SilverStone is a company that has been around for over 30 years. They have always had the best cooling solutions, but now they are bringing something new to market with their Argon AR11 CPU cooler.

SilverStone has recently brought in a new CPU cooler- the Argon AR11. The cooler is designed to be low profile and will fit in most cases.

SilverStone unveiled their latest CPU cooler, which is designed for small gaming PCs and has a low profile. Argon AR11 is the name of the new cooler. With improved design and technology, this cooler offers something fresh to the table.



This cooler stands 47mm tall and weighs 290 grams, giving the appearance that the heatsink is thick and strong. The cooler will work with the following LGA sockets: 1151/1150/1155/1156. The fan’s dimensions are 92mm x 92mm x 15mm. As a result, it’s a reasonable size that should fit into any mini-ITX case. SilverStone Argon AR11 base

The heatsink is built differently. It utilizes 6mm 4x copper pipes that run through the heatsink, but it has one additional feature. In contrast to most CPU coolers, the heatsink fins are directly linked to the base and copper pipes. It should be more effective at removing heat from the CPU.

SilverStone Argon AR11

The fan, on the other hand, is likewise extremely small, measuring just 15mm in height and using a dual ball bearing. It’s neither a pressure or air balance fan; instead, it’s an Airflow fan with speeds ranging from 1200 to 3000 RPM. A decent Airflow fan should have a good range of operation, and this one is comparable to the Arctic BioniX F120 fan in that regard.

The maximum noise level stated on the official website is 44.5dBA, which is not quiet but not excessive either since the fan spins at a very fast speed. Let’s have a look at how much this Cooler will set you back.


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The silverstone ar11 review is a new Low profile CPU cooler that was released by SilverStone. It has the ability to handle up to 360W of cooling performance and it can be installed in any case with ease.

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