Amazon is launching a new service that will allow gamers to purchase their computer components without having to pay the full price upfront. The company has started an interest free finance program, which will let users buy parts with no interest for up to six months.

Amazon has started an interest free finance service for computer components. The 5 monthly payments will be made to the user’s credit card account and there is no fee for this service.

Amazon is without a doubt one of the world’s biggest merchants, and many people purchase computer components from it because of its excellent customer service and dependability. It not only offers a variety of payment options for purchasing items, but it also gives flexible options to guarantee that you get your goods without delay.


Amazon is now offering computer components on a no-interest payment plan, which should be a good start for gamers who don’t have the funds to purchase all of the components at once. If you want to construct a $1000 or $2000 gaming PC, you can now simply choose your preferred components and pay for them over the course of 5 months rather than all at once. In the traditional financial system, you would have to pay more money every month, resulting in a significantly higher monthly cost that prevents many individuals from purchasing items on credit.

However, with this new service, you’ll be able to purchase a gaming laptop, a complete desktop, or any other computer component over the course of five simple monthly installments. If you want to purchase a $1000 gaming PC, you may pay it off in five months by paying $200 each month. And Amazon hasn’t imposed any restrictions on this. You just need a one-year-old account and a functioning credit card; nevertheless, your credit will not be verified. Additionally, Amazon will need your purchase history in order to offer you with components on interest-free credit.

Amazon has made a wonderful step since it will benefit both the seller and the customer as PC building becomes more popular day by day and more individuals join the PC master race. However, this service will not be accessible with third-party goods.


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Amazon has started an interest free finance service for computer components. This service will allow users to purchase products that are up to 24 months without being charged interest. Reference: amazon 24 month financing laptops.


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