GTA V may have been incredible, but its shortcomings were glaring enough that they could have been fixed. A few months after the game’s release, Rockstar Games finally released some downloadable content that addressed some of the major disappointments in GTA V like the stock market, the ability to shoot while driving, and the revamped character customization menus. However, some of the problems that GTA V had couldn’t be fixed with DLC, and some of them are still present in GTA V over two years after its release.

The most anticipated games of the year often slip under the radar and fail to deliver the quality we had hoped for. Saints Row IV is not one of them. To say that the open world crime game got better in certain areas than GTA V would be an understatement, as SR IV had a much stronger and more balanced multiplayer experience.

GTA V will be out in a few months, and it’s looking like it’s going to be a big hit. It’s already one of the highest-grossing video games in history, and it’s forecasted to exceed 1 billion in sales by mid-September. So what will GTA V do that Saints Row IV didn’t do, and how did it do it?

So, in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V was released, which had to be the most anticipated game of the previous generation (yes the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are officially last gen).

GTA V was basically guaranteed to be the best game ever created, with so much hype building up to its release, flawless 10/10 ratings, and GameSpot staffers receiving death threats for daring to give it anything less than a perfect rating.

To my surprise, when I finally got around to playing the game, I found it to be boring and repetitive, with characters I hated, and it ended up seeming like a huge effort to get through.

It’s not bad, and there are some enjoyable parts, but I’d give it a 7 or 8 out of ten. Meanwhile, Saints Row IV (and its predecessor, Saints Row the Third) were outperforming GTA V in virtually every way, but were mostly overlooked by the public.

Read on to find out why, despite certain flaws, Saints Row 3 and 4 are just superior than GTA V.

Saints Row IV Golden DesperadoIs this an homage to Desperado? SOLD!

5. The characters in Grand Theft Auto V are memorable (that I hate with a passion)

This may seem like a little quibble to others, but it was a significant stumbling block for me. I didn’t like playing as or connecting with almost any of the characters in Grand Theft Auto V.

Whether it’s one of Michael’s nasty family members or a crooked government official, almost everyone who offers you a job is a total jerk. Even when you perform their small duties, they appear pampered or wiser than your crime-committing trio.

The characters are caricatures, parodies, or exaggerated portrayals of real-life people, according to one argument (spoiled 20-something gamer, nagging rich wife, racist border patroller, etc).

I get why characters like that are created to ridicule our culture, but just because a character is meant to be a pain in the neck doesn’t mean I don’t want to drive a goddamned jet into them.

gta v JimmyAnyone who doesn’t wish to murder Jimmy has failed as a human being.

But, before anybody kills me, I’ll concede that Trevor is a fascinating character, even if he is a homicidal monster. He’s also the only person in the game that recommends murdering everyone who mistreats the player, so he’s already earned some respect.

How Saints Row Outdid It

Despite being terrible individuals, all of the members of the Saints in Saints Row are charming rogues. Some of the characters moan, some annoy you constantly, while others spend the majority of the time calling you dumb (which you are at times). But they were written in such a manner that I couldn’t bear to dislike them. Even the villains are so cartoonishly over the top that seeing them ruin their criminal/alien empires is entertaining.

Saints Row IV Keith DavidKeith David also portrays himself as Vice President in the film. Purchase this game.

4. New Gameplay Elements in Grand Theft Auto V (that are barely used)

The heists were a major addition to the series in Grand Theft Auto V. They were marketed as being essential to the game, with players planning the robbery, completing set-up tasks, and selecting a crew of backup characters that would level up as you utilized them more. This is definitely the most enjoyable aspect of GTA V for me, and I eagerly anticipated each one.

Unfortunately, the heists were much too few and far between for my tastes, limiting your planning choices.

You get to unlock heist members, but getting a new driver or gunner after you’ve already completed two of the three heists you may employ them in doesn’t seem very satisfying. Furthermore, leveling up is useless since you may only employ a hacker or driver once.

Only three genuine heists (where you plan everything and receive a reward) remain towards the conclusion of the game, with the rest consisting of cover-based shooting and irritating people.

gta v SelfieSeriously… Jimmy is the target of everyone’s ire. Yes, this picture has nothing to do with the words above.

How Saints Row Outdid It

Super abilities were introduced in Saints Row IV. Super speed, kinetic blasts, and gliding are among the many abilities available in the bundle, with my personal favorites being super speed, kinetic blasts, and gliding. “WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE No, I don’t mean metaphorically; I mean literally.

All of your superpowers are there in front of you, with potential upgrades and modifications to boost your already hefty appetite for devastation. They also offer side missions where you may only utilize specific abilities, incentivizing the player to try out new concepts.

Saints Row becomes a bit too simple at times, but it’s undoubtedly enjoyable to run about in a sandbox with superpowers.

Saints Row IVHave you noticed how many vehicles have been flipped? That’s fantastic…

While we’re on the subject of sandbox worlds…

3. Grand Theft Auto V Has A Massive Open World (devoid of anything in it)

Another major rumor regarding Grand Theft Auto V was that it will have the largest map in Rockstar history. Getting my hands on the game showed a vast continent to explore, complete with a variety of sceneries. There was a lot of diversity in what you could run, jump, and climb about, from cities to mountains to beaches to deserts. However, Rockstar seems to have neglected to include anything on the map that would make it worthwhile to explore.

