FF8 has some truly brilliant sidequests that don’t appear in the main game. The Queen Of Cards is one of them, and it’s an absolute must for the completionist. Though it can be completed at any point, it’s better to do it after you have completed the game once. It serves two purposes: getting a higher overall score, and also earning some extra Gil (money) from doing so. The sidequest is a little complicated, so I’ve put together a guide that should help you out.

Here in my book, I’ve detailed and listed all the quests in Final Fantasy VIII, but the game has a lot more besides. You can get more side quests by visiting people and talking to them. It’s important to note that you’ll get different outcomes depending on who you talk to.

With his latest quest, the player must climb a mountain of cards and defeat the queen of cards. Before this can be done, the player must obtain three cards that make the climb easier. The cards are a Blue Card, Yellow Card, and a Red Card. These cards cannot be obtained by taking the time to explore the card mountain. Fortunately, there is a way to obtain each card without having to climb the mountain.

The Queen Of Cards side quest is a lengthy one that requires a lot of travelling, hope for favourable area regulations, and, playing course, lots of Triple Triad.

The upside is that the quest unlocks a slew of one-of-a-kind cards that are only accessible during this quest.

You must be in Balamb Town to begin this quest. Near the Train Station, you will come across a lady who seems to be dressed strangely and sticks out quite a bit; when speaking with her, you will discover she is the Queen of Cards.

However, depending on whatever area you are in, she has extremely particular restrictions. She also has a habit of fleeing after losing a round of Triple Triad to her. You must also lose certain cards to her in order to get access to new ones.

So, here’s a map of where she is, what cards you’ll need to lose, and which ones you’ll unlock as a result.

Following the loss of a particular card, your next job is to locate the replacement.

LOCATION The Kiros card may be found at the Weapon Shop

in Deling City.

Fisherman Horizon contains the Irvine card (FH). The Mayor’s wife has it

in the heart of town.

Balamb Garden, 1F, has the chubby Chocobo card.

The Doomtrain card may be discovered at Timer’s pub.

Esthar and Aide are both in possession of the Phoenix card.


You may challenge the Queen’s son i

f you’re not sure where to obtain your cards back. The Queen’s son is in Dollet; he’s the youngster who disappears into a painting room on the pub’s right side. He is often spotted with a dog.

The Card Queen’s location varies and is sometimes unpredictable. She will, however, generally offer a clue as to where she will go next.

She will be at the bar on the top floor in Balamb Town, near the station Dollet. She will be staying at the Hotel Fisherman in Deling City. Horizon – Before entering the tiny village Trabia – Shumi Village, on the bridge. The Winhill Hotel Esthar – Presidential Palace is home to the Hotel Cetra. Lunar Gate – Somewhere Far Away

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the queen of cards to move?

You can’t.

How do I start the queen of cards quest?

You can start the quest by talking to the Queen of Cards in the Tavern.

What cards do you lose queen of cards?

You lose the queen of cards if you have no cards left in your hand.


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