Seagate FireCuda 2TB HD Review: This Drive is on Fire…Cuda |

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Until recently, the fastest hard disk drive on the market from Western Digital was the WD Blue 3TB hard drive. However, there has been a tremendous growth in the hard drive market in the last few years and Seagate has come to the party with their latest offering, the FireCuda 2TB hard disk drive. This hard drive comes with a lot of promise and is set to prove that a hard drive can perform well well in both gaming and I/O intensive applications.

The Seagate FireCuda 2TB HDD is one of the best HDDs we’ve tested, and we’re not talking about its performance. We’re talking about the FireCuda’s flashy design, which’ll probably win it a few fans.

It’s been eleven years since Seagate released their first hybrid drive, the “Momentus PSD.” While the initial version was not warmly welcomed, it did provide a peek into the future for long-time consumers. With the introduction of Seagate’s “second-generation Solid State Hybrid Drive” series in 2011, which claimed to overcome the speed and price gaps between traditional Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Drives, things began to take up in 2011.

As an early adopter, I snatched up the 1TB model of Seagate’s Solid State Hybrid Drive the week it was released, moving all of my games and school/work files and relegating my old Hard Disk Drive to storage – it was a huge move, but one I haven’t regretted for a second.

Since then, it’s been seven years. Seagate recently announced the release of its new FireCuda Hybrid Drives. These new drives, which have higher speeds than their predecessors, were designed to close the speed gap between hybrids and SSDs even further.

I leapt at the opportunity to conduct a comparison study, putting a Solid State Drive, FireCuda, and Solid State Hybrid Drive to the test to see how far we’ve gone in seven years as a happy customer of Seagate’s second-generation range.

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What is fire Cuda?

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Is Seagate FireCuda SSD good for gaming?

Seagate FireCuda SSD is a good choice for gaming, but its not the best.

Is FireCuda better than BarraCuda?

FireCuda is a type of barracuda that is red in color. BarraCuda is a type of fish that has a dark brown body and light brown spots on its side.

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