The Telltale Games have been delivering quality single and multiplayer experiences for years. Batman The Telltale Series is a relatively new addition to their list, and is a spinoff of their other successful IPs. Telltale is notorious for their choice of releasing their games episodically, each of which is worth playing, in our opinion.

Batman: The Telltale Series’ fifth and final episode, ‘Field Test,’ just hit the App Store, and it’s time to recap. The final episode features a lot of great moments, but here are 5 that really stood out.

Telltale Games is back at it again with the fifth episode of its hit series, Batman: The Telltale Series. In Batman: The Enemy Within, Batman faces a new threat that challenges his methods and forces one of his closest allies to make a difficult decision. It’s just another day at the office for the Caped Crusader, but those closest to Bruce Wayne are about to learn that there are some lines he won’t cross. Until next time, good luck out there.

To say the least, being a self-professed nerd, I’m a lover of everything DC or Marvel connected.

I got a bit thrilled when they revealed Batman will be getting his own Telltale game in the second half of 2016, after going through Game of Thrones and The Wolf Among Us.

What was noteworthy was the game’s pricing volatility – it began out around £33 on Amazon, then jumped up to £30+ a week later. I can only presume that this was due to players recognizing the game’s brilliance.

The bedroom scene between Selina and Bruce

Any DC fan who hasn’t wanted to see a little more of Selina Kyle, and what’s actually under all that leather, is either lying or has an odd way of thinking, I mean come on!

Finally, Bruce and Selina get some alone time in Selina’s apartment, and Selina does what we’ve all been waiting for: she seduces Bruce. Of course, you have the option of having her pull her zipper down or, like me, doing it yourself!

Who are you going to rescue, Harvey or Selina?

During the scene in the news studio when Oswald holds everyone at gunpoint (clearly disguised so you don’t realize it’s him), Batman swoops in to rescue the day. However, as tensions build, Oswald attempts to murder Selina and Harvey Dent – but you can only save one of them – the issue is who to save. Despite not being a fan of Harvey as much as Selina, I decided to rescue her because I believed there was still a chance for her to develop feelings for Bruce. As a result, Oswald slams a scorching studio light into Harvey’s face, resulting in the creation of Two Face.

Did you have any inkling that this was going to happen? SPOILER ALERT

In this Batman tale, Gotham’s beloved news reporter isn’t all she’s made up to be. Following the plot, we think she’s simply another reporter looking for a scoop, but there’s a lot more to Vikki than we first imagined.

Throughout the narrative, Lady Arkham hints to a few different Gothamites, but it’s only until Vikki injects Bruce with a fatal nerve toxin at a press conference in the game’s latter stages that it becomes apparent who’s behind the bizarre mask. This infuriated Bruce, who felt compelled to beat Oswald Copplepot to a pulp, and rightfully so when you see why!

I didn’t see the Vikki Vale twist coming.

In a pub, there was a brawl.

Following a long and profound discussion between Bruce and Selina at a Gotham bar, a swarm of Penguin’s henchmen arrive to teach Selina a lesson, but Bruce swiftly responds, “she’s with me, I believe you should go.” We all knew what was going to happen next. This is one bar brawl you don’t want to miss, thanks to the perfect music and a Bruce/Selina team-up.

Falcone’s troops must be defeated.

SPOILER*** After discovering proof that Falcone was involved in the murder of his parents, Batman decides to pay him a visit at his house. This was the first time we saw the Batman combat method, which allows players to select how opponents are dealt with by seeing a hologram of the Dark Knight and the impact of their chosen takedown strategy. The outcome is massive after you’ve picked and verified all of your preferred actions to beat Falcon’s henchmen. From my perspective, dropping chandeliers on targets is always a victory. There are lots of more unforgettable moments; leave a comment below and tell us which one is your favorite.

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