AMD has launched their new Ryzen 2nd Generation processors, which are the first to be compatible with next-gen PCI Express 4.0. Intel’s response? They’re launching a new processor that’s still compatible with PCI Express 3.0, but it’ll cost you $1,000 more than AMD’s offering.

The ryzen 4th gen release date is the launch of AMD’s 2nd generation Ryzen processors. Intel, who has been struggling to compete with AMD in recent years, has released their own 8th Gen Core processors.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600 processor

AMD today unveiled its second-generation Ryzen processors, the Ryzen 2000 series, which includes the Ryzen 2600, 2600X, 2700, and 2700X CPUs. These CPUs have been around for a while, and there had been some reports that the Ryzen 2700X outperformed the i7 8700K. Several blogs have compared the new Ryzen CPUs to the Intel Coffee Lake processors now that the CPUs have been officially released. The i7 8700K is the fastest Intel CPU for gaming, but according to Anandtech’s benchmark comparison, you should go for the Ryzen 2700X over the i7 8700K.

The Intel i7 8700K has been dethroned as the greatest gaming processor, and if you’re an Intel fan, I wouldn’t suggest purchasing a Ryzen CPU, but if you want greater performance for your money, Ryzen 2nd gen CPUs are the way to go. These CPUs have surpassed Intel processors not just in gaming, but also in programs that need rendering.


Anandtech put the new CPUs to the test in gaming and other apps to see how they compare to the Coffee Lake processors. Although it was previously known that AMD Ryzen 2nd gen CPUs had more cores and threads than their Intel equivalents, AMD always seemed to lag behind in real-world testing. This time, it almost defeated Intel processors in every game, implying that they are much more competent than AMD’s first-generation Ryzen CPUs.

The Ryzen 2700X comes with an RGB Wraith Prism LED cooler, while the other CPUs feature good cooling but no integrated graphics card. However, the prices of these CPUs make them quite competitive in the market. Instead of the i7 8700K, you can buy the AMD 2700X for a comparable price. Take a look at some of Anandtech’s benchmarks below:-

AMD Ryzen 2nd Gen CPU vs Intel

AMD Ryzen 2nd Gen CPU vs Intel

The following are the prices for AMD 2nd Gen processors:-

  1. $199 for Ryzen 2600
  2. $229.99 for the Ryzen 2600X
  3. $297.33 for Ryzen 2700
  4. $329.99 for the Ryzen 2700X


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The amd zen 3 release date is a new processor from AMD. It comes with up to 16 cores and 32 threads, which is much more powerful than the Intel Core i9-9900K.


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