AMD has announced a new version of its RX 580 graphics card that is slower than the original, but still manages to hit speeds of up to 16GB/s. The company says this card will be available in China and other Asian countries only.

The rx 590 gme price is a new card from AMD that has been released in China. The card is slower than the original RX 580 and uses GDDR5 memory instead of GDDR5X.

We reported a few days ago that AMD was planning to release a new RX graphics card series based on the Polaris 30 architecture, which would be somewhat faster than the RX 500 series graphics cards. On 3DMark, a user called ED1981 uploaded benchmarks for the RX 590, indicating that it is almost 8% quicker than the current RX 580 graphics card. Meanwhile, AMD has released a new graphics card, which is now accessible on AMD China’s official website.


The RX 580 2048SP signifies that the GPU has 2048 Stream Processors, and all of the specifications have been given. Despite the fact that the graphics card is called RX 580, it has the same specifications as the RX 570 but with slightly higher core/boost clocks. It’s unclear if the RX 580 2048SP will be limited to China exclusively, but this isn’t the first time AMD or Nvidia has done something similar.

They’ve changed the names in the past in order to increase sales, but consumers don’t always notice. Many people may mistakenly believe that the RX 580 2048SP is the genuine RX 580, however its specifications clearly differentiate it from the RX 580. It has 32 computing units, 128 texture units, and 5.1 TFlops of compute capability, compared to 36 computing units, 144 texture units, and 62. TFlops for the original RX 580.


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The rx 580 benchmarks is a new AMD graphics card that was released in China. It has slower clock speeds than the original RX 580, but still performs well.


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