If you’re here and are a fan of Darksiders, there’s no doubt you want to get Darksiders III, the latest installment of the franchise. But, like any game, it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. After all, not everyone has a console, and many people don’t have a spare gaming system laying around.

Darksiders III (3) : Sunken Tracks – Train Car Puzzle Guide. This post demonstrates how to solve the puzzle with the train car in the sunken train tracks puzzle in the Sunken Tracks level for Darksiders III.

The first video guide to the DarkSiders III Sunken Tracks level for the Xbox One console!


As you continue your journey through the station, you’ll come to a train car surrounded by purple rocks and two spider monsters.
Crush all the purple stones with the hammer. Look up, you’ll see a scaffolding with an object on it, drive a car to the scaffolding and climb it, picking up the object on top.
Follow this path to the lever and pull it, go back to the car and notice that the light has changed from orange to green. Now take the train to the other side and get in.





 Helping you find the solution to the Sunken Tracks puzzle can be a bit tricky, but not if you follow the guide! In this guide, you’ll find all the solutions to the Sunken Tracks puzzle along with detailed descriptions of each puzzle.. Read more about darksiders 3 depths puzzle and let us know what you think.


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