AMDs new Ryzen 6000 series processors won’t have pins, which makes them incompatible with the current AM4 motherboards. The company is working on a solution to make it work, but they don’t know when that will happen yet.

The ryzen 6000 laptop is a processor that AMD has released. This processor will be used in laptops and desktop computers. It is unknown whether or not this processor will have pins, but it is expected to have them.

According to a recent rumor, the new AMD Ryzen CPUs will not feature the pins that are already on the market. This is huge news, and if it’s true, AMD customers won’t have to worry about bending or damaging their CPU pins by accident.


The information comes from PCGamer, who cites a famous Twitter leaker’s tweet. The new AM5 motherboards will utilize the LGA 1718 socket, which implies the Ryzen 6000 CPUs will not have pins, according to the user ExecutableFix.

600 series chipset – AM5 – LGA-1718 – Dual-channel DDR5 – PCI-e 4.0

May 22, 2021 — ExecutableFix (@ExecuFix)

AMD will also include native PCI-E 4.0 and DDR5 memory compatibility on the new boards. The 40mm x 40mm CPU dimensions will be retained in the new socket.

The 4040 mm CPU size is also retained in the socket.

May 22, 2021 — ExecutableFix (@ExecuFix)

When I was re-seating the CPU cooler on my Ryzen 1700X CPU, several of the pins bent, which is quite typical with CPUs with pins. The pin bending issue will be solved with this new version, and it will be considerably safer than having pins on the motherboard’s socket since they are organized in a flat array.


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The ryzen 6000 reddit is a problem that has been present for a while. AMD’s Ryzen 6000 processors won’t have pins, which means they will be less effective in terms of cooling and overclocking.


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