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We know that the game Hunt: Showdown can be very dangerous, so it is good to have some tips and tricks to guide you through the game. Here are 10 tips that will help you to survive the game.

Hunt is a fun and addicting game. Even though the game is difficult, you can still get a high score and win when you know how to survive. There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can learn so you can play it longer.

Hunt: Showdown is a co-op hunting game, where players can team up to hunt and kill monsters. If you want to become the very best, you need to hone your skills, and the best way to do this is to practice. Here are our top 10 tips that will help you survive your first game.


It’s a difficult job, but someone has to do it.

Hunt: Showdown is a ferociously entertaining survival PvE/PVP mix. This one-of-a-kind battle-royal-style experience requires dexterity and ingenuity. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered when it comes to strategy. Here are our top 10 survival advice for novices in Hunt: Showdown.

  • Sound is both your best friend and your worst foe. Traps may be used to entice animals and opponents into your shooting range. However, disturbing pools of water, stepping across planks of wood, and shooting your weapon may all alert other players to your location. Most essential, do not disrupt crow congregations. Always be conscious of the sounds you make, and much more so of the noises that surround you. Consider investing in a surround sound headset to get a decisive advantage over your opponents.
  • Keep track of who you’ve murdered. In a standard game, there will be ten players. However, while the game is in progress, the game will not provide you with a tally of how many players are remaining. Throughout the game, keep note of your kills as well as any other players you observe fall. You’ll always know exactly what you’re up against this way.
  • Exits from the camp that are closest to the monsters who have been expelled. Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to complete your quarry. Simply hide at the nearest extraction point to your enemy’s monster banishment and wait. Once they’ve finished the banishment procedure, they’ll most likely escape to the closest extraction site. You, on the other hand, will be anticipating their arrival.
  • Keep your ammo to a minimum. You have a very limited supply of ammunition. Fortunately, most simple opponents can be dispatched with only a few strokes of the machete.
  • Recognize the damage system. The efficacy of your weaponry varies depending on distance. For a better understanding, look at the graph below, which was supplied by

  • After defeating the boss and collecting your reward, always go to a nearby wagon. As previously stated, after collecting their reward, the majority of players would most likely hurry to the closest extraction location. Instead, travel to a nearby wagon to restock for the other bounty hunters you’ll likely encounter first. Similarly, restock right after you defeat the boss so you can adequately protect your prey.
  • This is how you get rid of the Butcher. If the butcher is your preferred prey, you’ll want to be as mobile as possible. Gather a shotgun and a cache of explosives. Circulate around the boss, shooting him with shotgun rounds whenever possible. The most essential thing to keep in mind here is to prioritize mobility above damage. When fighting this hard-hitting, tanking monster, you’ll need to remain patient.
  • This is how you get rid of the spider. If the spider is your chosen prey, you’ll want to maintain a safe distance from it. Use a weapon with a medium to long range and attempt to fire in short bursts before regaining distance.
  • Farm monsters if you need XP. It is not always necessary to win a game in order to benefit from it. Take down every basic monster opponent that crosses your path to level up as quickly as possible. These creatures aren’t worth a lot of experience per se, but the cumulative XP will soon add up. Stay clear from the excessively tanky meatheads and the ruthlessly deadly hellhounds, however.
  • Always be aware of the location of your closest explosive barrel. When the crimson, explosive barrels are lit, they do massive devastation. If you’re surrounded by monsters or being pursued by player characters, consider leading them to an explosive barrel for a devastating ambush.

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How do you stay alive in hunt showdown?

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Q: How do you stay alive in hunt showdown?
The best way to stay alive is by using your weapons and dodging the hunters attacks.

How do you get good at Hunt showdown?

The best way to get good at Hunt showdown is to practice. Practice makes perfect, so keep playing!

What are the best settings for Hunt showdown?

The best settings for Hunt showdown are the following:

-Low quality
-High quality