The first Geforce RTX iCafe in the world is now open in Bengaluru, India. The cafe has been designed with a gaming theme and offers an exciting experience for gamers to enjoy high-end PC games.

The best gaming cafe in the world is a new Geforce RTX iCafe by Jiela E-Sports. It will be located in Bengaluru, India and it’s expected to open on July 27th.

December 19, 2019 | Bengaluru, India


In 2015, NVIDIA opened the first GeForce-certified iCafe in Asia-Pacific to provide iCafe customers with the best GeForce gaming experience. Since 2018, the number of GeForce-certified iCafes in operation in the Asia Pacific region has doubled to 1,000, with Jiela E-Sports Café in Bengaluru, India, being the first GeForce-certified iCafe completely equipped with the newest NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX GPUs.

The gaming business in India has grown dramatically in recent years. This opens the door for companies like Jiela E-sports to join the industry and offer the infrastructure needed to support a burgeoning gaming environment. Jiela E-sports has the ability to cater to the booming Indian gaming market, with over 700 iCafes and 10 million active users in China. In the next three years, they want to offer the Jiela franchise to 500 cafes and the Master J to 2,000 cafés in India.

“The gaming ecosystem is expanding in a number of ways on a local level. “The chance to enjoy high-end gaming in venues like Jiela E-Sports will advance the cause for gaming and gamers,” said Vishal Dhupar, NVIDIA’s Managing Director for South Asia. ”Our partnership with them is a step toward building a world-class gaming environment in India that is accessible to all.”

“India is the next major gaming destination, and the potential it offers has enticed us to be a part of and contribute to the ecosystem’s continuous evolution,” said Jiela e-sports founder Wang Dazhu (David). “We are thrilled to be partnered with NVIDIA for the opening of Jiela E-Sports Café in Bengaluru as part of our strategic relationship with them in China.”

With 20 years of expertise, a proven business strategy, and their own Café Management Software, Jiela E-Sports makes its debut in India with this 1,400 square foot facility that can seat 100 people and has 42 high-end gaming PCs powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs. In India, they also want to adopt a franchising model for gaming cafés.


The pc gaming cafe is a new Geforce RTX iCafe by Jiela E-Sports in Bengaluru.


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