Huawei is about to release a smartwatch that will be dedicated to gaming. The device, which has been in development for over two years, will support the latest technologies like 4K video streaming and virtual reality headsets.

The huawei watch 3 pro review is a smartwatch that has been built with gaming in mind. It will have a 1.8GHz Kirin processor, 4GB of RAM and a 240Hz refresh rate.

The Chinese smartphone maker “Huawei” has filed a new patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for a new breakthrough gaming wristwatch dubbed “Smart wearable device and control technique for the same wearable device.”

Instead of utilizing a traditional touchscreen, this wristwatch will be controlled via its watch strap. Because its strap can be used with a variety of motions, it may be used to play a variety of shooter and racing games in which players must move and control quickly. Tap, slide, pull, sway, twist, shake, and push are some of the motions used. In a very basic way, these will be utilized to give various purposes to each gesture. is the source of this image.

The wristwatch literature clearly shows comprehensive drawings of its mechanical sensor and a touch area on both bands that may be readily triggered by a slide or long-press motion. Its strap, interestingly, functions as a virtual keyboard, with half of the keys on the left and half on the right. Wow! Users may simply scroll up and down to get all characters when required, thanks to the even distribution.

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A gyroscope and an accelerometer will be included in this Hauwei gaming wristwatch. When a watch is pulled or twisted from either side to execute a particular job, this makes it easier to interpret the motions. The creators of this future watch also see it being used to play games horizontally, with the user holding the watch with bands on both sides with their hands. As a result, more realistic and effective controls will be provided.

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Huawei is the source of this image.

This watch may also be used to snap selfies in addition to gaming. Users may zoom in and out, scroll, copy text, and do a lot more at their leisure.

Without a doubt, this patent shows Huawei’s ambition to become a market leader in this field. While competitors like Xiaomi, ZTE, and Razer have delved into the gaming smartphone industry, it remains to be seen how Huawei will execute the development of this future product and make an impact in the market.


The best smartwatch is a new device that Huawei will be releasing soon. It has been designed for gamers, and it has many features that are exclusive to the device.

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