ID Please is a new, eye-catching game for iOS that will make you think seriously in a fun way. And once you get it, you’ll never be bored with your spare time again. (Seriously!)

Are you tired of the insulting stereotype that gamers are all basement-dwelling basement dwellers who play Call of Duty for hours on end? Well, there’s a new game in town that takes aim at that stereotype, and boy does it have a lot to say about it. The game is called ID Please, and it’s a mobile game that lets you play the parts of a security guard who’s in charge of ensuring that your hotel remains free of gunmen who are carrying weapons of mass destruction, and also other things.

There have been many people who have come to Lion Studios for a wide variety of reasons. Some have come to seek refuge, while others have come for business. For most, however, Lion Studios is their home.

On the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, Lion Studios has released the game ID Please. On January 26, 2020, the game ID Please was launched.

ID Please is the latest casual game from Lion Studios. You will play as a bouncer at a nightclub, and your duty will be to deal with the intruders. You get to choose who gets in and who doesn’t. Is it suitable for children? Is it enjoyable? In this ID Please game review, we’ll discover out.

– Information about the Game:

  • ID – Name Please
  • Lion Studios is the publisher.
  • The film will be released on January 26, 2020.
  • Simulation is a genre.
  • Teenagers are given a rating depending on their age.

Gameplay – ID Please

In the ID Please game, you take on the role of a nightclub bouncer. It’s up to you to determine who gets in and who doesn’t. Every day at work, the Night Club provides you a set of criteria to use to determine who gets in and who doesn’t. You may, however, violate the regulations — but it will come at a high price. So don’t violate the Night Club regulations and make an informed decision.

Your work will begin immediately once you have familiarized yourself with the Night Club regulations in the ID Please game. You must swipe right to allow others to enter. You must swipe left to throw them out.

You must make choices based on the nightclub’s requirements. For example, if it reads just white shirt and no drunk, right swipe to see all the individuals wearing white shirts who are not intoxicated. And for the rest of the guests, swipe left.

There are several amusing situations, such as people fighting (tap to break out), bribes (people attempting to bribe you for admission), and so forth.

You’ll receive the stars and the money if you finish your day work honestly and meet all of your objectives. After the day is done, you may spend the money to decorate the character’s home.

You may also use the stars to purchase character modifications such as spectacles, beards, and so on.

In the ID Please game, there are over 50 levels to play. To choose a level, press the menu button in the bottom-right corner of the game’s home screen. If you don’t get a 3-star on a level, you may replay it.

Monetization of the ID Please game: –

Ads and in-app purchases (IAPs) are used to monetize the game. Ads – Occasionally, while gaming, you may encounter a slew of obnoxious advertisements. Additionally, simply viewing the video commercial, you may double your prize. IAPs – for $2.99, you may eliminate the advertisements by purchasing the No Ads bundle.

Is It Suitable for Children?

The game is classified Teen, which indicates it is appropriate for players aged 13 and older. In the game, there are a few characters that are inebriated. The characters fight from time to time, thus there is some little violence. Bribery is another another negative behavior that should be avoided by children under the age of 13.

Review of the game ID Please –

It’s a straightforward and enjoyable game with a large number of levels. The visuals, soundtrack, and character animations are all excellent. However, there are some irritating advertisements that some of you may not like. We’d give it a four-star rating.



ID Please is a point-and-click adventure that was released on the PC in 2015. It is a point-and-click game with a hidden object element, and is characterized as having a dark tone. The game’s plot follows the last survivor of a nuclear apocalypse, who, along with a cast of characters, must use the remains of the world to hold off a series of vicious creatures.. Read more about lion studios games online and let us know what you think.


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