Kamen Rider OOO is a fantastic series, and one that most people have yet to experience. It’s everything you want in a Kamen Rider series, with all the fantastical action you’d expect, but it’s also filled with drama and character that helps elevate it beyond its genre contemporaries. To this day, OOO remains one of the best Kamen Rider shows in the franchise, and one of the best shows from the last decade.

In the real world, Kamen Rider shows up on our TV screens as a hero, in the form of a flashy, fast-paced, action series. As far as in-game storytelling, the games’ story is about as uninteresting as they come: Kamen Rider characters have been fighting against evil for centuries. However, the films , which were released in the 80s, 65 years before the Kamen Rider manga came out, had something more: a backstory.

The days of an obligatory shovelware video game tie-in for a successful TV or movie franchise are long gone. Quality was frequently a secondary consideration, since games had to sell just enough to cover production expenses. While this isn’t a typical practice, it’s not unusual for publishers to profit from poor goods by riding the coattails of a well-known brand.

With that said, I’ll confess that I’m a sucker for jump-kicking karate bug guys and all the merchandise that goes along with them. I also yearn for the day when Kamen Rider games get the same amount of care and attention as, say, Bandai’s Dragonball or Gundam franchises.

Kamen Rider: Memory of Heroez is one of the most recent Kamen Rider games, as well as one of the few to be released in English outside of Japan. Memory of Heroez is also a story-driven third-person action adventure game, which sets it apart from the Climax fighting game series.

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