Swiftech launches the newest addition to their lineup of AIO CPU coolers, the Drive X3. The company claims that this product offers a new level of performance and cooling efficiency with their patented M.2 and U.2 support, and they’ve even made it compatible with Intel’s Optane memory.

The swiftech apogee drive ii is a new AIO cooler that has been released by Swiftech. It has a sleek design and it offers great performance.

Swiftech has recently launched a new cooler dubbed the “Driver X3.” This new X3 AIO series has received necessary beneficial modifications and enhancements. The series now has a new name scheme as well as a new size. Customers may get it through their official shop for $139.95.


The Swiftech Driver X3 comes with two radiator sizes, as well as twin and triple fans. Both fans have a 120 mm diameter. The fan has been developed to provide greater static pressure and discharge. They also have a low operating noise level. Swiftech IRIS RGB is integrated into the fan frame. A patented radiator, reservoir, and other components make up the new cooler. It comes with a pump and reservoir made of tempered glass.

The Driver X3 is equipped with maintenance-free Mayhem ultra-clear tubing to guarantee a huge appearance and effect. This cooler also comes with a PMW controller and an RGB controller: Customers may select from three lighting effects and modify color and brightness with IRIS ECO V2. The finest coolant, the Mayhem Pastel White Nanofluid Coolant, also includes other color dyes such as blue, red, and green.

The Apogee SKF “LT” CPU water block is included in the new Drive X3. The water block is based on Swiftech’s Apogee SKF, which was introduced last year as a new water block. The Apogee SKF “LT” uses the same Skived Fins thermal engine as the Apogee SKF and is compatible with most Intel and AMD desktop CPUs.


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The swiftech h360x3 is a new AIO cooler from Swiftech. The X3 has three 120mm fans that can be controlled individually and also includes a pump, reservoir, and tube for easy installation.

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