AMD has released a new cooling solution for their cards, the Wraith Prism. This cooler is said to be quieter and more efficient than its predecessor, the Wraith Max.

AMD now has even better cooling solution- The Wraith Prism. The Wraith Prism is a software that allows users to overclock their graphics card and monitor the temperature of it.

AMD has added another CPU cooler to their lineup, most likely in response to popular demand. Most people feel that AMD’s standard heatsink is superior than Intel’s stock heatsink, which is very noisy and useless. AMD’s previous conventional CPU coolers are similarly useless, but with Ryzen CPUs, when the company launched several Wraith coolers, including ones with RGB Ring, improvement was plainly seen.

Now it has released a new Wraith cooler dubbed Wraith Prism, which has a few tweaks and nearly appears like an aftermarket CPU cooler in terms of appearance. Despite the fact that it has the same architecture as the Wraith series, the cooling is enhanced by the addition of Copper Heat pipes.


These heat pipes should be in direct touch with the base, as well as the CPU on which they will be placed. The copper heat pipes may be seen in the picture above, which shows a tiny portion of the cooler. The installation clamps are standard and can be found on most AMD coolers, and the frame is equipped with a tiny fan that allows light to flow through.

Two RGB Rings may be controlled through the Ryzen Master program, which is used for overclocking, and can be synchronized with the motherboard using software such as Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, and others.

The cooler is claimed to be offered separately for $49, with no information on compatibility, but I believe it is designed especially for the upcoming Ryzen 2nd Generation CPUs, since it will be released this year with the higher-end Ryzen processors. Yes, I believe the price is a touch expensive when compared to its specifications, since there are many good aftermarket CPU coolers available for less.


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The wraith prism rgb cable is a new cooling solution from AMD that will help users get the most out of their graphics card.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A wraith prism cooler is a type of cooler that uses a fan and a heat sink to cool down the processor. The fan blows air across the heat sink, which creates an airflow over it. This in turn lowers the temperature of the processor, making it run more efficiently.

Can the Wraith prism cool a 3900x?