’re looking at a product from Cooler Master that isn’t well-known. This is a keyboard constructed like a tank, with all the bells and whistles, as well as RGB, that a contemporary keyboard would need. So, without further ado, let’s get right in.

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The Masterkeys Pro L is Cooler Master’s newest keyboard, with a 104-key US-International layout. Mechanical keyboard fans swear by Cherry MX, and I have the version with Cherry MX Red switches and, of course, the highly renowned RGB LEDs. This is a positive indication; CM isn’t taking any chances. According to the Cooler Master website, the keyboard is also available with Cherry MX Blues and Cherry MX Brown switches. Inside the package, you’ll find a key-cap puller and a micro-USB cable. Mine was a review sample that arrived after a few rounds, so it didn’t, but I’m not sure who is to blame, whether it’s CM or the reviewers in question. When looking at the board, it’s obvious that CM is playing it safe, but it’s unclear how many punches they’ll throw.

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The front of the keyboard is extremely plain; there isn’t even a cooler master logo anywhere on it except… Oh, and instead of the normal Windows logo, both Super keys have the Cooler Master logo. That’s all right. On the front, there isn’t much to look at; it’s a simple design. This is very standard fare around here. Standard full-depth, beautifully contoured double-shot ABS keycaps are used. The keycaps, like the rest of the design thus far, are intended to endure. Perfect. Apart from the Super keys, the writing is likewise quite normal. The key-caps are written in a clear and professional typeface. P1 through P4 are the four keys located above the numeric keypad. These will be used to change between different profiles. The outside encasing is strong plastic that doesn’t readily collect fingerprints, and the inside board is steel, which accounts for the weight.

MasterKeys Pro L 2

The tiny bezels are gently contoured and extremely smooth, and the encasing itself is as out of the way as possible. In a figurative sense, the keyboard body is stiff and will not bend no matter what I throw at it. With this, you could play baseball. Now, although cooler master has done a great job thus far, I would have like to see dedicated media keys rather than a sub-layer accessed by hitting FN. F1-F12 are also linked to additional functions; more on that later. To accommodate this, the menu key has been replaced with the FN key, which solely serves to activate the keyboard’s onboard functions as well as the Media Keys, which are assigned to the Insert-pg down keys. The keycaps F and J, as well as Numpad 5, are marked with a slight bump to indicate that you are on the home row. When the keyboard is in its resting position, we can observe that the top rows are somewhat taller, and the numeric row is slightly higher than the home or bottom rows. And the function keys have been pushed back somewhat to keep them out of the way.

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Red Switches

The Cherry MX Red switch may be seen by removing a keycap. The num 0, num Plus, and num Enter keys, as well as Space, Shift, Backspace, and Enter, all have a spring mechanism beneath them to give optimal tension when in use, which is great. However, there is one little flaw with this method in reality. I have a soft spot for the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and I strive to do well in it. To get an advantage in my quest for Global, I created a distinct keyboard control arrangement than my colleagues. I use my thumb to hit space, alt, super, and a few other keys, but the crucial part is that when I continually push extremely near to the edge of the space key, the key-cap comes free. Which I start by pressing the key all the way down in the key-dead cap’s center. I’m guessing there’s a problem with the tensioning mechanism. As far as I’m aware, it only appears on the space key, although this will depend on your particular preferences. Moving on, the Key-caps have an underlying white reflecting coating to better reflect the light from the LEDs; in principle, this creates a beautiful impression of continuous illumination, but once you get accustomed to it, it becomes a distraction. Under the hood, everything seems to be in good working order. Quality and consistency.

We’re now on the underside of the keyboard after flipping it over. Finally, we see a Cooler Master logo as well as a barcode to help us identify your goods. There are four tiny rubber feet on the bottom, which are very small; I’m curious as to what they were thinking when they designed this. Larger rubber feet on the bottom would have been preferable in my opinion. There is a female micro-USB connector on the keyboard that will be utilized to connect it to your computer. Cooler Master has also done a good job of providing cable routing channels beneath the keyboard, which allow the cable to escape via the top or either side of the keyboard. There are additionally two keyboard liftoffs to offer the resting keyboard a higher elevation. Because of the review sample, mine is broken. People, take care of your keyboards. It’s commendable that cooler master created this keyboard with the principle of less being more in mind. However, in order to stay on the well-trodden route, businesses and their clients may have to forego a lot of additional capability. Is there no USB pass-through, headphone jack, or jack?

