There are many silent PC cases that provide a lot of features and compatibility with different components. The best case is the Corsair Crystal 570X RGB. It has a sleek, minimalistic design and provides excellent cooling and noise reduction.

The best silent pc case 2020 is a PC case that has been designed with the user in mind. It is made of high-quality materials and will not make any noise during use.

I notice a lot of PC cases with a lot of cooling choices and window panels for looks, but when you utilize them, you’ll hear a lot of noise, particularly if your radiator or exhaust fans are operating at full power. If you capture video or audio, you may have difficulties since your voice will be recorded with noise. Many gamers and video producers choose to use a quiet casing for this reason.

Yes, aesthetics may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I’m not a big fan of cases that look like Optimus Prime, but I do appreciate cases that are visually pleasing, have all of the essential functions, and are also quiet. Low noise levels are difficult to achieve with window panels or without sound dampening materials. But, thankfully, I’ve discovered the finest PC cases that combine excellent looks with quiet operation.


I have a message for you before you read the reviews of each instance. There are many silent cases available, but I selected these three based on their features, aesthetics, design, user reviews, and durability. I don’t just pick up random cases with dampening materials since they’re useless if they don’t have a decent cooling solution or aren’t compatible with a wide range of components.

As a result, this post includes everything about a certain case, and I’ve quickly explained why each one is the greatest value for money.

The Best Silent PC Case for the Money

Silent Corsair Carbide Series 100R

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One of the finest cheap cases on the market, it promises quiet operation, which it delivers. Many customers like this case since it is quieter than a sophisticated window panel PC. This mid-tower case is compatible with mini ITX, micro ATX, and ATX motherboards. It also includes four drive bays for 3.5′′ storage devices.

The case comes with two 120mm fans, one for exhaust and the other for intake, pre-installed. The casing is light, yet the materials are of good quality.

The case is quiet because it lacks a clear glass panel, which traps fan noise within the case and prevents it from escaping. The case uses noise-dampening materials on the two side panels and the front to absorb the noise from the cooling fans.

If you want a lot of cooling features, this isn’t the case for you. The top of the case doesn’t have any slots for adding extra cooling fans, so if you want a lot of cooling features, this isn’t the case for you. However, since it is completely covered from above, it removes the need for any dust filter or dampening material at the top.

It also includes a 3-speed fan controller on the back top that controls the speed of your rear fan, allowing you to make it totally quiet or run at full speed depending on your cooling needs. There are also numerous grommets for cable routing via various locations, including those for Mini-ITX/Micro-ATX and full ATX motherboards.

So, with just two fans and a lot of dampening materials, this case is one of the finest cheap cases on the market that is both quiet and compatible with nearly any gear.

XG Rating9/10


  • There is a good deal of noise insulation.
  • Lightweight and durable
  • There are many of storage options.
  • There are a lot of holes for cable routing.


  • There are insufficient cooling alternatives.


The Best Mid-Range Silent PC Case for the Money

P400S Eclipse Series Phanteks

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Phanteks Eclipse Series P400S Silent Edition

You can buy a premium case with premium features for a little extra money. Not only is this case quiet, but it also includes some cool features like rubber grommets and a power supply shroud that covers the whole bottom of the case.

It comes with 1x120mm fan pre-installed in the front and 1x120mm fan pre-installed in the back, resulting in a pull and push arrangement. It includes radiator mounts at the top and front, so you’re not restricted to just two fans. Remove the 120mm fan and replace it with three 120mm fans or a 240/360mm radiator at the front. When compared to the Corsair Carbide 100R, you are restricted to a 240mm radiator at the top, but it offers an enormous number of cooling choices.

The case includes dampening material on the side panels as well as a detachable front cover. If you put three fans in the front or a 360mm radiator, there will undoubtedly be some noise, but the noise will be much reduced thanks to the damping material.

Dust filters are located at the top and bottom of the casing and may be easily cleaned by removing them from their appropriate locations.

When it comes to storage, you may put a 23.5′′ HDD in the PSU shroud at the bottom of the case and two 22.25′′ SSDs at the rear of the motherboard mounting plate. As you can see, the case features a basic design and an LED strip at the front bottom of the case with 10 various colors to select from.

Cable management will be simple thanks to grommets strategically placed for the 24 pin power connection, CPU connector, USB 3.0 front connector, GPU connector, and other connectors. The grommets’ backs include straps for keeping your wires in one position, making wiring simple and painless.

XG Rating9/10


  • Looks high-end and contemporary.
  • Excellent cable management
  • There is a lot of radiator support.
  • Custom water cooling is now available.
  • Front and side panels include sound-deadening foams.



Some Competitors to Watch 

SUPPRESSOR F31 by Thermaltake 

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In the computer industry, the Thermaltake Suppressor F31 is a well-known quiet case. From cooling to storage, this case offers a lot of options for customization. The hard drive bays may be moved from the bottom to the center and accommodate 3x 2.5′′/3.5′′ storage disks. It includes two 5.25′′ optical drive bays on the top, in case you wish to add a basic DVD drive.

There are a number of cutouts on the motherboard tray, as well as rubber grommets. Because these holes are designed especially for various form factor motherboards, every form factor motherboard may be fitted with flawless cable management. The rear of the motherboard tray has plenty of room to work with, so sealing the side panel won’t be an issue.

