Competitive MOBAs like Mobile Legends are often played at an extremely high level and many players have their own “go-to” heroes to pick. Most of the time, these go-to heroes are extremely overpowered or will do reasonably well in the current patch, due to the metagame.

There are, however, some heroes who are left out of the spotlight. Often regarded as the underdogs, they are rarely picked due to their niche playstyle and sometimes unorthodox skillset.

Today, we’re taking a look at 7 of the most underrated heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that is often overlooked and how you can actually have fun with these heroes.

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1. Dyrroth

Dyrroth can be best described as a hero that is a jack of all trades. He has many perks but does not particularly excel exceptionally in any of them, making Dyrroth unreliable on most occasions. That said, if used properly, Dyrroth can still cause havoc, especially against pesky enemy Tankers.

His second skill—Spectre Step—is feared by many metagame Tankers as it is both fast and cripples Physical Defense which Tankers are famed for.

Therefore, if you notice that your opponent’s hero lineup mainly consists of heroes that boast high Physical Defense, picking Dyrroth as a cheese or counter pick can prove to be a serious nuisance for the enemy team.

2.  Moskov

One would figure that a late-game beast like Moskov should be adored by many and yet Moskov seems to fall out of the spotlight due to a number of reasons.

For one, Moskov is generally a difficult hero to play. Players will need to be very mechanically sound with their positioning if they want to bring out the best of Moskov’s skills.

Plus, it does not help that Moskov is an item-reliant hero which means players will also need to prioritise resources for Moskov to be useful.

But if you are willing to put in the effort in mastering Moskov, he is actually an insanely powerful hero that comes to life during the late game. Used properly, he can deal serious damage and can also provide decent control with his second ability, Spear of Misery.

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3. Roger

Many people shy away from Roger because of his extremely different playstyle and skillset. At Level 1, Roger will already have access to his Ultimate, Wolf Transformation which morphs him into his Wolf form.

Combined with his Wolf form, Roger has 6 skills that players would need to understand and most of these skills like Lycan Pounce, will require impeccable timing to be useful. As such, Roger might not exactly be the best pick for beginners as there are just so many factors to consider.

Understanding Roger’s skills are one thing, but Roger’s playstyle is also very niche as he shines during skirmishes. Hence, players will need to be sound with their decision to either engage or disengage at the right moment.

Don’t let Roger’s difficulty curve discourage you from playing him though, because we trust that with the right amount of games, players will get a general feel of how to properly utilise his strengths and power spike.

4. Bane

Generally, players tend to enjoy fast-paced heroes and Bane just isn’t one of them. His patient and poking playstyle can be a dealbreaker for many but if you give it a chance, you can find Bane to be extremely annoying for opponents to deal with.

Despite having a less-than-exciting early game playstyle, Bane is actually a super fun hero to play as his skills synergise with each other perfectly.

For instance, players would want to begin the fight with Bane’s Ultimate which knocks enemies up in the air. After that, follow up with his second skill, Ale, which guarantees a decent amount of AOE magical damage since the enemy is airborne from the Ultimate. Lastly, deal the finishing blow with his first skill, Crab Claw Cannon which has increased chain damage; perfect for grouped up enemies.

Like with most of the heroes on the list, players will need more practice to make Bane work but we can assure you the results will be very rewarding.

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5. Valentina

Valentina is perhaps one of the more unique heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang due to her Ultimate, I Am You which allows her to replicate her enemy’s Ultimate.

While this might all seem super fun, players will need a vast understanding of the hero roster and their abilities to fully utilise the powers of Valentina.

As such, you will see Valentina being picked and banned a lot in a professional setting but for normal pub matches, she might be avoided due to the hero’s complexity in execution and concept.

Nevertheless, Valentina is a very situational hero that can easily turn the tides for many team fights depending on the Ultimate she copies—with Valentina, decision-making and awareness are the key factors to playing her well.

6. Aamon

Design-wise, Aamon is spot on but because of his unforgiving skill execution, many casual players tend to stray away from him.

To elaborate, players will need to successfully land Aamon skills for his passive, Invisible Armor to work. Aamon’s greatest asset is his invisibility which he can use to sneak up on enemy heroes and strike them stealthily, but without his invisibility, the element of surprise is gone.

Besides having to worry about landing his skills, players will need to know how to properly roam with Aamon. A good Aamon player will also need to be constantly aware of the map and make smart movements across the arena.

While many might avoid Aamon due to its high skill requirement, we find Aamon to be very entertaining, as Aamon’s active playstyle encourages a proactive approach which we think all players should lean towards.

7. Valir

Playing with fire is fun, but the problem is that fire burns out fast. This is the case for Valir which makes him a questionable pick for many pub players.

During the early stages of the game, Valir is extremely powerful with his high burst damage, and when combined with his crowd-control effects, Valir can easily take down heroes in a flash.

And as all good things come to an end, Valir’s main issue is that its late-game potential is severely lacking due to its fragility.

In other words, Valir’s game plan will revolve heavily around the early stages while avoiding prolonged matches. What we recommend is that if your teammates have prone to picking heroes that are early-game-centric, picking Valir might be a good option as Valir is perfect for snowballing to victory early on.

And there you have it! These heroes might not have been picked that often in pub matches but that doesn’t mean that they are not good or fun to play with. Give them a chance and maybe you’ll find yourself falling in love with a new hero!


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