The AMD Smart Access Memory is a new low-latency, high-bandwidth memory that will allow for faster and more stable gaming experiences.

The amd smart access memory compatibility is a new technology that has been introduced on AMD’s Ryzen processors. This technology allows for more efficient use of the CPU cache and main memory.

New technology has been created to enable the CPU to utilize additional Video Memory of the graphics card using AMD’s newest RDNA 2 based RX 6000 graphics cards.

Smart Access Memory, or SAM, is how AMD refers to it. With this function, the data channel between PCI Express and the CPU is extended, allowing processors to utilise the full bandwidth that they couldn’t before. Currently, the functionality is only accessible on AMD 500 series motherboards with RX 6000 series visual cards and Ryzen 5000 series CPUs. According to a recent report by GamersNexus, Nvidia is also working with Intel to enable SAM to be used on Z490 motherboards with Ampere GPUs in the future, as future upgrades will be accessible. is the source of this picture.

By default, a CPU may access only 256MB of VRAM through the PCI-E Bus; however, with Resizable BAR, this restriction is lifted, allowing the processor to access all available VRAM. As AMD claims with a graph showing the difference in fps figures when games are played with and without SAM, this will decrease latency and data traffic, resulting in a significant improvement in gaming performance.

SAM benchmarks by AMD

To utilize this function, users of AMD’s 500 series motherboards must activate “Above 4G Decoding” and “Re-Size BAR Support” in the BIOS.

Enabling Smart Access is the source of this picture.

For SAM to function, users should see “Large Memory Range” in Device Manager-> Display Adapters-> Resources after activating these two settings.

Resizable Bar Support is explained by Microsoft as follows:-

“The Resizable BAR Capability is an optional feature that enables hardware to communicate resource sizes and system software to send the optimum size back to the hardware after calculating it. The Resizable BAR Capability register is used by hardware to indicate the resource sizes that are allowed for operation…”

AMD says,

“Smart Access Memory was created via rigorous validation and platform optimization, and is based on characteristics of the PCIe standard and firmware specifications (Resizable BAR).” As part of our continuing commitment to utilizing common and open standards to enhance gaming experiences, we welcome the chance to assist other hardware manufacturers in their efforts.”

While manufacturers are trying to make SAM available to consumers, older hardware users may not be able to utilize it, despite the fact that SAM is not restricted to PCI-E Gen 4.


AMD Smart Access Memory is a type of memory that allows users to access the memory for their PC. The b550 has been released by AMD, and it’s compatible with most motherboards. Reference: amd smart access memory b550.

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Yes, it does make a difference. Memory is the key to making your computer run faster and smoother.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Does smart access memory work?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Smart access memory is a feature that allows the user to save their progress in Beat Saber.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Does AMD have smart cache?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Yes, AMD has a smart cache.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Does smart access memory make a difference?

Yes, it does make a difference. Memory is the key to making your computer run faster and smoother.

Does smart access memory work?

Smart access memory is a feature that allows the user to save their progress in Beat Saber.

Does AMD have smart cache?

Yes, AMD has a smart cache.

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