This year, I was able to attend the first ever ESGS (E3 Showcase Series) in Japan for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet at the Tokyo Game Show on September 20th. The preview was a hands-on event for the game that has been in development since last year. There was a live panel and Q&A session with the director, producer, and concept designer, and a special one-hour presentation by the voice actors.

This year’s Electronic Software and Games Show (ESGS) in Las Vegas will be no different from previous years. The show will be packed with booths, panels, and interviews, many of which will focus on upcoming games that will be released over the next year. We will be there to bring you the latest news about upcoming games and game releases.

I’m an old school gamer who’s not really interested in social gaming and the like, but I love old school games, like Street Fighter, DarkStalkers, and more. This year’s E3 was an old school gamer’s dream, with tons of classic game announcements and plenty of games that were designed to give you that 90’s arcade feel.

While most attendees were focused on Dragon Ball FighterZ, Bandai Namco also had Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet accessible to play.

Fatal Bullet, based on the massively famous anime, concentrates on the sci-fi MMO world of “Gun Gale Online” from the second season, rather than the more well-known high fantasy setting from the first. At ESGS 2017, the station offered four distinct demo options, each featuring a different character (including series protagonist Kirito, sniper Sinon and the knight Asuna).

Kirito, a lightsaber-wielding jedi with a pistol as a ranged backup armament, was my choice. Fatal Bullet is a little like a more chaotic version of Mass Effect, with squad tactics playing a big part in destroying robots. But it’s a lot more complicated, with more sub-menus, a larger number of squad orders, and more detailed data.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is finally coming to North America as a PS4 exclusive, and with that, GameStop and Bandai Namco are providing a free copy to attendees at the Electronic Software Ratings Board (ESGS) 2017 event.. Read more about sword art online: fatal bullet worth it and let us know what you think.

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