As you will see from the video below, the final secret ending in Blasphemous is not as easy as following the instructions given in the end-game cinematics. Now I will show you the things you need to do in order to get it.

There are quite a few guides out there that give you all the information on how to unlock the secret ending in Blasphemous (a Japanese indie horror game). In this guide, we’ll show you where all the confessor statues are located in the game.

I know this may be hard to believe, but this guide will help you find the secret ending in Blasphemous (which is a really good game)! I have backed up all the locations of the Confessor statues listed below, so even if your console is no longer supported you can still get the easter egg. This guide will help you find the secret ending, so hopefully it will help you beat the game faster than you would otherwise. Of course, you may never figure out what the secret ending is, but it will make you feel better when you finally get it.

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Blasphemous is a video game that is extremely harsh. This action platformer is unlike any other, being both punishing and rewarding in equal measure. However, there is more to this game’s conclusion than meets the eye at first glance.

There are two endings to Blasphemous. Following the player’s painful road to redemption, one ending is considered “poor,” while the title’s hidden ending seems to be more satisfying. You’ll need to complete these procedures if you want to unlock the game’s hidden ending.

How to Unlock Blasphemous’ Secret Ending

Blasphemous has both a “good” and a “bad” conclusion. If you want to get the game’s arguably superior conclusion, you’ll have to put in some more effort.

A succession of confessor statues may be found throughout the game. You will be absolved of your sins by these sculptures. It will, however, come at a price. You won’t have to retrieve your body after death if you utilize these sculptures. However, if you want the hidden ending, you need destroy these sculptures instead.

There are, however, a few measures to take beforehand.

Find Out How Much True Guilt Costs

The Weight Of True Guilt is the first item you’ll need to get your hands on. The Immaculate Bead is probably something you’ve heard about. The Brotherhood of Silent Sorrows has a rosary that can absorb your guilt once you die. However, it also serves another function.

To begin, prepare the rosary. Then, three times, die. The rosary will change into the Weight of True Guilt after your third death.

This item will be useful in the future.

Destroy any statues of Confessors.


After then, you must demolish each of the seven confessor statues that may be found throughout the game. The position of each confessor statue may be seen in the video above. Check out the timestamps given below for particular statue locations.

Mother of Mothers Statue 01:16 – Library of Negated Words Statue 03:30 – Mercy Dreams Statue 06:36 – Mercy Dreams Statue 08:56 – Graveyard of the Peaks Statue 11:07 – Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow Statue 13:25 – Grievance Ascends Statue 15:31 – Wall of the Holy Prohibitions Statue

A red circle will appear once you’ve demolished a confessor statue. Next, put on your rosary with the Weight of True Guilt. The red circle may now be interacted with. You will be taken to the challenge chamber after entering the circle.

To sanctify the region, defeat each challenge chamber. You’ll be ready for the ultimate battle after completing this procedure with each of the seven confessor statues.

The Final Boss must be defeated.

You may now continue through the game and confront the final monster after sanctifying all seven statue locations.

Don’t worry if you’ve already beaten the last boss and got a terrible ending. Before confronting the final monster again, you may always load your most recent save and fulfill the tasks listed above.

After you’ve defeated the last boss, you’ll be treated to a very startling hidden ending. Check watch the finale of the video given above if you want to just spoil the conclusion for yourself.

If you have played Blasphemous, you know that there is a secret ending to the game that is hidden away in the game’s files. The secret ending is not unlocked after beating the game, and has seemingly been lost to time. However, a few people have had luck in finding hidden files that lead to the secret ending. This guide will show you the locations of those files and help you unlock the secret ending. This guide is for people who have beaten the game and want to unlock the secret ending, but it will also be helpful for people who are just starting the game.. Read more about blasphemous secrets map and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many blasphemous statues are there?

There are currently no blasphemous statues.

What happens if you break guilt statues blasphemous?

If you break a guilt statue, the game will punish you by making your life harder.

How many endings Blasphemous?

There are two endings to Blasphemous.

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