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(FF8) Final Fantasy VIII : PuPu & UFO (Side Quest) Guide: “I found this side quest in Final Fantasy VIII’s a little while ago, and it’s pretty damn cool. Anyway, here’s the story: In the game, PuPu is the CGDIC (CGDIC, or Channel the Force, is the computer system that brings the player into the game) for the Desert Palace after you beat the game. So, after you beat the game, go to the Desert Palace’s place where the CGDIC is, and fight the Game Masters (the enemies that attack you when you first enter), and the game will bring up an FMV sequence. After the FMV,

This is the guide for the side quest of Crystal Tokyo and it’s pretty simple. You just need to follow my guide, and then you’ll be able to do the side mission.

Have you ever seen a weird flying UFO in the sky? Have you ever pondered what it signified or why it came out of nowhere? PuPu, the adorable blue alien, owns that weird UFO.

The UFO appears exclusively in certain locations on the global map, and you must see it four times before encountering PuPu. You can get PuPu’s Triple Triad card

after you’ve encountered him.

You must bring at least 5 Elixir, which can be purchased at Esthar, before we begin. Once you’ve collected enough of them, your next objective is to locate UFOs.

Winhill Beaches of Mandy (Near Timber) East of Trabia Garden is the Heath Peninsula. East of Cactuar Island

is the Kashkabald Desert.

Your next mission will be to go east and land the Ragnarok on the cliffs/canyon after seeing the UFO. If you run about here long enough, you’ll end yourself in a battle with a UFO. Destroy it to watch the spacecraft explode someplace.

The ship is docked at the same place where Balamb Garden used to be.

Run around the crater until you come upon Pupu, the blue alien. Instead of attacking him, you should give him 5 Elixir here. Once you have done that, the fight will end and you will get the PuPu card for your trouble.

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This guide describes two important side-quests that can be completed in Final Fantasy VIII. The PuPu and UFO side quests are a great way for you to get ahead and save up some money. This guide features a complete walkthrough of both side-quests with step-by-step instructions and screenshots.. Read more about ff8 obel lake and let us know what you think.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a PuPu card?

PuPu cards are given out to players who have completed the tutorial.

What happens if you run from PuPu?

If you run from PuPu, she will chase you and try to eat your soul.

Where is the CC group FF8?

The CC group FF8 is located in the basement of the library.


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