Let’s get something straight: writing essays is not easy. It’s one of the least favorite types of assignments of almost every student. There are just too many steps to think about and too much information to gather, and the proofreading process alone can take a whole day. Sadly, you won’t be able to get out of this homework until graduation. Almost all majors have some type of essay writing assignment. Even math students sometimes have to compose papers on different topics! Of course, you can always order essay in three quick steps if you don’t feel like crafting a perfect paper by yourself. This way, an expert writer can deliver your assignment on time, and your grades won’t take a hit! In case you want to try your hand at written tasks by yourself, this article is for you! Here are eight common mistakes freshers make when writing essays!

Not Setting Enough Time Aside

The first rule of completing any paper is time management. You can’t really do the whole thing in one evening, or at least not as well as you think. Your professor will definitely notice that your paper is not good, so plan ahead.

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Normally you will need at least a couple of days, maybe more if the volume of the task is bigger. And don’t forget about proofreading, it needs an hour at least!

Expecting to Nail the Task on the First Try

Essay writing is hard, especially for freshers. So, try to manage your expectations! Think of this creative homework as a craft that you can perfect with more and more practice. Often students tend to procrastinate and not listen to their professors, even when they give out helpful tips in class. If you are one of them, here are a couple of ideas about getting better:

  • write down any good ideas that come into your mind;
  • look for advice from a tutor;
  • look for examples in essay writing services review by NoCramming so you can train your eye;
  • always carefully read your grammar reports and take notes.

Not Finding the Perfect Thesis Statement

Sometimes the essay questions are too vague, so you have to think about the specifics of your paper by yourself. A perfect thesis statement or research question reflects all your ideas in one clear sentence. Luckily, there are also some life hacks for those learners who struggle with this issue. For example, there are online services that will build a thesis statement for you!

Starting without Having a Plan

When you think about it, every essay is different, and yet it needs the same process every time. Starting out without a solid plan is a sure way of losing your train of thought when you start the actual assignment. It will be much easier for a student to have a course of action beforehand that can be followed throughout the process. Here is a basic essay structure:

  • introduction;
  • thesis statement;
  • literature overview;
  • main body with your arguments that are supported by relevant research;
  • conclusion, which retells the introduction and presents your own thoughts;
  • bibliography that is formatted according to APA, MLA, Chicago, or other styles.

Failing to Find Reliable Sources

This is one of the major mistakes that undergraduates can make in their homework apart from plagiarism. Your teacher can forgive a missing structure part or a wrongly formatted source as long as it’s relevant and reliable. Don’t use Wikipedia or other websites that are not trustworthy! Your focus should be put on peer-reviewed journals, articles, and published books.

Not Using Course Materials and Syllabus

Sure, not all classes are equally interesting. Some learners manage to finish the semester without ever looking into a class syllabus. And yet, it contains lots of useful information that can come in handy for your homework! This is especially true for essays and open-ended questions because professors usually try to give the questions that were partially covered in class.

Not Using Critical Thinking and Your Own Assessment

Essay homework is not about retelling what you learned in class or what you read in a book. Students have to evaluate everything they learn and put it through a prism of their own worldview.

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This kind of writing is exactly what your teacher expects from you! You will certainly get a higher grade when you prove your ability to explore, analyze, and interpret the data.

Not Checking for Plagiarism

Most colleges have their own software that offers plagiarism and grammar reports. On the other hand, if you get caught plagiarizing some thoughts from the internet, your grade can be lowered, or you might even be expelled! So, it’s always a good idea to check for such things by yourself. There are many online free services for students that will give you an accurate report!


Now you know about eight common mistakes learners make while writing essays. This process can be pretty challenging, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the highest grade on the first try. After some time and practice, you will definitely get the hang of it and deliver perfect papers!


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