Gta V Quad BikeAside from the breathtaking vistas, I mean

I played the game for twenty hours, interspersed with landscape exploring, and I can still count the number of things I discovered on one hand. During my campaign, I only came across a bit of a suicide note, an alien spacecraft part, and a baseball bat. You’ll be stumbling over health packs, body armour, random weaponry, and secret parcels if you load up GTA III for comparison.

While it may not seem to be significant given that you may have a good time dicking about the map, murdering innocent people, and blowing helicopters out of the sky, none of this necessitates the use of a large map. Why should I bother creating anything other than narrative objectives if the user isn’t rewarded in any way for exploring the sandbox?

How Saints Row Outdid It

In comparison, Saints Row 3 and 4 don’t squander a single square inch of their relatively tiny maps. The game may be lacking in diversity due to the fact that it is all set in a New York-style metropolis, but it more than makes up for it with all the secrets to be discovered. It’s fun to drive through back alleyways and climb buildings since there are secret cars, shortcuts to uncover, hidden power ups, autograph chances, and other treasures. That doesn’t include all of the missions and side quests that must be completed.

gta v and Saints Row IVThe Dubstep Gun is unlocked via side quests. GET THIS GAME NOW!

In relation to that…

2. There Are a Lot of Activities in GTA V (that are pretty boring)

Because Grand Theft Auto V is a sandbox, you may engage in a wide range of activities. Regrettably, Rockstar has let me down here. The majority of the tasks are boring and/or irritating. Triathlons, parachuting, tennis, and stock markets are just a few of the exciting pastimes available. They’re all just as thrilling as they sound.

The lowest of low moments, though, has to be yoga, a dumb, dull, drawn-out game in which you must simultaneously press four buttons and two sticks, which the narrative really compels you to participate in.

Source: ten-percentage-point game is shown.

There are a few interesting things to do, such as street and sea racing or the odd rampage, but there aren’t quite as many as in previous Rockstar titles.

How Saints Row Outdid It

When someone is playing in a sandbox, they prefer to blow things up in a big way rather than taking their unhappy wife out for a game of tennis. Saints Row offers a large number of damaging side quests that are really entertaining.

Weapon and vehicle rampages, superpower rampages, Japanese murder game shows, streaking, car surfing, and escorting a dangerous tiger around the city in a convertible are just a few examples of the craziness (which is as bizarre a sight as it sounds).

Source:, this is from Saints Row III… things you should purchase as well

These are all things that a player would want to do, such as driving on a sidewalk, and they are not just accessible, but players are rewarded for seeking them out. Which leads us to the most crucial point of all…

1. Incentives for playing (or lack thereof)

The greatest annoyance I experienced when playing Grand Theft Auto 5 (which I may have previously referred to) was the absence of any kind of reward for playing the game. While it’s true that I should be able to play for the sheer joy of it, Rockstar seems to have gone out of its way to offer me nothing in return.

It’s no exaggeration to state that more than half of the narrative and odd tasks are devoid of any kind of reward. And it seems odd that the player is given so little money to deal with in a game that includes property spread throughout the globe and aircraft that can be ordered via the internet.

It’s made worse by the fact that property is about the only thing you can spend money on since clothing choices are very restricted, vehicle upgrades are useless because they tend to explode, and you already have nearly all of the weapons.

To top it off, the above-mentioned dull activities pay either tiny sums of money or none at all.



How Saints Row Outdid It

Saints Row outperforms GTA V once again by rewarding the player with money and/or experience for whatever they accomplish. Even apparently little acts of vandalism, such as leaping out of a moving vehicle and watching it smash five people to death, will be scored and rewarded with experience.

Because gaining XP allows you to unlock new skills, you’ll do all you can to acquire it. Because such skills, as well as all weapon and vehicle upgrades, are so costly, players will earn as much as possible to purchase them.

Gameplay-wise, it’s fantastic since you’ll go out of your way to do the crazy things on offer (like streaking) because they’re not only entertaining, but they also help you advance through the wacky narrative modes faster.

Source: should be able to soar across the skies nude in more games.

Both GTA V and Saints Row are excellent games.

In general, though, when I play Saints Row 3 and 4, the same phrase constantly comes to mind. “FUN.” It’s one of the few series that never fails to bring a grin to my face.

Again, Grand Theft Auto V isn’t a bad game, and if you like it, that’s great. All I want is for more people to try Saints Row.

Saints Row 4 is also now cheaper than Grand Theft Auto V.

Do you agree with KRS’s point of view? If you’ve played these games and have thoughts on them, please share them in the comments section below.

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Saints Row IV was an absolutely awesome game, a stylish, funny, and violent open-world action game. The story was interesting, the character customisation was awesome, the gameplay was spectacular, the DLC was great, and the overall experience was one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. GTA V, on the other hand, was a disappointment. While it did it’s job, it did it’s job badly, and didn’t offer nearly as much as the former title. Here are five ways in which Saints Row IV did things better than GTA V.. Read more about saints row 3 vs gta 5 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better GTA 5 or Saints Row 4?

Saints Row 4 is better than GTA 5.

Which is better Saints Row or GTA?

Saints Row is better than GTA because it has more customization options, a larger map, and more activities.

Is Saints Row more popular than GTA?

Saints Row is a series of video games, while GTA is a series of video games and movies.

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