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Safe and Sound

As Sanctuary took off, our dubious good buddy Marcus seems to have overlooked something. His money is still stashed in Sanctuary Hole. Regrettably, the location has not been abandoned. The neighborhood is overrun with squatters, many of whom are aggressive. Killing all 25 of them is optional, but they’re a pain and no one wants them in their former houses.

To get to Three Horns Divide, use a fast travel station and then make your way north to Sanctuary Hole. Once inside, make your way to Marcus’s safe, which is in the middle of the map. As you make your way across the devastated region, you’ll run across a few bandits.

When you get at the safe’s location, you’ll hear several of the robbers arguing over it. The idiots dump the safe into the chasm below just as you approach them. It’s just a matter of battling your way down till you discover it.

caustic cavern entrance[]

You’ll have completed your 25 squatter kills by the time you reach the bottom. The safe, however, seems to have gone all the way down into the caustic caves. This “happy” small town is filled with the worst sort of villains and huge acid pits.

After passing through the door, go northeast to the objective marker. When you initially enter the region, you’ll encounter numerous varkids. The majority of them are regular varkids who shouldn’t cause you any problems. However, a dump truck will be shaking severely in the distance. The shaking, it turns out, is coming from a kickass varkid. Slay the beast with a corrosive weapon.

To get to the goal point, you’ll have to hop your way over an acid river populated with crystalisks. Your best chance is to move from tiny island to small island, avoiding crystalisk battle. They’re fierce, have strong attacks, and a lot of them. Keep moving and save the bullets.

crystalisk cavern[]

Head through the tunnel at the top of the hill when you reach the opposite side of the river. The safe, which is likewise securely planted in the rear of a huge crystlisk, may be found after you get to the opposite side.


Blue is the boss.

Blue is attacked in the same way as the other crystalisks, but he has more hit points. To inflict critical damage, shoot at the crystal formations on his legs. Continue repeating this until Blue dies in a crystal explosion, resulting in additional money in your wallet. To get Marcus’s treasure, unlock the safe. It turns out the item isn’t cash or weapons, but numerous pictures of Moxxi that are very revealing. Moxxi appears over the ECHO waves, telling you that if you return the photos to her, you would be handsomely rewarded.

She’ll gift you “Moxxi’s Heartbreaker,” a beautiful shotgun. Marcus will reward you with “Lucrative Opportunity” if you return them to him. The improvement shortens the duration for special goods at merchants, giving players more chances to get amazing weaponry. You will be handsomely compensated whomever you pick.


$434 in cash

Moxxi’s Heartbreaker (Moxxi), Lucrative Opportunity Item/Upgrade (Marcus)

3895 hours of experience

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