Cryorig, a company known for their computer cooling solutions, has released a new CPU cooler that is made of copper and promises to keep your PC running cool.

The cryorig c7 cu is a fully copper CPU cooler that will be hitting the market this month. It features a 280mm radiator and three 92 mm fans.

I’m a big fan of powerful CPU cooling. They appeal to me not just because of their abilities, but also because of their appearance. Cryorig, a well-known CPU cooler manufacturer, has created a number of fantastic CPU coolers, particularly low-profile coolers that take up very little space and have excellent cooling performance. However, the most significant difficulty that businesses like these confront is achieving excellent performance with a smaller heatsink. Because most firms utilize aluminum heatsinks for their low-profile CPU coolers to save money, they are less powerful than mid-tower or full-tower CPU coolers.

Cryorig, on the other hand, has created a fantastic CPU cooler for small computers with a heatsink made entirely of copper, which they have dubbed C7 Cu. The C7 Cu is a low-profile cooler constructed entirely of copper with no nickel plating, allowing the copper to maintain its natural color. Because Copper has a higher conductivity than Aluminium, the manufacturer claims that this cooler offers 15% greater cooling. This cooler should outperform the aluminum heatsink counterparts without having to expand its size or add an additional fan. is the source of this image.

The cooler is built in such a manner that it won’t interfere with your computer’s RAM or other components. Because of its tiny form factor, you may use it in any Mini-ITX case you choose. It also includes a black/white Cryorig 92mm fan with a speed range of 600-2500RPM and a maximum noise level of 30dBA, in addition to the Copper heatsink. The airflow of this fan isn’t as strong as you’d expect from an airflow fan, but you should rely on the heatsink above everything else since it’s the cooler’s sole distinguishing feature.

Cryorig C7 Cu is the source of this image.

It works with Intel’s LGA 1150, 1151, 1155, and 1156 sockets, as well as AMD’s FM1, FM2/+, AM3/+, and AM4 sockets. This cooler is a hefty item, weighing approximately 675 grams with the fan and measuring 97mm x 97mm x 47mm in measurements. There are four heat pipes, each with a diameter of 6mm, which are common on CPU coolers, and the fins have a 1.2mm space between them.

This cooler will be accessible in Asia later this month and in the United States in May or early June, according to Cryorig. It costs $50 in the United States.


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The cryorig c1 is a fully copper CPU cooler that will be hitting the market this month. It is said to have an improved cooling performance over previous Cryorig coolers, with a lower noise level.


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