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Spider-Man, the beloved Marvel superhero is making his way to the PS4 this year. This is pretty exciting news, but what’s even more awesome is that there is a very special trophy that is hidden throughout the Spider-Man game. It’s called “The With Great Power Trophy,” and it’s hidden in a variety of places throughout the game. Well, we’ve found one of the locations. This trophy is hidden in the game, right below where you first meet up with Spider-Man.

Since its release in September , the PlayStation 4 has been surrounded by controversy and confusion surrounding its online DRM policies.  Now, two months later, Sony has finally been forced to change its controversial policy and allow users to play used games online.  But that change comes at a high price, resulting in a nasty bug that makes it so you cannot play the game offline.  To make things worse, Sony now looks to “hide” a rare PlayStation trophy behind that bug.

Sony has released a leaked trophy list for the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game, and it contains a secret. A secret that could be used to unlock a special trophy in the game. You see, the trophy description is vague. It does not say what the trophy is named or tell you how to unlock it. But thanks to A List Gamer, we know the secret. And we’ll tell you how to find it.

If you’ve already been swinging between buildings in Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4, you’ll know how simple it is to get most of the awards. What you may not know is that there’s a pretty uncommon With Great Power award that’s quite simple to find if you know where to search.

From trophy hunter to tomb digger, with Great Power

Are you one of those rare players that receives real pleasure from finishing a game completely? I’m not talking about completing side missions or collecting collectibles; I’m talking about revealing secrets and performing certain activities in order to get awards or trophies.

The bulk of trophies are automatically unlocked as we advance through Marvel’s Spider-Man, but one in particular, the With Great Power award, requires you to visit a specific area.

We see a lot of Aunt May in the game, but just one image of Uncle Ben in the movies, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. What remains to be seen is where he is buried.

This is precisely what you’ll need to locate in order to get the ‘With Great Power’ trophy; thankfully, we’ve done the legwork for you and shown you where you can pay your respects.

A-Rare-With-Great-Power-Trophy-Is-Hidden-In-Spider-Man 1626566560_300_A-Rare-With-Great-Power-Trophy-Is-Hidden-In-Spider-Man

You must go to the furthest north region of the city map, as seen in the previous pictures, where you will find a cemetery. To be more precise, the Harlem neighborhood.

You’ll want to go to the center of the cemetery to locate Uncle Ben’s 8-year-old grave. Once you’ve found it, hit triangle to engage with Peter, who will have a short chat with his uncle who has passed away.

Insomniac clearly didn’t want the long-dead Uncle Ben to be forgotten, so when you interact with his tomb, you’ll hear a trophy ping — you’ve just earned the With Great Power award.


Spider-Man is an upcoming video game in the Marvel series of video games. The game is scheduled to be released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 7, 2017. The player takes control of the hero Spider-Man and shares the story of his life. The game was developed by Insomniac Games and Marvel Games.. Read more about spider-man remastered trophies and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hidden trophy in Spiderman ps4?

The hidden trophy is called Spider-Mans Web and it is awarded for completing the game on any difficulty.

What is the hidden trophy in Spider Man Miles Morales?

The hidden trophy in Spider Man Miles Morales is The Best of the Best.

What is the hardest trophy in Spider Man ps4?

The hardest trophy in Spider Man PS4 is The Amazing Spider-Man which requires you to complete the game on Hard difficulty.

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