The RTX 3080 Ti HOF Lab Edition is the highest on the market, and it can run at 2.8GHz on a single core with a boost clock of 4.2GHz.

The kfa2 geforce rtx 3080 ti hof is the highest on RTX 3080 Ti. It has a 2.8GHz clock speed, which is the fastest on this particular card.

Many of us are constantly looking for methods to get the most out of our computer equipment. Some people, on the other hand, take their ambitions to a whole new level. Yes, we’re talking about overclockers.


The GPU scarcity is gradually improving, and many customers have been able to get the RTX 3080 TI. Some of them were also able to acquire the special version of that GPU, such as Team OGS and Rauf’s GALAX GeForce RTX 3080 Ti HOF OC LAB Edition, which is designed for severe overclocking.

The GALAX GeForce RTX 3080 Ti HOF OC LAB Edition has a triple-fan and triple-slot design, as well as a white color scheme that runs across the shroud, PCB, and backplate. The card’s PCB is comprised on a 24-phase architecture. The stages are dispersed throughout. 14 phases are allocated to the GPU, 6 to the VRAM, and 4 to the PLL, out of a total of 24 phases.

The base frequency of the GALAX GeForce RTX 3080 Ti HOF OC LAB Edition is 1365 MHz, which may be increased to 1815 MHz in performance mode. Aside from that, the card has 10240 CUDA cores, 12GB of memory, and a video memory frequency of 19GB/s.

However, this card is designed for overclockers, as Team OGS and Rauf demonstrated earlier today when they used NL2 Cooling to overclock the GALAX GeForce RTX 3080 Ti HOF OC LAB Edition to an incredible frequency of 2.8 GHz.

RTX 3080 Ti 2.8GHz

The card was benchmarked using 3DMark Port Royal after achieving a frequency of 2.8 GHz, and it earned up to 18726 points. It is, without a doubt, a remarkable accomplishment. Here is a list of the benchmarking results in detail.


The 3090 world record is an achievement that was achieved by the user on the RTX 3080 Ti. It is the highest on RTX 3080 Ti.


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