Lian Li O11 Dynamic vs XL- Taking a close look

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic was designed to be a flexible gaming PC, but the cost is not easy on the wallet. In this article, we take a close look at the strengths and weaknesses of both models to help you decide which one is right for you.

The lian li o11 dynamic xl is a PC case that has been released recently. It’s main difference from the previous model is the addition of two fans on top and bottom of the chassis.

Lian Li is widely regarded as one of the finest CPU case manufacturers in the world today. The O11 Dynamic was launched by Lian Li in 2018, and at the time of its debut, the O11 Dynamic was a beautiful case that could certainly please any PC lover. With top-notch build quality, contemporary features, and plenty of space to experiment with various components, this is an excellent choice.

The O11 Dynamic was created by DER8AUER, who is known for his world records in graphics card and CPU overclocking, and the case bears his signature. The case provides the ideal mix of features for a PC enthusiast or gamer. It has toughened glass on the front and sides, yet the casing is still very suitable for people who prefer to use air cooling.


The greatest feature of this design, however, is the side panel mechanism, which uses no visible screws to attach the glass panel. The whole installation process takes place on the top, which is subsequently covered by a top-panel with captive thumbscrews.


The O11 Dynamic’s appearance is solid, with a tempered glass panel on the front and one side that is proportionately combined with brushed aluminum. The opposite side has a metal frame, which is also present on the top, and all of the vents are protected by magnetic dust filters. The front-facing IO panel has the most up-to-date functionality and connection choices.


The case’s inside has been meticulously constructed with the greatest attention to detail. Although the case lacks front ventilation, it can take 3x120mm fans on the sides and bottom, as well as 3x120mm or 2x140mm fans on the top. It’s a dual-chamber design case that allows for a nice and tidy setup by concealing all cables and unneeded items in the main chamber.


The motherboard, GPU, and cooling components may all be housed in the main chamber. The case is designed for water cooling, and it would be a dream come true for anybody who like playing with water coolers.

6x 2.5′′ HDDs/ SSDs or 3x 3.5′′ HDDs may be stored in the second chamber. The motherboard features an angled layout for cable management, and the plate may be utilized to conceal all of the untidy cables within. In addition, the casing has two power supply units that can be changed out with the drive caddy. It may be quite useful for overclockers who need more power for severe overclocking.

O11 Dynamic’s Possibilities

With the ventilation on the side, the O11 Dynamic is really a one-of-a-kind case. Many people may think that having the ventilation on the side isn’t the best choice for getting enough airflow, however the case is designed for water cooling. However, this case also performs well in terms of air cooling.

The only disadvantage is the back exhaust, since there is no space for a fan to draw air out of the case. However, if you correctly arrange the placement of the fans, this will not be a problem. If air conditioning is desired, the optimum combination is to utilize three intake fans on the side and three intake fans on the bottom. The top should be used as an exhaust so that the heated air within the case may be evacuated.

The O11 Dynamic XL is a bigger version of the original casing that still has the Der8auer emblem commemorating his initial work on the O11 Dynamic. It was released in 2019. The O11’s innovative design, on the other hand, makes use of both width and length, making the XL version just 18.5 inches longer than the non-XL model.



In terms of design, the O11 Dynamic XL is similar to the O11 Dynamic with a few noticeable differences. The side panels and front panel all lift upwards, kept in place by the top panel, which, like the O11 Dynamic, must be removed first. The top panel does, however, include a plastic clasp that must be pressed in order for it to be removed. The I/O consists of four USB 3.0 ports, a Type-C connector, audio, power, and reset buttons, and an RGB button.


The inside of the O11 Dynamic XL is identical to that of the non-XL version, although there are a few noteworthy modifications made by Lian-Li on the new model. The case can now accommodate an E-ATX motherboard as well, however you’ll need to use the case’s extra frame. However, doing so would eliminate the possibility of installing a radiator on the side, which, in my opinion, will not be a problem.

O11 Dynamic XL Interior

In addition, unlike the non-XL version, which did not have the option, Lian-Li added a fan at the back that may be used for exhaust. Furthermore, the O11 dynamic is limited to 120mm fans everywhere except the top tray, which can accommodate two extra 140mm fans; however, the O11 Dynamic XL adds support for two additional optional 140mm fans on the bottom tray.

The O11D XL also has hot-swappable HDD drive bays with large handles for simple installation, as well as the ability to remove them to make room for a second PSU. It also includes blanking plates, which may be used to cover any unused fan mounts and convert them to SSD mounting points. It also incorporates the most recent RGB trend without going overboard.

O11 Dynamic XL has a lot of promise.

The O11 Dynamic XL has comparable potential to the O11 Dynamic, but with a few more features that make this one a strong contender. Furthermore, if you are a fan of overclocking or water cooling, you will not be disappointed with this one. It has excellent airflow and may be used in conjunction with an air conditioning system.

Choosing between the O11 Dynamic and the O11 Dynamic XL

If you’re still undecided about which one to choose, let us assist you discover the main distinctions between the two so you can decide for yourself which one to use as your new case.

The O11 Dynamic is a fantastic PC chassis with plenty of space to work with. However, the lack of a rear fan mount limits the exhaust, making it more difficult for those who want to utilize a CPU air cooling solution. Furthermore, the O11 dynamic is limited to 120mm fans everywhere except the top, which may optionally accommodate two 140mm fans. The O11 Dynamic XL, on the other hand, has a dedicated rear exhaust fan as well as the option of 140mm fans on both the top and bottom.

The interiors are identical, with the exception of the O11 Dynamic XL, which has blanking plates that may be used to cover any unused fan mounts and convert them to SSD mounting points. On the outside, it appears quite identical, with the exception of the IO panel, which has additional USB 3.0 ports and an RGB panel.


So, if you look at the differences between the two chassis, you can immediately tell which one is superior; nevertheless, you must consider the pricing element as well before choosing one. Both of them have a little variation in terms of features but function equally in terms of cooling. The O11 Dynamic costs 130 dollars and has pre-installed fans, whereas the O11 Dynamic XL costs 200 dollars and does not include fans. If you need the additional space that the O11 Dynamic XL provides, you should go for it; otherwise, the O11 Dynamic is a fine choice to select from right now.


The Lian Li O11 Dynamic vs XL is a comparison between two cases. One is Lian Li’s O11 Mini and the other is Lian Li’s X-Large. Reference: lian li o11 mini vs xl.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lian Li O11 XL good?

The Lian Li O11 XL is a good case for people who want a small, reasonably priced case that can be used to build a PC in.

Is the Lian Li O11 dynamic worth it?

The Lian Li O11 is a good case. It has a lot of features that make it worth the price, but it does have some flaws that may not be worth the price.

How big is Lian Li XL?

The Lian Li XL is a mid tower case with dimensions of 19.7 x 7.6 x 20.1.

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