Also, if you don’t know what Anthem is, then you miss out on one of the most amazing things in gaming so far this year! Anthem is a new game from Bioware where you play a Bioware style game but in outer space!… I mean, it’s Bioware, so of course it would be awesome. The starter edition is out now, and I’m going to break this guide down by levels so you can get an idea of what this game is like, and how to level it up and get better gear and such to help you!

Anthem will end after 30 levels, that is, the end game. There is no way to get to level 31. So, whether you’re level 30 or 31, we will guide you through the end game content. We will also show you how to get to level 32 and beyond using both our official guide and the community guide. If you enjoy it and want to support us, please share our posts on social media platforms as well as your website or blog.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Anthem after level 30. If you’re still playing Anthem, or you’ve already reached level 30, then you know that at this point, you’re stuck in a closed world with only 4 hours of gameplay each day. If you’re new to the game, I’m going to explain everything I know about the end game content, what is available, and how to get the best gear.

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Anthem, BioWare’s highly anticipated third-person shooter, was launched earlier this year. Despite receiving mixed reviews from reviewers, Anthem has managed to attract a large and dedicated fan base. Many gamers are now investigating the final game of this huge, multiplayer shooter, which has been available for months. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of pointers for all of you late-game aficionados.

Levels of Grandmaster

The first step in completing Anthem’s end game is to achieve level 30. You’ll be able to access the Grandmaster difficulty levels after you’ve done so. There are three grandmaster levels in total, each with its own unique difficulty level. While this feature does not bring new material to the game, it does improve the likelihood of receiving higher-tier treasure.

Each grandmaster level also has a suggested power score, which you can see in the table below.

Level of Difficulty Power Level Suggestions
1st Grandmaster 425+
2nd Grandmaster 575+
3rd Grandmaster 675+

You’ll want to spend some time in freeplay scoring greater loot after you’ve reached the first grandmaster level. After some freeplay, you’ll want to take on legendary contracts to help your character grow even more. Finally, before tackling the towering strongholds, you should take on the relatively new legendary tasks.

With a little digging, you’ll be able to increase your power score enough to take on the next grandmaster level after going through this procedure. The procedure then repeats again until you reach Grandmaster 3’s strongholds.



Once you begin your end-game content, freeplay will be the easiest choice available to you. This patch enables you to explore Anthem’s vast open environment. Because these sessions are always open to the public, you may ask friends to join you at any moment without the requirement to create a squad.

You may scavenge for items, manufacture materials, and fight opponents for uncommon and strong loot in this mode, which is where the true worth lies. Freeplay may also be used to finish events. However, you’ll have to investigate the region until an opportunity arises. Events aren’t shown on your map until they’ve been found in the game.

The complexity of these activities is determined by the number of people in your group. The opponents will be scaled to your skills if you’re playing alone.

Contracts of Legend


You may pick up contracts at Fort Tarsis. Yellow scroll symbols indicate normal contracts. Legendary contracts, on the other hand, will be identified by purple scroll icons, as seen above.

Complete all of the agent missions and agent contracts for all three factions after finishing the campaign and reaching level 30. Then, for each side, execute a single repeating contract. You will now have access to legendary contracts.

While you may get contracts from individual NPCs, you can also get them in bulk at the Launch Bay’s contract board. These contracts are created at random. Wonderful quantities of experience, on the other hand, are always assured. Completing legendary contracts is a fantastic method to increase your Alliance Tiers while also earning some significant cash.

Contracts refresh every day, guaranteeing that you’ll have enough of material to keep you occupied for weeks.

Missions of Legend


Legendary Missions are relatively new, having been introduced in the 1.0.4 patch on March 26, 2019. You may now repeat key route missions at a higher difficulty level thanks to this new feature. Every day, one legendary assignment is accessible. You may, however, repeat that same assignment as many times as you like.



Anthem first released three strongholds for players to enjoy. On April 23, 2019, BioWare released “The Sunken Cell” stronghold with the 1.1.0 patch.

The Tyrant Mine is the first stronghold accessible to players. This fortress, on the other hand, is accessible at a very early stage. After completing the campaign, you’ll be able to access “The Temple of Scar,” “The Heart of Rage,” and “The Sunken Cell.”

These strongholds are the most difficult difficulties in Anthem’s last chapter. They may, however, be the most gratifying. BioWare has added something new to the usual treasure drops from these missions. Players may now harvest Elysian Caches via these stronghold tasks, according to the 1.0.4 release.

Players will discover stronghold vanity chests after killing the monster at the conclusion of each stronghold. You must first complete a daily challenge in order to acquire a key for one of these chests.

These chests include crafting supplies, emotes, vinyls, and victory postures.

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You will be able to access the highest level content in Anthem.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Can you get past level 30 anthem?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
I am not sure what you mean by get past level 30 anthem.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What do you get for finishing anthem?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
For finishing the game, you will get a special emblem that is given to players who complete the game.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you reach level 30 in Anthem?

You will be able to access the highest level content in Anthem.

Can you get past level 30 anthem?

I am not sure what you mean by get past level 30 anthem.

What do you get for finishing anthem?

For finishing the game, you will get a special emblem that is given to players who complete the game.


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