Craps is a classic chance dice game that can be found in many casinos. Because there are so many different bets to make on a craps table, some may feel it’s a complicated game. Various shapes, lines, and boxes represent different bets. Although craps can be intimidating, it is one of the most exciting casino games. Craps is a game that requires a lot of skill, so here are some facts you should know before you begin.

Craps Goes All The Way Back

Legend has it that the game was invented by Roman soldiers when chariot races and gladiator battles dominated entertainment. In Roman times, pig knucklebones served as dice, and battle shields acted as tables. Though this is not the case now, the rules are mostly the same.

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You roll two dice to determine a number, and then you roll the same number again before a seven appears. Craps is one of the oldest casino games. With time, new game categories were introduced to the industry. This includes game show games such as the crazy time casino game, a clear example of how far the industry has come.

36 Possible Dice Combinations

Rolling two dice yield 11 different numerical outcomes (in terms of possible outcomes). There is a minimum roll of 2 and a maximum roll of 12. However, 36 different combinations of numbers are possible by rolling two dice. Although this is not necessarily important, it provides a sense of the odds of hitting any particular combination with a single dice roll. There is also the possibility of hitting the right combination or outcome multiple times.

Odds Of The Game

There is a relatively low chance of hitting seven several times in a row when playing craps. Despite this, one grandmother from New Jersey has taken the book of probability and tore it apart by rolling the 7 154 times in a row.

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To put things into perspective, you have a 1.56 trillion to 1 chance of pulling off this feat. To top it off, the lucky player revealed after claiming her prize that she was a complete newcomer and knew nothing about the game.

The 11 is Called ‘Yo-Leven’

There is no doubt that the game craps is one of the most verbal casino games since a dozen players shout out bet instructions to the casino staff. As the words seven and eleven sound so similar, the slang term “Yo-leven” is used instead by players who wish to bet on an 11 outcome. In addition, bettors often shorten it to “Yo” when announcing their wagers.

Best Bet is on the Odds

Players can place an additional wager on the Odds after taking the Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line. The Pass Line bettor hopes the point number will land a second time before they see the 7 to “take the odds,” which requires an additional wager of up to five times your original bet. Upon doing so, they will receive a payout based on the actual odds. As a result of these true odds payouts, the Odds game has a zero-house edge, which makes it one of the casinos’ best bets.

Table Requires 4 Employees

Four employees are required to manage craps at any given time. Perhaps this may explain why most casinos don’t have many crap tables. As a result, this is one of the reasons why craps tables tend to look the most chaotic in casinos. A crew of four staff members trying to keep things moving along with excited players throwing themselves all over the place can get a little hectic.


For a beginner, craps can be an intimidating experience. Besides learning a whole new language, there are so many bets to place. However, you can quickly discover the fundamentals of this fascinating game thanks to free online craps and the abundance of tutorials and videos available online.


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