As a fan of the original Horizon Chase Turbo, I was definitely excited to check out the Turbo: Deluxe Edition. And after spending some quality time with the Deluxe Edition, I have to say, I’m blown away with how much I’m enjoying it.

This game is a racing game with a twist. It’s not your typical racing game, however. Instead, you’re going to race against the clock, against your friends, and even against the person who has the most points. The gameplay is based on speed and agility. You have to have fast reflexes to get to the finish line first.

The Future of Gaming: Horizon Chase Turbo is available on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Horizon Chase Turbo is a 3rd person racing game where you control a hover car and fight for the first place. It combines the intensity of fast paced arcade racing games with the power of full 3D graphics.

Horizon Chase Turbo, a game that is easy to pick up yet difficult to put down once you start playing, is a perfect example of how arcade racing games maximize their enjoyment value. Any lover of the genre will be enthralled by the diversity of game modes and tracks available to learn the most effective method to regularly finish first. There are a few flaws, but none of them are enough to detract from the fact that this game – a simple and enjoyable experience that can be enjoyed alone or with others – is a great option for arcade racing fans.

Horizon Chase Turbo’s gameplay was so engaging that I was immediately drawn back in to play another race. If you’re acquainted with the OutRun series, you’ll have a good sense of what you’re getting into, but those who aren’t will pick up the game in minutes. 

Horizon Chase Turbo is fantastic because it forces you to think about a number of various aspects while you smash through highways at ridiculous speeds. With you beginning from the bottom of the barrel in every race, getting to the finish line first becomes a conundrum of sorts, as you’re charged with making the most use of the few resources you have. 

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