There’s no shortage of school-themed games out there, but few are as different as Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story. This one is a PC game that doesn’t look like a typical RPG, and it isn’t role-playing game at all. Instead, this one is a visual novel in which you play the role of a teacher who’s tasked with turning a group of hapless students into heroes.

Where do you go to learn how to be a superhero, in a school run by a superhero? That’s what you’ll explore in the Valthirian Arc game.

After seeing a demo of this game, I was blown away by its ability to capture the feeling and look of an actual high school. The building has all of the hallmarks of a typical high school. The locker rooms, the cafeteria, the classrooms, and even the gym have been brought to life. The game was created by one man, and it shows in the attention to detail, the great character design, and the attention to detail throughout the game. The characters are voiced by several of the best and most well known voice actors, including the creators themselves, and the music is excellent. Even the menus and opening cutscene are done in a way that captures the look and feel of a high school, and the game’s in-game characters

Making games is difficult, and it gets much more difficult if you want to create one that spans several genres. Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story for the PS4 is today’s case study, so allow me to relate my experience with this “franken-game” that tried to be everything. 

Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story is an interesting story of a school that is far ahead of its time. The world is filled with magic, monsters and other things that are now just a part of every day life. However, within this world is one school that has created a way of life that is different from almost all others. The Hero Academy is a school that teaches the ways of the heroes. This school is one of the few that has created a culture that is based on positive reinforcement and encourages the use of the heroes.. Read more about tears of avia wiki and let us know what you think.

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