The Southeast Asia region is a giant when it comes to the growth of online games. The Philippines has not been left behind, although it cannot match the levels exhibited by South Korea and China in the popularity of e-sports. The country has an established e-games community, with the performance of the teams showing its prowess. In one of the recent South East Asian tournaments, the Philippines team garnered several gold medals.

Online games are not just popular on the platforms; as Kate Richardson, a gambling expert, puts it, a closer look at most of the betting sites in the Philippines, there is a significant number of players wagering on the various e-sporting activities in the country. This means that the popularity of the e-games has spread across the board. To learn more about the performance of the top online games in the Philippines, Kate Richardson has provided in-depth reviews. In this article, we explore the top online games in the Philippines.


There is a huge fan following of PUBG in the Philippines, more so for its realistic graphics and gameplay that beats many in its ranks. Battle Royale mode ranks as the most popular feature in the online game. This model consists of one hundred players who fight for one thing, the chance to get the chicken for their next meal. The last person standing in the match will be the winner of the game. Like Minecraft, players can play as a team or take turns one by one.


Kids in the Philippines, like in other parts of the world, form the majority of Minecraft players. The game allows players to interact with a modifiable 3D environment comprising blocks and entities. The game comes with countless possibilities allowing a player to select the way they play. There are three editions of Minecraft, namely Java, Bedrock, and Educational. The interactive nature of the game means playing as a team.

These may be the most preferred mode of playing, although one can still play alone. The creative mode where players design what they like makes it an ideal educational tool. The news that Microsoft has partnered with the Philippines education department to launch a mobile version of Minecraft on a trial basis means that the number of users will increase beyond the current users.

Dragon Raja

Based on a book that is written by Korean writer Lee Yeongdo, Dragon Raja is a Massively Multiplayer game that presents players with different storylines and worlds with great graphics. Players have a chance to compete with friends or customize their own avatars.

The game features deep and comprehensive creation and progression systems, designed with complete classes, skills, and equipment. Players have complete control of their characters. The award-winning video game is developed by Archisaur Games. It has been an immediate success in the Philippines, where it has sold hundreds of copies.


Online gamers in the Philippines, like Roblox for it, allows a player to unleash creativity in a fun-filled environment with no limits. The game, which can be played on different platforms, has been popular with kids and adults alike. For the kids, the game provides an opportunity to learn and think crucially. It also provides the players with important life skills such as entrepreneurship, among others.

Clash of clans

This is a strategy video game that is developed by Supercell, a Finnish game developer. Although it has been around since 2012, the clash of clans has remained popular ever since, with the Philippines gaming space breaking the records in 2014 in terms of the number of players. In close to eight years, the game still enjoys a large audience, both young and adults.

The fantasy-themed game involves fighting with various groups, all aimed at inducing more resources and increasing production in their villages. To start the fights, players train troops using the captured resources, including gold and elixir. As a fun game, it is more enjoyable when playing with friends.

Call of Duty

Released in October 2019, Call of Duty is a shooter game that is available on Android and iOS platforms. The free-to-play game is developed by Timi Studio. Current statistics show that the game has been downloaded close to 300 million times. In the Philippines, the game has attracted a huge following making it one of the most popular games in the country.

Although it is not one of the newest online games in the Philippines, Call of Duty has continued to win awards and accolades for its popularity. Among the awards that the video game has received include:

  • BAFTA award for EE game of the year
  • The game award for the best mobile game.
  • SXSW gaming awards
  • 23rd Annual DICE awards
  • Hollywood Music in Media awards

The game has also received favorable reviews from players and Game Critics.

Online gaming in the Philippines is a flourishing industry. In the last two years, the numbers of players and revenue generated in the industry have experienced exponential growth. Driven by the younger generation, this growth is set to continue with more games recording good returns not just for the developers and publishers but also in the betting industry.


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