It can handle up to 2x 120mm/140mm or 1x 200mm fans in the front, 3x 120mm/140mm or 2x 200mm fans at the top, 1x 120mm/140mm at the back, and 2x 120mm/140mm fans at the bottom when it comes to cooling. So you can get a general sense of how many long radiators you can fit in there. Although it supports more radiators than the Phanteks Eclipse Series P400S, the build quality isn’t quite as good. Because this case comes in both windowed and non-windowed versions, you may always add a 120mm/140mm fan to the side panel of the non-windowed variant.

In this scenario, dampening materials may be obtained almost everywhere. For noise reduction, the top, front, and side panels are all coated with damping material. The front panel’s side sections aren’t completely vacant. It features a mesh filter that filters the air and keeps dust out. Because of its simple design, this case will help you keep the dust out as much as possible. It will also be extremely easy to wipe from the outside. There are no cons that I can see in this case, but if you ever install custom water cooling in this Chassy, you may need to relocate or remove the drive bays, limiting your storage device upgradability.

XG Rating8.5/10


  • Excellent cable management with many grommets
  • There is a lot of radiator support.
  • Modular
  • Much more dust-resistant


  • If a 240mm/280mm radiator is placed at the front, the HDD cage must be relocated or removed.


Carbide Quiet 400Q by Corsair

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Corsair Quiet 400Q

If you’re looking for a case that’s not just quiet but also compact, the Corsair Carbide 400Q will meet your requirements for less than $100. When compared to the other cases on this list, this one is totally unique. It’s small, yet it can handle full-size components including long graphics cards, radiators up to 360mm, and a variety of storage devices.

Although working in this case will be more challenging than in a properly spaced mid-tower chassis, if you have constructed a few computers previously, it should be no problem. Water cooling should take place at the front of the casing. A 360mm radiator may be installed in the front, and a 120mm radiator can be installed in the back.

I don’t suggest mounting a radiator at the top since there is little space, and certain motherboards may prohibit the usage of a 240mm radiator. You’ll have very little room to route the wires from the top, and disassembling it will be tough.

This case has a very basic and straightforward design. It features simple side panels and is plain on the top and front as well. The noise-dampening foam on the front panel ensures that the front fans run quietly. The side panels, too, contain noise-dampening foam on all sides to absorb sounds from all directions. Not only that, but the top of the case includes a foam-filled cover that will minimize noise if no fans or radiators are installed there.

The PSU shroud is completely extended from the back to the front, allowing for better cable management, and there are 2x 3.5′′ hard drive bays at the back of the motherboard tray, as well as 3x 2.5′′ SSD bays. Despite the case’s small size, you may still add up to 5 total storage devices, all of which will be concealed when the side panel is opened. However, if you place a radiator in the front, you’ll have to relocate the HDD drive bays closer to the PSU, which will make cable routing more complex. So, keep in mind that, even if you obtain quiet operation, cable management will be more difficult in this scenario due to its compactness.

XG Rating8.2/10


  • Compact
  • PSU shroud is included to conceal wires and hard disks.
  • Support for radiators is excellent.
  • There are many dampening foams and dust filters strewn around the container. 


  • Because of its compactness, constructing a PC with this case will require considerable expertise.


The Most Economical Silent PC Case

Please keep your voices down! Silent Base 800 is a silent base.

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Be quiet! BG001 Silent Base 800 Case

This situation is ideal in every way. It triumphs in every scenario, from quiet operation to component compatibility. It’s large, strong, and dependable, and it comes in a variety of colors. It looks very sleek with the orange rubber grommets and orange highlights on the front panel. The case offers enough of room inside for long graphics cards as well as many storage devices.

The case includes 3x 5.25′′ ODD drive bays and 7x 3.5′′/2.5′′ HDD and SSD drive bays that are detachable in case you wish to add a long graphics card. However, this is the only case in our list that includes several drive bays for storage expansion.

It comes with 1x 120mm fan in the back and 2x 140mm fans in the front for cooling, both of which are powerful and of good quality. At the side panel and beside the PSU, the case features two additional slots for adding two more fans. A 240mm/280mm radiator may be installed at the front or at the top of the room.

Because there is so much room below the motherboard tray and so many routeing holes, cable management will be a breeze in this case. At the rear of the motherboard tray, you’ll find two additional SSD mounts.

It features sound dampening foams on the front panel and side panels for noise reduction. Anti-vibration decoupling is used on the motherboard tray and the fans to reduce noise as much as possible. Dust filters and sound dampening foams are installed on the case’s front, bottom, and side panels. So you have everything you need in this case for little over $100, but you can’t perform custom water cooling, which is the one drawback I discovered with this case.

XG Rating9.5/10


  • There is a lot of room to work with.
  • Heavy, solid, dust-proof, and almost quiet
  • Provides a large number of HDD/SSD bays for storing a large number of storage devices.
  • 3 performance-oriented quiet fans are pre-installed.




The best silent pc case reddit is a question that is asked often. If you are looking for the best possible PC case, this is the place to start your search.

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The most silent PC case is the Corsair Carbide Series 200R.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Who makes the quietest PC cases?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The quietest PC cases are made by Corsair. They have a case called the Carbide Series 300R, which has a noise level of just 17 dB.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is a quiet PC case?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
A quiet PC case is a PC case that has sound dampening material and/or noise-dampening foam.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most silent PC case?

The most silent PC case is the Corsair Carbide Series 200R.

Who makes the quietest PC cases?

The quietest PC cases are made by Corsair. They have a case called the Carbide Series 300R, which has a noise level of just 17 dB.

What is a quiet PC case?

A quiet PC case is a PC case that has sound dampening material and/or noise-dampening foam.


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