I’ve always been a sucker for sweet arcade games with pixelated graphics, and the timeless classic Cuphead is no exception. Although I have yet to have the pleasure of playing this game on the Xbox One, it is no secret that it is one of the most anticipated indie video games of the past few years.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Cuphead, the endearing indie platformer made by StudioMDHR that goes by the name of Cuphead. Well, earlier this week, I’m sure you’ve also heard about the game’s recent switch to a different engine, one that is much more powerful, and should result in the game running better on a number of different platforms. Cuphead’s Switch version has already been confirmed to run better on the Nintendo Switch, but it has also received a number of very positive reviews.

Does anyone ever hear a Switch game being mentioned on the Internet? I didn’t think so. That’s why this week’s surprise release of Cuphead is such a big deal. What’s so surprising about this release? It’s part of a new trend that’s happening in gaming.

Carson Levy is the author of this book.

Carson Levy is a freelance writer and filmmaker based in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s been playing video games since he could hold a controller, and he’s waiting for a Super Mario Sunshine remake with bated breath. Dougie, his leopard gecko kid, is his pride and joy.

cuphead switch | is a casual video game where you can move the character and the game is still running. It has many unique features such as moving the character, the ability to jump and skip ahead in the game, and even a save system. It’s an amazing feeling to play this game and I’m excited to make a new video every few days.. Read more about cuphead gameplay and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cuphead worth it on Switch?

Cuphead is a classic 2D platformer with a unique art style and challenging gameplay. It was released in 2017, so its definitely worth the purchase.

Is Cuphead harder on Switch?

Cuphead is harder on Switch because the Switch version of the game does not have a remix mode.

Will Cuphead be physical on Switch?

Unfortunately, it is not currently planned for a physical release.

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