When players were first offered the choice between visiting a real casino floor or gambling online, the novelty of the latter was definitely a bit of a problem for the former. However, it soon became apparent that there were some admittedly very important parts of the whole experience that simply could not be transferred. In spite of some missing elements, live dealer games are kind of a big deal now. But will this last? In short, probably.

At first, online casino gameplay was undeniably missing some of the major sounds, smells, and sights that made the whole experience what it is, at least until advancements in online video streaming brought a taste of it all back. Now, live dealer games exist in a kind of middle space, offering some of the atmosphere back but not all of it.

Looking at the enduring popularity of this kind of play and the fact that so many platforms, including ones in distant lands like Jackpot City SA, it seems it may very well become a permanent fixture. Here’s why:

Live Games Cater To A More Diverse Player Base

It’s very apparent that the popularity of live dealer games has picked up and stayed relevant pretty much everywhere they’ve been introduced. Players from all over the world, regardless of location (like those accessing Jackpot City SA), are clearly being drawn in by this special, and still novel, format. Platforms from all over almost have to include it to keep up and continue to make the experience even more interesting to avoid having player numbers drop off.

A Hybrid Experience Is Sometimes Better Than The Alternatives

There’s no doubt that some casino game enjoyers will always prefer getting in their car and physically visiting a casino resort or establishment. By the same logic, more introverted betters will always pick isolated play options. For the ones in the middle, live dealer games from Jackpot City SA or many other platforms tick all the right boxes.

Unlike the other two well-established gameplay variations, online live dealer games offer a few truly unique perks:

  • Real-time player and dealer interactions without the need to get out of your pajamas.
  • More transparency and trust about whether games are fair, compared to purely online games.
  • An authentic casino atmosphere with options to converse, but only if you want to.
  • No need to reshuffle your busy schedule around to enjoy an authentic feeling live game or two.

Live dealer games offer only the very best of both separate options. While the full sensory experience of a physical casino can’t be entirely replicated, sometimes, this is actually ideal. No matter what, you have the most social control when you decide to enjoy a live dealer game. You’re free to mute your mic if you need to cough or sneeze and play in whatever clothing you’re most comfortable wearing from your couch, kitchen table, bed, or garden patio.

The Tech Behind These Games Is Pretty Amazing

Whenever a new slot game comes out, it can be pretty innovative but nothing really game-changing. This is not the case at all with live dealer games.

Whenever software developers combine new tech with this format, exciting things keep happening. Beyond regular old run-of-the-mill streaming and data capture. Here are some additional features that enhance the experience:

  • Interactive elements: Brand new chat, and in some cases chatbot, functionalities allow players to interact with dealers and other players, adding yet another fun and engaging social layer to the experience.
  • Slow-motion replays: When something worth watching again happens in a poker game, some platforms are experimenting with allowing players to look at slow-motion replays to relive the action or more closely evaluate fairness.
  • Multi-camera angles: At some online casinos, switching between camera angles is becoming a more common feature. This allows players to get more angles on the action, kind of like they might if they were really sitting at a real casino table.

So, is it too early to say live dealers are here to stay for good?

If live dealer games, as we know them at casinos like Jackpot City SA, eventually fell away, it’s likely that this would be the case only because some wild innovation having to do with VR headsets came along to outshine them. In other words, based on the fact that they’re available everywhere and haven’t seen much dip in popularity, they’ll be sticking around. At least for the time being, the perks are too great to overlook, and the ability to see your dealer live as they deal your cards to you is fun.


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