AMD’s Radeon RX 6600 XT is rumoured to launch in August for $399. The card will be a top-end graphics card offering 4K gaming at 60fps with HDR support on the new AMD Ryzen CPUs.

The rx 6600 price is a rumour that has been floating around for a while. It’s believed that the AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT will be launching in August for $399.

For quite some time, we’ve been hearing rumors regarding the AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT. Several leaks have recently surfaced, revealing details about the forthcoming RX 6600 XT.

Thanks to Videocardz for compiling all of the leaks in one location, which allowed us to learn more about the GPU.


AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT is expected to be released in August, according to Coreteks, a well-known reviewer. Kelper previously disclosed that the model would have an MSRP of $399. The most intriguing aspect, though, is that they both claimed the same amount.

As a result, the RX 6600 XT is very likely to come with a high price tag. If the price is close to what we observed in those two leaks, it will cost just $80 less than the RX 6700 XT’s MSRP. We don’t know what the actual price will be yet, but based on previous reliable information from these YouTubers, we can’t disregard the MSRP.

However, no information about the non-XT version is currently accessible. Both SKUs, however, were discovered on PowerColor’s official website. Furthermore, the RX 6600 XT will very certainly only be available in customized form through various board partners, since AMD will not be selling it directly.

We’re still waiting for official information on the RX 6600 XT, and only then will we be able to be confident.


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The amd 6600 xt is a graphics card that will be released in August for $399. It is rumoured to have the same performance as the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti.

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Unfortunately, the 6600 XT is discontinued.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How much will the Rx 6600 XT cost?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The price of the Rx 6600 XT is $1,299.99 USD.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Where can I buy AMD 6800 XT at launch?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You can find AMD 6800 XT at Newegg for $199.99.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a 6600 XT?

Unfortunately, the 6600 XT is discontinued.

How much will the Rx 6600 XT cost?

The price of the Rx 6600 XT is $1,299.99 USD.

Where can I buy AMD 6800 XT at launch?

You can find AMD 6800 XT at Newegg for $199.99.


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