Corsair’s Obsidian 500D is a redesign of the Corsair 570X

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Corsair has announced a redesign of their 570X case, the Obsidian 500D. The new design is meant to be more compact and easier to work with, as well as being more modular than its predecessor.

The corsair obsidian 1000d is a redesign of the Corsair 570X. This new case has a sleek design and offers more features than its predecessor.

Corsair demonstrated new cases at CES that will be available shortly. Corsair is well-known for their Carbide line of high-end cases, which it offers in a variety of pricing ranges. Now, Corsair has revamped the 570X and renamed it the Obsidian 500D after listening to user feedback.

It is available in two versions: RGB and Non-RGB. Both feature tempered glass on the sides, while the RGB case also includes tempered glass on the front and sides. The Non-RGB version, on the other hand, does not have toughened glass on the front.


Corsair Obsidian 500D rgb is a good place to start.

However, the internal design of both cases is identical, and they seem to be 90% identical to the Corsair 570X. I use a 570X for my primary RIG and am very aware of its limitations.

Some of the restrictions are as follows:

1. Intake clearance is insufficient at the front.

2. Remove the PSU shroud, exposing the wires.

3. Tempered glass panels have to be totally removed.

4. There isn’t a routing hole in the PSU shroud.

MY build

My Personal RIG is shown above, and I believe you can see all of the restrictions in one picture (Apology for the low light). I even tinkered with it a bit to hide the wires correctly. However, I appreciate Corsair’s approach in that it has eliminated all restrictions, but based on what other major tech sites have stated, the RGB version is anticipated to cost about $250, whereas the original 570X cost around $180.

The Non-RGB version is $100 less expensive at $150, which is still not cheap, but with the revised inside, I don’t see any flaws.

The airflow was the most significant factor. Even though the 570X’s front glass panel has approximately 1-inch clearance on the sides, the side tempered glass panel still covers 1.5 cm of the area, making it extremely hot in the summer.

The Obsidian 500D’s new hinged side panels are also a big plus for consumers since removing the tempered glass from the casing requires a lot of attention. A nonsensical cause has already shattered the tempered glass plate on my right side. It’s nice to know that consumers won’t have to totally delete them.

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The corsair 570x dimensions is a redesign of the Corsair 570X. It has a more modern design and improved features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Corsair Obsidian 500D have good airflow?

The Corsair Obsidian 500D has a front intake and top exhaust. This means that the case does not have great airflow, but it is sufficient for most users.

What fans come with the Corsair crystal 570X?

The Corsair Crystal 570X comes with two 120mm fans.

Does the Obsidian 500D SE come with fans?

The Obsidian 500D SE does not come with fans.

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