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Masterkeys Pro L 5

Because RGB is such a prominent element of this keyboard, it’s worth noting that the Masterkeys Pro L looks fantastic when the RGB lighting is switched on. It is beneficial to be able to see your keys at night, even if you are touch typing, like I am doing now. When I choose the game lighting scheme, it also helps me easily recognize gaming controllers. That’s all well and good. The keyboard has a plethora of lighting effects. I must admit that the MK Pro L makes my desk seem fantastic, and whenever I return to my computer, I always take a minute to admire the keyboard’s lighting effects. The lighting on this keyboard is acceptable, and I would go so far as to say that, after durability and switch type choices, lighting is the second most important selling feature of the device.

Masterkeys Pro L 7

Masterkeys Pro L 8

Masterkeys Pro L 9

Color Wave and Rain are two of my personal favorites. Please have a look at these. Let us not forget that, no matter how wonderful something is, it has faults. In this instance, I wish you luck since the replication of white color isn’t up to par; in my case, it looks pinkish-white rather than pure white. Second, the bottom half of the key-cap, i.e. the sublettering, is not as brightly lit as I would like. As a result, the sublayer seems to be much darker than the main layer. Finally, while not everyone likes the keyboard backlight bleeding between the keycaps, which also distracts from the dimmer sub-lettering on useful keys, Cooler Master’s decision to embrace it and make it a selling point rather than try to hide it speaks volumes about their approach to the RGB craze, and more is definitely more in this case. Solely the Logitech Romer G has a non-bleeding backlight that only illuminates the text. I’m expecting to see manufacturers come out with a slew of new, non-intrusive RGB-lighting solutions.

Furthermore, N-key rollover is possible on this keyboard, although it is currently only available on Windows; it is not available on Linux. In my use, I was only able to utilize 6KRO, which is still very good. How quickly do you think you can type on this? The keyboard will not be a restricting issue as long as you can pound the keys quickly enough. Because there is no dummy/extra key to map a macro to, I don’t use it. However, you may wish to apply macros to the scroll lock, as it is now a defunct key that isn’t utilized in almost any contemporary program.

The illumination is excellent and visible even in broad sunshine, but you will need to turn up the brightness to the utmost (who doesn’t have their RGB keyboard set to full brightness?).

The keyboard’s body is designed to outlive the switches, so you get the concept. The only part of this keyboard that I believe may fail prematurely is the micro-USB connector on the bottom if you disconnect it often for whatever reason.

As I previously said, the lighting effects and on-the-fly customization are the main features of this keyboard. Press and hold FN to enter RGB customizing mode. This will light up the F1, F2, and F3 keys in red, green, and blue, respectively, with a brightness value that when combined gives you the various shades of color, thus RGB illumination. By hitting the F1-F3 keys, the quantity values of red, green, and blue may be raised or reduced. Because the chosen color is instantly displayed on the FN key, the method is straightforward and simple to use. By hitting that key, you may now apply this color to any other key on the board. If this sounds like too much of a bother, don’t worry; Cooler Master has already put in a plethora of lighting effects that can be cycled through simply pressing FN and F4.

A graphical user interface is also available for changing, saving, and loading lighting settings from a hard disk. It may be found on the CM website. However, the program is only compatible with Windows operating systems. Furthermore, the program does not currently support macros, and we have no idea when it will. Regardless, macros may be programmed directly from the keyboard, without the need of any drivers. So, even if the software isn’t exactly gleaming, at least the keyboard can do everything without the need for CM’s proprietary software.

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The cooler master masterkeys pro l software is a gaming keyboard. It has RGB lighting, macro keys, and an LCD screen.


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